Cordkillers 188 – The First Trek is Free (w/ Mike TV)

Why everyone loves Star Trek and hates CBS, Plex gets news-y, and Amazon gets a new 4K dongle. With special guest MikeTV.

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CordKillers: Ep. 188 –  The First Trek is Free
Recorded: September 28 2017
Guest: MikeTV

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  • Star Trek: Discovery why suddenly everybody resents CBS
    - Generic scenario. A lesser known streaming service that costs less than Netflix but heretofore only has one compelling original gets a HUGE brand name franchise. It will cost $6.99 a month for hulu-like plan that has some commercials or $9.999 a month for a Netflix-like plan with no commercials. The service also has other offerings like back catalog of classic shows, some movies and current shows from broadcasters, just like Hulu.
    - Generic Scenario 2: A TV network that I already get on cable or through a streaming service launches a HUGE brand name franchise but only airs one episode. It then tells everyone they have to pay to get the rest of the episodes and even then will show you commercials while you watch.

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Hey Cordkillers,

I just went to subscribe to All Access in anticipation of the premiere tomorrow (it's Saturday right now). I'm throwing a premiere party, with friends and games, and we were going to watch the premiere on CBS and then roll right over into AA to watch episode 2. I'm a big Star Trek fan, and my friends just smile and nod about how enthusiastically I enjoy Star Trek.

The brakes were put on when I got to the account creation page. For the longest time all I would get was the error ""Your password is too long. It must be 6 to 30 characters"". I use lastpass to manage everything, and I have it set to use absurdly long passwords just to find sites that have dumb password policies. So I bumped lastpass down to 30. Still got the error. Bumped it to 29. Still got the error. I turned off Symbols in the password and it finally let me through. How could their error messaging be so bad?

The next page greeted me with the plans that I could get. You can get ""limited commercials"" for $6, or no commercials for $10. I clicked on 10. And then I noticed that the trial was only 2 days. 2 DAYS? Who only allows you to try the service for 2 DAYS? 2 weeks is what everyone else does. And then I noticed that the commercials level gets a full week of a trial. Wow. Such generosity.

At that point I changed my plans. We'll watch the TV premiere, and I'll get AA after the entire 15 episode run goes up and I'll just quietly binge it then and cancel. I already pay for Netflix, Prime, Anime Strike, Crunchyroll, Youtube Red, and Youtube TV. I have access to more content than there are hours in the day. I'll just live vicariously through /r/startrek (or other means).





Love the show. I’ve learned so much from you guys and enjoy watching each episode. Thank you.

As a life long Star Trek fan I have to pass on some comments regarding the new show Discovery. For me Star Trek is a grand experience and I thought the first episode on network TV began that way - high definition space vistas in glorious surround sound. And then CBS All Access happened. Stereo sound. Are you kidding me? And you want me to pay for that? This is a huge disappointment. I just can’t do it. You can’t even purchase episodes on iTunes. Since the first episode was in 5.1 surround, the rest must be filmed that way. Why on earth would those idiots at CBS do this. Oh, yeah money.

Keep up the good work guys. I’m doing to go sulk in the corner. By the way I canceled my All Access.

- Art



I have a new game I like to play.
I travel a lot for work to other countries, and being a fan of the show I know that different deals are done for shows in different regions of the world.

So first that that I do when I get to my hotel is log into Netflix and Amazon Prime Video to see all the shows that are not in the USA region. I also use my Android tablet (with a 64GB SD card) to download shows that I know i will not be able to see once I get back to the States.

Thank you guys for educating all of us with options to and "creative" ways to watch what we want how we want.

- Oscar




Over the past week I have been using Playstaion Vue and Hulu live tv. I have chosen to stay with Hulu live tv mainly because it offers cbs,nbc,and fox live in my area whereas Vue doesn't have Fox live and It has far less commercials on the DVR content and demand whereas Vue has lots of commercials. I do have an antenna for over the air content and get all of my local stations from New Orleans and from Biloxi area no problem. Before I had Dish satellite but canceled them 3 months early of my contract running out. I also have Netflix, Prime, Acorn Tv and have always had hulu demand also before as point of reference.

- Randy




Hi Guys,
Since you guys are in the midst of re-watching all of Firefly I thought you might be interested in a Hollywood prop auction going on today. You can download a PDF of the catalog at the link below. On Pages 236 to 240 it has costumes from Serenity for auction. Who knows with all that Patreon money you might be able to pick up some memorabilia.


2017 Winter Movie Draft

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