We get a review of Sling TV from an early user, Tom reviews Vessel’s private beta and Netflix conquers the world.


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CordKillers: Ep. 55 - People Say Things
Recorded: January 26, 2015
Guests: Luke BoumaAndrew Zarian

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Signal Intelligence

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Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Brett: $596,361,413
  2. Brian: $445,112,651
  3. Scott: $442,944,952
  4. Tom: $371,798,900
  5. Justin: $270,293,833
  6. John: $245,165,632

Dispatches from the Front

Hi Tom and Brian,

As a daily watcher of two ESPN shows (Around the Horn and Pardon the Interruption), I'd like to chime in with my impression of Sling TV as a cord cutting alternative, given that it's the first time I've been able to consider killing that cord!

I've tried my hardest to get excited about Sling TV, but I just can't do it! The main problem is that if I want to watch my ESPN shows, I have no choice but to watch them live and with commercials. Sling TV has no DVR functions, and only certain channels even let you pause live TV (and ESPN isn't included). When I saw that Sling TV would also grant access to the WatchESPN app, I briefly hoped that I'd be able to watch my shows after the fact. Not so! Apparently ESPN doesn't put ATN or PTI on WatchESPN.

If I went over the air and signed up for Sling TV, I'd be going from $55/month for my current TV service to $20, but adding a ton of complexity, removing all convenience, and I couldn't watch my shows (having a 5 month old in the house makes it impossible to guarantee time in front of the TV every day at exactly 5pm). I'd also have to cobble together a bunch of sources for the other cable channels I couldn't get from Sling like Comedy Central, adding even more complexity.

Sterling, VA




I was laughing after the last episode of Cord Killers because my Draft grades for your league were just about spot on - give or take a few million between you and Scott. https://magic.piktochart.com/output/3398775-winter-movie-draft-report-card :P . Also, thanks to you guys I got sucked into "The Man in the High Castle" and am mad that I have to wait for episode (rest of season)

Side question? Where can I find the rules that you guys are going by? Mainly, How long does a movie stay in the theaters before you stop counting it's revenue?

Thanks Guys, love the show!


p.s - you totally got my name right by the way! lol - Congrats



Hi Brian and Tom,

A couple of things have changed for me in a period of 72 hours. I've been a cord killer for over 14 months. Brian asked all fans of CordKillers to re-subscribe to cable to watch “Hacking the System" on NatGeo. This Friday m ISP Charter called me and offered cable for an additional $26.00 a month with my 30mbps internet. I said yes and agreed to have it installed February 5.

But then this last Saturday, I talked to my neighbors who are also with Charter and are paying for all the channels offered in their triple bundle for $200.00 a month. While they declined to cord shave on my advice,they gave me their email and password to use their subscription to view HBO and Showtime and basically every cable channel available on Roku as I have a Roku 3.

My question as I was able with their login information watch “Hacking the System”, do I still re-subscribe to cable and view the same channels with my login info? Or do I enjoy the content with my neighbors login info that they willingly gave me as a gift and cancel the install? I realize not everyone has a nice neighbor who gives out their login info, but I’m really thinking of canceling my install and use their login info for authentication.

I’d appreciate a reply from either of you on or off the show.




I have to disagree with your assessment of Marco Polo. I've been getting caught up (thru ep5) to watch along with you and I'm really enjoying it. The political intrigue is great. Kublai Khan and his family are fascinating and well-acted. The cinematography is beautiful. All-in-all I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to finishing the series.

One question: who's the white guy?

Thanks for a great show! Keep it up!




Hi Guys

As one of the many great bosses you have I think you should take a look at the DOKO .

Think Brian could find a few uses :)

Keep up the great work.




Hi guys,

Just wanted to know if you guys have ever discussed two separate podcast streams for cordkillers.

One for the show and another one for Spoilerin' Time. The reason is, I use the podcast app Stitcher and it automatically loads the latest version of the podcast. So sometimes I haven't heard the episode and Spoiler' Time is already in its place. So then I have to dig into the options to look for the actual episode (all while driving my car *danger* *danger!*). Also for me I only listen to Spoilerin' Time if I've watched what you guys are about to Spoiler (example Game of Thones, Breaking Bad, ETC). I don't' listen to the "slow season" of Spoilers (Amazon Pilots, The Shield, etc). It would be nice if I can subscribe to two separate podcasts.

Let me know what you guys think and remember this is the boss talking :)

Keep up the great work as always.




The place I work in Alabama took an informal poll today on how our employees watch most of their TV. 46.3% said Live. 34.6 said DVR and 19.1 said online service like Netflix or Hulu. There 5190 responses. Not sure what it means, if anything, but found it interesting.



Dog House Systems Cordkiller box

AuthorTom Merritt

Amazon wants to make movies but hires Woody Allen to make TV shows. Daily Motion takes on TWiTCH and GoPro goes live.

