Cordkillers 218 - Tom Solo (w/ Megan Morrone)

New Star Wars TV show, Sense8 finale date, and an Amazon Fire Cube? All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Megan Morrone ( ).

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CordKillers: Ep. 218 - Tom Solo
Recorded: April 30 2018
Guest: Megan Morrone

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Primary Target

  • The Wertzone: New STAR WARS TV series RESISTANCE announced
    - Disney and Lucasfilm announced the next Star Wars animated series will be called Star Wars: Resistance, produced by Dave Filoni.
    - Set shortly before the Force Awakens
    - Kazuda Xiono, an ace pilot recruited by General Leia Organa and trained by Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac voicing)
    - Recurring villain will be Captain Phasma (Gwendolyn Christie voicing)
    - BB-8 will show up
    - Will mix 3D animation with cel-shaded anime influence.
    - Debut on Disney channel this autumn.
    - Separate from live action show being produced by Jon Favreau coming late 2019.

How to Watch

  • Apple TV and Android see increase in streaming video viewership in Q1
    - Conviva (video AI platform) announced streaming estimates.
    - Streaming video hours grew 114% yoy to 5 billion hours
    - 174% increase in North America.
    - App-based viewing up 136%
    - Apple TV grew 709% to 256 million hours
    - Roku grew 87% to more than a billion hours
    - Android up 168%
    - iOS up 138%
    - Mobile leads in plays with 42%
    - TV sets lead in hours at 54%
  • Viewers Are Ditching Cable For Streaming Faster Than Anyone Expected
    - Last week earnings reports from cable providers
    - Charter (Spectrum) lost 122K TV subs Q1
    - Comcast lost 96K TV subs Q1 (4th Q of sub losses)
    - DirecTV lost 188K subs in Q1
    - Total cable subscriber numbers declined 3.4% over the course of 2017

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Front Lines

Dispatches from the Front
Hi Brian and Tom,

I just moved from the US to Canada. We were winning the cordkillers revolution in the US, but Canada is truly the front lines. Remember a decade ago when cable companies made sure the content stayed off of streaming services? Remember when there was no Hulu, SlingTV, YouTube Tv, YouTube Red, HBO Go, or Prime Video? That's where we are here.

We tried to find a set top box that offered an app for CTV (Canadian Television Network) ... one that you could access with a remote control.

I bought a Roku. I bought an Apple TV. Then I even bought an Android TV box. None of them could do this.

So I took all those boxes back and am currently chromecasting things from my phone's app. I've had to give up on the "lean-back with a Roku remote" experience. And we've temporarily given up on a lot of good content. I don't know why Canadians don't demand better.

That's your news from the front. Please send reinforcements.
- Brian




Hey Brian, Tom and Bryce,

Just wanted to drop you a quick email about an upgrade I've just done. I retired a HTPC I bought 8 years ago for about £280. It was a Zotac ION mini-PC with a small SSD running Windows 7.

It's been replaced by a totally silent Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with a memory card, case, and IR reciever.. all for under £50, which is amazing £230 saving on my original HTPC setup. It's capable of playing back the newer h.265 encoded 1080p files, which the HTPC couldn't, and can act as a simple NAS for my other TVs to stream from.

The added bonus is that it's so small, we can easily stick it in a bag to take on holiday, which is great for the family to watch a film together on the TV wherever we go. We needed something like that which could work without any data (wifi or mobile) connection, and this fits the bill perfectly.

I've blogged about how I've set it all up, which you and my fellow Cordkillers might find interesting;

Keep up the good work!

- Matt




Hey Killers,

I'm listening later in the week than normal to ep 217 so you may have already gotten a bunch of responses to this. I subscribe to Starz, HBO and Showtime via Amazon [Channels] and while I, like Brian thoroughly enjoy the Prime Video experience wherever the app is available, I do have occasion to use the apps outside of Amazon (particularly, my daughter has occasion to use them on her AppleTV in her college dorm room). In my experience, each of the services make it really easy to use your Amazon login for the service. The catch is you have to do it at the service's website and select Amazon as your TV provider, then login with your Amazon account info. This is also true if you subscribe through Hulu or another over-the-top service. Then authorize your Roku/AppleTV/whatever as you normally would.

Hope this helps,

- Jeromy




Is it spoiler-free or spoiler-filled?

Our newborn baby prevented me from seeing The Last Jedi, but a recent Aftertalk spoiled [[REDACTED]]. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not really clear if those that are spoiler sensitive can enjoy Aftertalk immediately or if they need to ensure they are caught up on their content before consuming.

So... which is it?

- Michael





"[condensed Netflix cinema emails here]
We got a lot of emails about Netflix potentially buying physical cinemas! Here were some of your ideas:

John wrote in and said the cinema experience may be good for one-off viewings for non-subscribers (he mentions show the movie Annihilation to his non-subscribing friend)

Kaylee wrote in and suggested they could be spaces for all-day binge sessions, live/interactive MST3K/Rocky Horror-type shows, premieres with Q&A or commentary, even live screenings of concerts or events. They'd also make good spaces for market research and test screenings.

Robert wrote in and said Netflix could intend to make money screening traditional blockbusters or include a MoviePass-style subscription with or alongside a Netflix subscription--there's money in concessions! He also mentions a Stranger Things pop-up in Chicago that Netflix C&D'd. Having a phhysical space could make themed events a top-tier event to go to. 

Jeff wrote in and said he might not ever pay full-price to see a Netflix program, but he may pay a marginal fee like $5 or use MoviePass. He'd go see something if he only had to pay concessions!

Chris also wrote in and mentioned physical locations would also be good outlets for physical merchandise."


This may have come up but have you guys paid attention to the Counterpart intro?



2018 Summer Movie Draft