Cordkillers 75 - 9PM is the New 3AM

Is Yahoo the broadcast network of the Internet? Can YouTube steal Twitch’s users, and how TiVo’s own money gets in the way of good features.

CordKillers: Ep. 75 - 9PM is the New 3AM
Recorded: June 15, 2015
Guest: Parker Higgins

Intro Video 

Primary Target

  • Katie Couric Re-Ups With Yahoo in a $10 Million Deal
    - ReCode says Yahoo is re-upping with Katie Couric for $10 million a year
    - Spokesman for Couric confirmed
    - Signed with Yahoo in 2013
    - Couric does interviews w/ celebs, business leaders, politicians
    - Question is: With Community and Couric and David Pogue Yahoo is building a traditional broadcast network feel.
    - Netflix and Amazon seems to move AWAY from that toward a more non-traditional HBO feel.
    - Q:Is there room/ a need/ for the mainstream broadcast appeal on the Net?
    - Q: Is this a sign that cordcutting is becoming mainstream enough to require a more mainstream channel?
    - Q: Can Yahoo survive doing this? Especialy if CBS/ABC/NBC catch up?

Signal Intelligence

  • YouTube vs. Twitch coverage of E3
  • YouTube Gaming
    - YouTube Gaming
    - App/website meant specific for watching gameplay
    - In invite-only beta. Coming to all this summer US and UK
    - Broken down by games, creators, publishers
    - Improved live experience for broadcasting gameplay.
    - Single link to share all streams, 60 fps, DVR, automatic conversion

Gear Up

  • TiVo Now Lets Subscribers Stream Recordings And Live TV Via The Web
    - Stream live TV and recordings over the Web
    - Includes guide, recommendations and search
    - Service works with all models of TiVo Roamio and TiVo Premiere
    - ONLY works on same network TiVo is connected to
    - Some content may not even be available for streaming at all due to copyright issues, and other “technical restrictions.”

Front Lines

  • Amazon to launch 'Catastrophe' comedy series on Facebook
    - Amazon will bring UK comedy “Catastrophe” to the US on Amazon Prime June 19th. But it’s debuting the 30-minute pilot, on Facebook for 48 hours starting today, Monday at 4 PM Pacific, so now. Stunt? Desperate plea for likes? A lot of money paid by Facebook?
  • Ghost Towns Is the First 8K Video Posted To YouTube -- But Can You Watch It?
    - Cinemetographer Luke Neumann created an 8K video named Ghost Towns which you can stream from YouTube at 7680 x 4320 if you have the monitor for it. It was shot with a 6K Epic Dragon camera and scaled up. 
  • Netflix officially launches its redesigned website
    - Netflix has launched its redesigned website meant to be easier to use on a touch screen as well as faster to find what you want to watch and start watching it. Brian you watch more Netflix on browsers than most people. What do you think?
  • Netflix pushes 'OITNB' release six hours early during primetime
    - Netflix also released Orange is the New Black at 9 PM eastern Thursday meaning it was available in prime time. Netflix normally adds new series at 3 AM or so but they changed this one to coincide with a fan event. Should this become the norm for Netflix? Prime time releases?
  • Amazon commits to Terry Gilliam’s ‘lost’ Don Quixote film
    - Terry Gilliam has been trying to make “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” for 20 years. A documentary called “Lost in la Mancha” was successfully made documenting the accidents and setbacks since the first attempt at filming in 1998. Now Amazon has signed a deal to make the film, release it in theaters then bring it to Amazon Prime. The current plan is to shoot in early 2016 with Jack O'Connell and John Hurt confirmed as lead actors.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

Hi Brian and Tom,

Just a quick comment on something HBO Now and the recently announced Showtime streaming services bring that Netflix and Amazon Prime do not: access to new movies that are locked into those pesky distribution "windows" we all hate!

Yes, we can rent them or buy them but most of those movies will be available on HBO or Showtime before they are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions.

If you take this into consideration the subscription costs don’t seem quite as high when compared to a few new HD movie rentals each month.

Thanks and keep up the great work on the show!

Your boss and veteran cord killer of 2+ years,

- Johnie in Placentia, CA


Hey Brian and Tom,

Long time watcher here, Cordkiller for almost two years now, and I thought of you guys when I saw this. To give you a quick rundown, my wife bought a Chevy Spark two years ago, and her old address still gets Chevy promotional material sent to it. Now, they are sending out a full sized magazine, for advertising their products, but also talking about modern technology, media, design, entertainment, and life. Right on the front cover, they ask the question, “Are you ready to DITCH cable?”. Intrigued that a 1st party automotive magazine would have such a diverse range of topics, I saved it from the recycle bin, and scanned the cord cutting article. While not anything new or ground breaking about Cordkilling, it just goes to show how far the movement has come in the past few years. Five years ago, the idea seemed to be ridiculous, but now it truly is a mainstream movement with the Cordkillers and Cordnevers finding new, and legal, means of finding video entertainment.

Keep up the great shows,

- John



Hi Killers (and Guest),

Since we've finally gotten Netflix in Australia, I've discovered something interesting about their setup. I have an Australian account (obviously), but when opening the app or visiting the site, I am presented with whatever content region my IP address happens to belong to. As a person who frequently has to use VPNs for my home business, it can be fascinating to see the available content change so drastically as I swap between the US and the UK and Australia.

Thought that was worth sharing - thanks for the show guys!

- Micky



Like you guys, I have a limited amount of time in the week that I can devote to watching TV shows. There's just so much great stuff to choose from, and watching a series is a big time commitment. When starting a new series, how many episodes do you guys usually give as an "audition" before you commit to watching a full season or series? I ask because I recently started Sense8. If you guys hadn't put episodes 1-4 in last week's Spoilerin' Time, I probably would have stopped after just two episodes, but I watched all four to keep up and know what you'd be talking about. I'm really glad I did. I'm committed to this season, now, and I'm glad I gave it the extra two episodes of audition. Do you guys have a usual audition period? I usually go with three (unless, as in Sense8, I decide earlier that it's a lost cause). I'd be curious to hear how others deal with this.

- Dave 


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