Cordkillers 247 - Don't Be Doug (w/ Veronica Belmont)

AT&T wants screensaver ads, money can buy Friends, and Avengers 4 trailer dropped. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Veronica Belmont.

CordKillers: Ep. Don't Be Doug
Recorded: December 10 2018
Guest: Veronica Belmont

Intro Video
The American Meme

Primary Target
Hulu and AT&T plan to run ads when you pause videos
- Variety reports Hulu and AT&T both plan to introduce technology that streams ads when you pause video on the services. AT&T's Matt Van Houten likened it to a screensaver and indicated it could include interactive ads.

How to Watch
The story behind Netflix’s $100 million ‘Friends’ deal
- Netflix will reportedly pay WarnerMedia $100 million to renew its rights to stream Friends through the end of 2019. After 2019 WarnerMedia can either pull it to run exclusively on its own service or let Netflix keep running it non-exclusively for $75 million.

Amazon Prime Video streaming service coming to Comcast X1 set-top boxes nationwide
- Amazon's Prime Video is now available for Comcast subscribers with the X1 set-top box. Also Xfinity TV customers can now sync their accounts with Movies Anywhere in order to access movie pucrhases from the Xfinity Digital Store

What to Watch
The latest Once Upon a Deadpool trailer is all about Nickelback and love for same. Once Upon a Deadpool is out December 11.
Umbrella Academy trailer is out, coming to Netflix 2-14-2019.
Netflix has a trailer out for Triple Frontier, a drug cartel thriller starring Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, and Oscar Isaac. Coming in March.
New Captain Marvel trailer is out. Captain Marvel will be released on March 8th, 2019.
Trailer for Avengers: Endgame is out. It comes out April 26 unless they pull what they did last year and change the date.
A new teaser for Stranger Things lists all the episode titles for the new season coming in 2019.
Netflix renewed Narcos: Mexico for a second season. Félix Gallardo (Diego Luna) is focused on building an empire and DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Peña) is determined to take him down.
The Good Place Renewed for Season 4 at NBC
Doctor Who's Next Season Lands in 2020
-The next season of Doctor Who will return in 2020. That means a more than a year-long break from the New Year's Day special and the next new episode. This season's premiere was the biggest since the premiere of the series return and the second biggest episode for the BBC this year.

Now We Know When to Expect Star Trek's New Picard Series
- CBS’s chief creative officer David Nevins the 46th Annual UBS Global Media and Communications Conference that CBS will have two Star Treks in 2019, Discovery at the beginning of the year and Picard at the end of the year.

Netflix Is Getting Into the Ghost in the Shell Business
- A new Ghost in the Shell anime will come to Netflix in 2020, directed by Appleseed's Shinji Aramaki and Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex’s Kenji Kamiyama

Hulu's expanded Funimation deal gives it first dibs on anime shows
- Hulu for its part struck a multi-year deal with Funimation for first look streaming rights to anime series produced and released by Funimation from 2019. Hulu and Funimation will be the "co-exclusive" premiere outlets for key subtitled anime titles.

Eyes On
Sorry to Bother You, Counterpart, Dirk Gently, The Good Place
Tom: It's a Wonderful Life
Veronica: Quincy, Hip-Hop Evolution, Inside Jokes
On the Lookout: Deutschland 86

Front Lines
Netflix’s biggest competition isn’t sleep — It’s YouTube
- YouTube reaches 85 percent of all internet users in India, 60 percent of YouTube's traffic in India comes from outside the six major cities. YouTube is bigger than Google in India. In Thailand YouTube reaches 92 percent of rural users and 93 percent of urban users. Traffic has risen 50 percent in the last year in Indonesia to reach 74 million active users per month. Of all the users who watch any streaming service in the U.S., 96.1 percent consume YouTube and 73.8 percent consume Netflix.

