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Movie Draft Update, Mr. Robot Feedback, Game of Thrones (509), Sense8 (Eps. 101-104), The Shield (602)

2015 Summer Movie Draft - 00:47

1, Amtrekker: $489,932,019
2. GFQ: $436,081,703
3. Frogpants: $368,309,690
4. Night Attack: $126,048,923
5. DTNS: 
6. Cordkillers: $37,240,029

Triage - 03:30 

"I finally got around to watching Mr. Robot today. I didn't get 15 minutes into it before I had to stop and Tweet to you both about how much his monologues up to that point, especially the one talking about him hacking his therapist and having a "funny feeling" about her boyfriend, reminded me of Dexter. After watching the rest of the episode there were many more aspects of Elliot that reminded me of Dexter.

First they share similar attributes.

They both are closed off from the world and unsure how to communicate with "normal" people because they feel "different".
They break the law in order to right wrongs.
Their 9 to 5 job is to catch the exact type of person their alter ego is.
They "do their homework" before taking action.
When under stress they partake in their illegal hobby to relieve pressure.
They both keep trophies of their victims hidden away somewhere in their apartment.

Elliot even has an Asian co-worker with a dirty mouth. And this might be a stretch, but he seems to want to protect his co-worker/friend, Angela, much like Dexter looked out for his sister.

Of course there is the whole similarity to Fight Club, but from just the first episode I'd best describe Mr. Robot as Dexter meets Fight Club.

Looking forward to your thoughts.


Sense8 (Eps. 1-4) - 06:29 

Game of Thrones (509) -21:00 

The Shield (602) -32:58 

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