Apple might be coming with a service, Sony launches PlayStation Vue, and Chromecast gets friendlier

CordKillers: Ep. 63 - Cheese and Sausage
Recorded: March 23, 2015
Anthony Carboni

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  • Sony launches PlayStation Vue as bigger, pricier Internet TV
    -Sony launched PLayStation Vue in Philadelphia, Chiago and New York on Wednesday
    - $50 a month after a 7 day free trial
    - Live on demand (3 day on some) and DVR (28 days) over PS3 and PS4
    - IPad app in the works, will add more deice support
    - Channels CBS, NBC, Fox, Discover, Scripps, Turner, Viacom. 60 channels in base package
    - AMC coming next month/ No ABC(Disney ESPN), A&E, or PBS
    - $10 packages: sports nets/lifestyle (26 channels)
    - Can stream to 3 devices at once (but only one PS4)
  • Internet TV's Big Chance to Oust Cable Is Almost Here
  • Dish, Sony Web TV Services Provide Test for ESPN
    -Peter Kafka at ReCode: Do people really care enough about sports, and ESPN specifically, to pay for it? Or are they happy to pay for lots of other stuff but not ESPN?

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Don't know if you guys have seen this. i consider it big. in canada, crtc ruled cable cos. must offer 25 dollar basic cable and pick and pay for other channels on top of that.




To Brian & Tom:
I miss the Movie Draft! It was one of my favorite parts of the old Frame Rate Show and I love when you have it in Cordkillers! I wish you did Movie Draft four times a year: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
Bring Movie Draft back soon!





Hello my employees.

Now that Netflix has launched in Australia as of 1 hour and 20 minutes ago and I’ve checked out the library I thought I’d give first impressions.

First, I think the old guard of the Australian streaming industry Quickflix and Presto should be concerned. Theres enough overlap with Netflix and Stan (the other new competitor here) that their services with their smaller libraries will probably struggle going forward.

Second, I will be keeping my Stan subscription. Tho Netflix has what seems like the largest library Stan has picked up exclusives like Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Star Trek and originals that Netflix will not be able to get here for the foreseeable future.

Third, while my new Australian Netflix account's library is not as big as my US Netflix accounts ,it is big enough with most of the check boxes ticked that need to be.

Overall I am happy with their offering here and I will cancel my US Netflix account.

From your boss, Nik


-Netflix is coming to Australia and New Zealand today for AU $8.99/NZ $9.99 for the single-stream standard definition plan, AU $11.99/NZ $12.99 for the two-stream high definition plan, and AU $14.99/NZ $15.99 for the four-stream 4K ultra high definition “family” option. Too much?





I was just listening to last week's episode and had some thoughts on Verizon's new "toenail" service.

You talked about the likelihood of it being zero rated and then went on to question whether or not it would be exclusive to Verizon.

I think they will not make it exclusive precisely because it will be zero rated, on Verizon. As an ATT customer with a pitiful data cap they would be happy to allow me to sign up for their service, get fed up with my ATT cap and then try to entice me to switch to Verizon so I can watch all I want without having to pay for a bigger data plan.

That's just my two cents.

 Dan in finally almost not snow covered Rochester (NY)




I wanted to share a little tip that I ran into this weekend. I finally killed the cord. I called Comcast on a Sunday. I was expecting to play chicken, as I had in the past, to haggle by bill back on to a promo deal. To my surprise the Comcast operator did not pass me into the retention department. He simply walked through the cancellation process. After this, I asked why I wasn't forward to anyone else. The operator explained that the retention department was closed on Sundays. I thought this tip could help other listeners that don't want to go through the ordeal of canceling their cable subscription.

(Your future boss)
Mike from Blustery Bloomington, Illinois




Well, I've listened to Brian mention the people who's credit card has expired on and though, "Wow, what's with these idiots?" Well, it turns out I'm one of them. It had been almost 2 months (8 episodes) since I had been charged and that was about the time I got may new card. Great show and I'm happy to re-apply as a "boss."




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AuthorTom Merritt
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Will you buy a game console or a phone to watch cable? Or will you buy your HBO Now from Cablevision? Will you watch Tommy Wiseau’s show Neighbors?

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CordKillers: Ep. 62 - Toenail, the Service
Recorded: March 16, 2015
Guest: Scott Johnson

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Primary Target

  • Sony plans U.S. launch of video-streaming service this year
    -Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House said in an interview with the Journal
    - PlayStation Vue will launch within 2 week sin New York, Philadelphia and Chicago
    - Testers in those cities have been using it for months
    - PS3 and PS4
    - 75 channels including CBS, FOX, NBC, Comedy Central, FX, Discovery [[NO ESPN YET]]
    - Store recorded shows in cloud for 28 days
    - Nationwide by end of 2015
  • Verizon Plans Digital Video Service, Signs DreamWorks, AwesomenessTV 
    -CFO Fran Shammo told an investor conference
    - Launch this summer
    - Aimed at people who want to consumer on wireless connections
    - Programming deal with Dreamworks AwesomenessTV
    - 200 hours of news shows - Awesomeness TV aimed at teens and DreamWorksTV for families. 