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CordKillers: Ep. 54 - How Can I watch Judge Judy?
Recorded: January 19, 2015
Guest: Kristi Kates

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Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • Dailymotion launches live-streaming gaming platform to compete with Twitch
    DailyMotion announced DailyMotion Games, highlighting game streaming.
    - Gaming already generates 180 million video views every month and draws 11 million unique visitors every month
    - Partners at the time of the launch include Eclypsia, Millenium, joinDOTA, OnGameNet, IGN, JeuxVideo.com, Gamespot or Gamekult.
    - DailyMotion Games App for iOS, Android and PS4.
  • Amazon’s Twitch Gaming Unit to Allow Streaming Music
    Twitch meanwhile will allow users to stream a limited library of music on game streams. (about 500 songs)
    - Broadcast original music and host music shows

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Brett: $483,237,219
  2. Brian: $439,826,000
  3. Scott: $431,592,000
  4. Tom: $368,966,269
  5. John: $238,862,841
  6. Justin: $227,389,000

Dispatches from the Front

I am a cordkiller. But I used to love Aereo. I know you guys talk a lot about cable shows and prime time.
How can I watch Judge Judy? Or other day time shows?

Student and sometimes your boss




Please tell the National Geographic Channel how DVRs work. I tried to setup a program to record all the episodes of your upcoming series, "Hacking the System." However, instead of each episode being called Hacking the system and then in the metadata there being an episode name each show has the name Hacking the System with a subtitle such as Hacking the System: Personal Security. As a result a series recording program only records one episode. So I have to setup an individual recording for each episode. (In your best mobster voice) I hope I don't have an unfortunately accident and forget to record one of your episodes. That would be a shame.

Bill near Athens, Georgia



Suddenlink is my only choice for real broadband internet and cable TV and I bet they only serve markets with no competition. I live in an apartment and can't get local channels with an indoor antenna and satellite installation is impractical. Last fall, Suddenlink dropped 24 Viacom channels including Comedy Central. I've been watching The Daily Show and others on free Hulu since then. Today I wanted to watch the season 2 premiere of Broad City on Comedy Central but Hulu only has season 1 so I went to Comedy Central's web site to watch it. Viacom is blocking Suddenlink broadband customers in retaliation to Suddenlink not carrying their channels any longer. So, my only choice if I want to watch Broad City legitimately is to pay $1.99 per episode.

Municipal broadband needs to happen for real in markets with only one real broadband provider.




Not sure if you remember me. I was the guy who let you know that making the animated "Turbo FAST" for Netflix tales a long time! Well, we have another cool new show for you to check out on Amazon this time! Free of course!

"Niko and the Sword of Light"

It's part of the new set of pilots. We did it in true Ultra-HD. 3048x2160p. First as far as I know for any 2D animation production. Maybe Brian will want to watch it with his kids?




You boss here - I think you need to do an entire show special on just Plex and the 101 use cases for it. Not a deep dive into setup but maybe a few viewers who are large uses of it walk through their setup and where it was the answer to a problem they had. I don't think I go a day without saying Plex to someone. I use the HELL out of it for multiple things (Also dedicated storage array & 2 Mac Mini's to run it all) - central media, live TV (HDHomeRun & Cable Card - I know I am a cord shaver not cutter), photo library, offline syncing, word wide accessible, usable at grandma house. The best part is wife approved and 3 & 4 year old usable. I feel people see Plex and get the basics but not understand the real power it has and how it works. In my option I think Plex / a good media manager is KEY to cord cutting.




I have to grudgingly echo what Brian said about AT&T. I rage quit Cox a year ago, and braced myself for a new round of headaches with AT&T. But the installer showed up on time and was a total pro. Great guy, eager to talk about how everything worked, and about the future of the industry. I did have some early internet issues, but a different AT&T work crew showed up THE NEXT DAY and fixed a bad connection out at the street level. I am now paying $70 less than I was with Cox, with a far more dependable connection and better DVRs.
I'm glad somebody at ONE of these cable companies finally got a clue.




I don't remember this being addressed on the show or if it's new, but UltraViolet lets you share your library with up to five other users. It's accessed not through the UltraViolet site, but through MGo, TargetTicket, Nook, or VUDU.

I couldn't figure out how to do it at MGo or TargetTicket (I don't have a Nook account), but VUDU made it incredibly easy. You go to your account menu click on UltraViolet and it's right there.

Not being able to share with family members has been one of the most frustrating things about my transition to going all digital. I think this is going to push me over the edge.

You've talked before about how people don't seem to know what UltraViolet is and, seeing how this has been implemented, I'm starting to think that they're wanting it to only be a tag.. a label or something like that. Maybe sort of like all of those logos on the back of your ATM card. I don't know if my bank is a part of the "Star Network" or "Pulse Network" but all I care is that I stick my card in and get money. Different ATMs will give me different features (balances, transfers, etc) just like different retailers will let me do different things with my movies, but its UltraViolet providing the back end.

Maybe our problem is that we're here at the beginning and we're too aware of what's going on. In a couple of years, UltraViolet might work just like our ATM cards do.



Dog House Systems Cordkiller box

AuthorTom Merritt
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