Cordkillers 74 - NAScar

Everyone's watching TV on mobile. Is Showtime too expensive? Android TV is making a comeback.

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CordKillers: Ep. 74 - NAScar
Recorded: June 8, 2015
Guest: Robert Heron

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  • TechLook who owns the streaming video market Apple covets 
    - Authenticated TV grew 300% yoy
    - Apple accounted for 62% of the views
    - Apple TV doubled share from 5 to 10%, passing Roku
    - iOS 47%. Android 15%
    - Browser viewing dropped from 36 to 14%
    - OTT Boxes overall jumped from 6 to 24% of share
    - Most popular night is Wednesday
  • Millennials and the big shift in TV habits
    - 41% of time watching on laptop/PC
    - 16% Mobile devices
    - 43% of time watching on TV
    - More time total spent on not TVs
    - Prefer to watch on demand and binge over appointment
    - 14-25s not buying TVs
  • People watching more longform video on mobile
    - IAB survey
    - Watching more video on mobile than a year ago?
    Yes- 50% US 42% Canada, NZ, SA
    - 36 percent of respondents said they watch videos that are five minutes or longer on a daily basis. (
    - 37 percent of respondents in China and 35 percent in Singapore said they’re watching less TV due to watching more mobile video.
    - 62 percent of respondents said they find content through YouTube, while 33 percent pointed at social media, 20 percent said search and 14 percent said advertising.

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Dispatches from the Front

While I'm excited that Showtime sees the necessity of providing a standalone service if they are going to try to continue to compete with HBO, I do think the price is too high.

I also think HBO's price ($14.99) is too high, however, HBO has original content that people without cable will pay for, I don't think Showtime has that. Granted, Showtime has some good shows, but none stand out and will be remembered for decades to come like GoT, the Sopranos, the Wire (and dare I add Mr. Show with Bob and David).

I think as long as Netflix continues to provide both a vast catalog of films and original content for $8, Showtime will need to provide more memorable original content first. Maybe understanding the need to jump into this standalone business will be enough to keep them going and allow them to focus on good quality original content.

I'm probably wrong, but as long as Netflix can do it better for $8, Showtime should undercut the price. At least for now.

But don't get me wrong, it is a good day for cordcutters...and I'll probably dish out the $12 for Showtime, ...eventually.

Often "your boss," always your volunteer,



Hey Brian and Tom,

I am three months into my cord cutting experience - aka trying to convince the wife she doesn't want cable back. It's hard to tell if I'm winning or losing the battle. I need to knock this one out of the park...

I want to have DVR functionality for live shows coming through the Antenna and if possible, DVR live stuff coming through the Roku Sling channel. I remember you reporting that Windows Media Center is going away. Is WMC still the best option for getting these. I've got the time and money to spend getting this right. What's the best option?

Thanks a million. Keep up the good work!
Your boss,


Wow! One comment from a viewer and you are dumping the beloved countdown sound effects? Did you not hear the collective roar of anguish from cord killers around the world? As one incredibly perceptive member of the chat room put it, "But I LOVE the sound effects!". With such wisdom shown, that person should be our next president.

I missed the sound effects when you moved the show away from your nasty overlords and turned it back to the people; the great unwashed who in their very core know the importance of countdown clocks and loud buzzers. If nothing else, think of the children. Their very future turns on your choices. Don't they deserve to hear what they want, when they want and on any device they please? Or, I'm sorry, does that only apply to WATCHING? You know and I know you're better than that. Say it with me..."EXTENSION!!!!!"





Just got my Netflix account hacked and three problem arose. 1) Could not stream because my concurrent limit had already been reached. 2) Somebody changed my plan from the two stream to four streams adding to my costs. 3) My Netflix suggestions got messed up until I deleted those from my history.

It was strange people were accessing my account from New Zealand, Mexico, UK, a VPN to the USA. WIth people using a Smart TV, an Ipad and a computer.
Netflix was really good on showing how fix my problem and very helpful. FYI I never shared my password.




With the finale of Community airing this week, I wanted to give you my experience on using Yahoo Screen.

It has been nothing short of delightful for me. This is exactly what Hulu should be. The commercials are unobtrusive, they don't feel like a huge interruption. Many times there weren't any commercials. ...

There was even one episode where the commercials were on of the funniest jokes. (Spoiler alert: The episode had a returning character who had previously changed his name to "Subway" in order for Subway to open a restaurant on campus. In this episode he was doing guerilla marketing for Honda. At the last commercial break it has a Subway commercial, which seems like an amusing coincidence. Then it cuts to a Honda commercial. It was so unexpected I had to pause the show from laughing.)

I hope that Yahoo Screen continues to grow and get great content. They have some promising shows currently, like Sin City Saints and Other Space. Other Space is from the creator of Freaks and Geeks, and feels like a spiritual successor of Red Dwarf.



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