Netflix tops other streamers with most Golden Globes nods, but Amazon beats it on TV
- The Golden Globes TV nominees included 10 for FX (Atlanta, Americans, Pose) , 9 for HBO (Barry Sharp Objects) and Prime Video (Ms. Maisel, Homecoming, A Very English Scandal) , 8 for Netflix, thought Netflix (Bodyguard, Ozark, Glow, The Kominsky Method) also got 5 movie nominations (Roma, Girl, Dumplin) for a total of 13. Hulu only got 2 for Handmaid's Tale.
New customers can now pay for Hulu with Venmo if you sign up through the website. The option will come to existing subscribers soon.
MoviePass will launch three new subscription plans in January
- Starting January 1 the zombie that is MoviePass will have new plans. The $10 a month plan is similar to the current one with restrictions on which movies you can see on which days. $15 a month removes the restrictions and $20 a month includes one Imax or 3D movie a month. Also in some markets these plans will be more expensive up to $15, $20 and $25 for each tier. Also executive vice president Khalid Itum will take over to day-to-day duties from CEO Mitch Lowe, who will focus on long-term strategy.

The Fire TV Cube just got the "Alexa Announcements" feature which lets you tell an Echo to broadcast your message to all Echos in the house or now to or from the Cube.
New study gives some handy tips on how to survive on Game of Thrones
- Reidar Lystad of the Australian Institute of Health Innovation at Macquarie University in Sydney, and his colleague Benjamin Brown have written a paper for the journal Injury Epidemiology studying the survival factor for the 154 characters in Game of Thrones out of 330 total who have not died. Among the factors in survival are being highborn, female and forging unusual alliances or switching them.

Dispatches from the Front
Just curious how do you guys watch series? Do you binge entire series or do you switch series after watching a season of a show?.

Also i wish Netflix or Amazon would come up with a feature where you could make up your on primetime schedule and have shows auto play the next show that you have in your que. I think that would be nice, what do you guys think?"

- Mel

Your conversation about streaming watch parties on Facebook reminded me that this was a thing on Xbox years and years ago. The Xbox 360 Netflix app had a built in system called Party Mode, where your Xbox party could all watch the same movie at the same time. The movie played in an MST3K style frame, with the party members' Xbox avatars sitting in a row at the bottom of the screen.
I remember having a ton of fun watching movies with my friends this way, and being sad when Netflix discontinued Party Mode in 2011(?). Maybe with Facebook trying out this similar idea, it's time for Party Mode to make a comeback!

- Dean-O

Hi Tom and Brian
I was just listening to the episode discussing TV watching threads on FB and Brian mentioned reddit. I follow Liverpool FC and each match has match threads concurrent with the game. Other EPL teams do the same thing and I suspect the same would apply to other sports. It's a great way to watch and the voting aspect works well though we tend to have the thread to show the comments based on New in order to keep up with the play.
Love the show.


I just finished the latest episode and had a couple of ideas for innovative viewing. As an avid online gamer it'd be cool to be able to watch streaming shows with my friends while playing our game of choice. For example while in WoW or GuildWars 2 everyone go to a central location in game to watch. Similar to the old style drive in there would be an outdoor theater setup in game that we can all watch and chat about while in character.
The other idea I had may already exist but I was thinking about a synchronized viewing in services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime. where a bunch of friends or family members tie into their respective accounts and watch the same show/movie at the same time. It would be synch'd through the streaming service where any one person could pause/start the stream and it would do the same for everyone. An in app chat or voice chat would also be nice while watching.

Thanks and love the show,
- Stephen

Hi Brian and Tom,

I think a lot of the resistance to a live action version of anime is similar to that of live action version of video games. Big budget (mostly American) studios have yet to do it successfully, so their track record makes fans wary. No one wants to see their beloved character warped by some Hollywood producer's idea of what sells a movie.

I also think that movies inspired by ideas from anime are not the same as movies that are live action versions of anime. The Matrix may have been inspired by Ghost in the Shell and resulted in a good movie, but the actual live action Ghost in the Shell not so much.

Once we see a good live action version of an anime series, then maybe people will welcome them more.

- Alan


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