Signal Intelligence

  • Cablevision to Offer HBO Now to Broadband-Only Customers
    - Cablevision will offer HBO Now to broadband-only subscribers
    - Will provide pricing and other details about how HBO Now will be made available to broadband subs in the coming weeks.
    -Cablevision reported 2.68 million video and 2.76 million broadband customers

Gear Up

  • Roku to introduce two new-ish streaming boxes
    -Janko Roettgers on medium
    -Roku filing with FCC indicates two new models
    - The 4210X and 4230X feature “no change in hardware or in existing RF relevant portion,”
    - No ethernet port

Front Lines

  • YouTube may launch subscription video service for a monthly fee
    -A long report on the state of YouTube quotes an unnamed YouTube partner saying they were approached about being part of a subscription YouTube service. Would you pay for top tier YouTube content?
  • Nielsen Charts Reach of Video Streaming
    -Nielsen says 36% of US households subscribe to Netflix, 13% to Amazon Prime and 6.5% to Hulu Plus. What happens when those numbers pass 50%?
  • 'Firefly' stars reunite for crowdfunded Web series
    -Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion have raised almost $2 million for a Web show called Con Man about two stars from a cult classic sci fi show that was canceled too soon, one (Fillion) has gone on to stardom, the other (Tudyk) pretty much makes his living from Cons. Will this fill the Firefly-shaped hole in your heart?
  • Now HBO Wants 10 Seasons Of Game Of Thrones
    HBO programming president Michael Lombardo told Entertainment Weekly he’d prefer to have 10 season of Game of Thrones but he’ll have an honest conversation with the showrunners. QUOTE “If they weren't comfortable going beyond seven seasons, I trust them implicitly and trust that's the right decision—as horrifying as that is to me.” Is Lombardo going to eff this up?
  • Twitter’s building a second-screen experience for TV shows
    -Twitter is testing a feature in its phone app call TV Timelines that shows Tweets, videos, GIFs and Photos related to the show broken down into Highlights, Media, and All. Do you want this?
  • Netflix had House of Cards' third season made in 6K
    -Season 3 of House of Cards was shot in 6K even though the masters were delivered in 4K and the 6K versions merely sit in a production house archive. Forward thinking or a waste?

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Brian, Brian, Brian,

Big Hero Six? Really? Dude I can't believe you bought into that one. "Big Hero Scooby-Doo with Robots" is more like it. One of the most predictable, safe, boring thing I've ever seen from Disney. It really did NOT deserve the Best Animated Feature. Looked pretty, but even that was pretty boring too.

Do you want to show your little girls the best animated feature of 2014?? Sit down and watch "Song Of The Sea" with them. I took my niece and she absolutely loved it.

"Song Of The Sea" trailer

Take it from someone who works in the animation industry. BH6 was not the best. Not even close. Please watch SOTS. You will not be disappointed.



Hi Tom, Brian and random guest. I have been debating for a while on which streaming service to get. Most of my friends have both and are happier with Netflix but also say that there are some things on Hulu Plus that they can't get on Netflix I can only afford one and am torn between the two any advice would be great. Love the show



Some people don't mind spoilers, so they always listen to It's Spoilerin' Time. I try to avoid them, so I only listen to the Spoilerin' Time segments for shows/movies that I've seen.

I emailed you a while back requesting timestamps in the Spoilerin' Time episode descriptions, and I can't thank you enough for providing that.

But still, the situation commonly arises that you discuss something on Spoilerin' Time that I haven't seen yet, so I skip it. But then, weeks, maybe even months later, I see it, and I would like to go back and see what my favorite hosts had to say about it. In the past, that involved some Google work.

So I went back through all the IST episodes to see what you covered. I converted all the timestamps you provided to timecode YouTube links, for a scrollable, searchable, clickable list of every episode and movie you've covered in the segments:

It's a bit rough around the edges. The shows are in reverse chronological order, based on when you covered them, but the episodes are in forward chronological order. Hm, that's a little weird. Also, there weren't episode numbers in a lot of the show descriptions. In some places, I assumed, in others, I left it blank. And I converted all the timecodes manually, so inevitably, a few will probably be wrong. I probably pasted the wrong YouTube link in a couple places too.

I'm not sure how best to distribute this info, I think it would be best to get it into a wiki format so that others can join in the fun, especially for the older episodes without any timestamp info.

Anyway, the show is fantastic, I love everything. I hope some folks find this useful.

Joe the keyboard fanatic


Love the show. Would like to support you on Patreon, but I would have a hard time explaining that expense to my wife. A one time purchase of a product would be easier. Ergo, I would like to purchase a Cordkillers Tshirt or Mug. Any plans?



Regarding Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: According to IMDB:

The first seven episodes of the series were edited with the assumption they would be aired on NBC and adhered to a 22 minute time limit and included transitions for commercials. After the show was acquired by Netflix the episodes were reedited to remove commercial transitions and jokes that were previously omitted due to running time constraints were reinserted.

Jay in luxurious Katy, TX



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AuthorTom Merritt

Better Call Saul (Ep. 5), The Walking Dead (Ep. 12), Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Ep. 1), House of Cards (Ep. 3-6), The Shield (501).

01:46 – Better Call Saul (Ep. 5)
11:55 – The Walking Dead (Ep. 12)
17:07 - Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Ep. 1)
21:15 - House of Cards (Ep. 3-6)
32:13 - The Shield (501)

AuthorTom Merritt