Cordkillers: Ep. 1 - Distributors gotta distribute

The most pirated movies of 2013 don't stop a record year at the box office. Also Intel CEO  Brian Krzanich explains the problem with getting into streaming video. Netflix is either hostile or awesome or both. 

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Cord Killers # 1 Distributors gotta distribute
Recorded: January 6 2014
Guest: Brian Dunaway

Intro Video

Primary Target

Secondary Target

Signals Intelligence

Gear Up

Moving targets

Front Lines

Winter Movie Draft

  1. Fr. Robert Ballecer: $563,266,400
  2. Justin Robert Young: $519,952,679
  3. Casey McKinnon: $488,259,563
  4. Jeff Cannata: $402,634,099
  5. Tom Merritt: $298,889,368
  6. Brian Brushwood: $213,796,362

Under surveillance

Dispatches from the front


  • I guess I don't want new and legacy media to be mutually exclusive. I will likely always want the nearly passive experience of flipping on a satellite or cable receiver and consuming whatever the borg has for me at any given time. Rightly or wrongly, that curated (albeit lowest common denominator based) experience will always be a like a warm soothing stream of water across my weary brain. Regardless, until all favs are live via IPTV total "severation" of the cord probably not going to happen. 


  • As a fan, I wanted to help you with the new show and remembered Brain saying he doesn't have the newest AppleTV. So I came up with an idea, instead of sponsoring the show I could buy a new AppleTV for Brian to try out for 30 days, after which he could then take the unit and autograph it in silver sharpie and have Tom autograph it as well and give it out as a prize to one of the people who support the show via Patreon or something like that. For me the easiest thing would be to have Brian send me an email address to send him the $99 via Pay Pal or If Brian has a shipping address he doesn't mind sharing I can order it and have it sent directly to him. It’s up to him.

    Thanks from and Ex-pat photographer and all around bum living in Vienna Austria. Cord cutter since Sept 2007 when I moved to Slovakia and had no other choice. 



  • Yarr?

    Is it pirating if it is also available for free?



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