Cordkillers 123 - Netflix Don't Sell Shoes (w/ Iyaz Akhtar)

Jeff Bezos explains why Amazon and Netflix aren’t competing, but Google and Apple TOTALLY are. Europe lets Netflix roam. TiVo may Bolt right out of the hardware business. With special guest Iyaz Akhtar.

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CordKillers: Ep. Netflix Don't Sell Shoes
Recorded: June 6 2016
Guest: Iyaz Akhtar

Intro Video

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • EU governments agree new roaming rules for Netflix, Amazon
    - Member states agreed Thursday to a proposal to allow access to subscriptions services by European subscribers when “temporarily” traveling outside home country but still inside the EU.
    - Temporarily is not defined excaept to say it is a “limited amount of time.”
    - Only applies to online video streaming services. Public broadcasters are exempt.
    - Must be approved by the European Parliament.
    - Hope to go into force in 2017

Gear Up

  • TiVo Bolt adds out of home streaming
    - Bolt DVR users can now stream/download outside the home to iOS and Android
    - Roamio has already been able to do this but NOT the OTA model.
  • TiVo’s new owner isn’t that interested in making set-top boxes
    - TiVo's upcoming new owner says they may outsource box production (deal expected to close in Q3)
    - There are several box providers out there who have direct-to-retail. We’ll be looking at the possibilities of working with them, having them control the box. And while that would be a partnership and we wouldn’t get all the sales as a result, we think that’s probably a better way to approach the consumer space. But don’t look for us to exit the consumer space. That relationship that TiVo has with consumers has been differentiated for them.
  • Dish's HopperGo portable DVR is available today
    - The HopperGo is available to customers.
    - 64GB device that can take recordings from Hopper 2, Hopper with Sling or Hopper 3
    - Creates own wireless network to allow iOS and Android devices to connect.
    - 4 hours playback on a charge
    - $99 to Dish subscribers

Front Lines

  • Apple Proposed Buying Time Warner, May Consider Netflix
    - The Financial Times reported a week from Thursday that sources told it Apple SVP Eddy Cue met with Time Warner’s head of corporate strategy, Olaf Olafsson (the HBO/TBS owning Time Warner) late last year to discuss an acquisition. It didn’t pass beyond preliminaries, but unnamed bankers told FT that Apple is now interested in acquiring a streaming service, like Netflix.
  • Amazon's got eight more TV show pilots for your perusal
    - Amazon has put up two one hour drama pilots along with six kids series. The Interestings is based on Meg Wolitzer’s 2013 novel about kids bonding at summer camp. The Last Tycoon is written and directed by Billy Ray (Captain Philips, Hunger Games) starring Kelsey Grammer as an aging studio head in the 1930s battling his son for control of the business. And one of the kids show’s is a remake of Sid and Marty Krofft’s Sigmund and the Sea Monsters. They all will be available June 17th.
  • El Chapo threatens lawsuit against Netflix for planned series
    - Does El Chapo listen to Cordkillers? Well his lawyer Andrés Granados, said that he will sue Netflix and Univision if they air a new series on El Chapo’s life without paying him. He basically is demanding they pay to use the man’s name and nickname. And he could sweeten the deal by providing more info to make it a better series.
  • Marvel confirms X-Men TV spinoff series in the works from the creator of FX's Fargo
    - Marvel and FX will produce a full season of Legion, set in the X-Men Universe following the son of Professor X. A pilot was was done by Noah Hawley who adapted Fargo to TV for FX. Dan Stevens (Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey) will play David Haller who is a psychiatric patient who slowly realizes the voices in his head are real. Its’ expected to air in 2017. 
  • Google Cast is coming to every Google Fiber TV box
    - Google will add Cast functionality to all of it’s Google Fiber TV boxes. The functionality will come in a software update. Although some Chromecast-enabled apps, including Spotify, HBO Now and Hulu won’t work at launch. 
  • Netflix is making its first original series out of India
    - Netflix announced its first Indian original series will be Sacred Games based on the 2006 best-selling novel from Vikram Chandra about India’s criminal underworld. It will be shot in India and produced in collaboration with Phantom Films. 

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

Hello Brian and Tom,

I thought you should know. I have a VUDU account and I received a email them stating that they now accepts Walmart Gift cards. I thought that was interesting, and wondering what are your thoughts on this.

Keep the good work going.

-  David from Riverside, CA


Hey guys,

I think I'm a week behind on the podcast, so you may have already addressed this.

The discussion you had on the podcast seemed awkwardly cut short, and you seemed to have a very different opinion than what most of the Trek fandom has come to.

Axanar was first presented as a kickstarter to make a studio-quality Star Trek fanfilm. But after funding ended it became clear that the kickstarter wasn't just to cover costs. Alec Peters was starting a production company called Axanar Productions that had aims at being a commercial business. It was this intent to profit that rubbed the Trek community wrong. Eventually someone at Paramount heard that there was a fanfilm that was trying to profit from the Star Trek IP. Commonly this is called IP theft. The fans have had a long understanding with CBS/Paramount that fan works are fine so long as we don't try to profit. As soon as you want to make your living off of Star Trek you have to get CBS/Paramount blessing and deals are made.

Axanar was trying to get out of licensing the IP. That was why Paramount sued. Not because there was some upstart that wanted to make a studio-quality movie.

And now these new 'fan works guidelines' are terrifying the fandom. James Cawley, the guy that started Star Trek New Voyages has shut down New Voyages. Star Trek Intrepid is pausing production. The Enterprise 3D project has come to a hault because of these potential new guidelines.

The worst is that the guidelines that Peters is proposing ban the very tactics he used to gain his funding. They disallow any crowd-funding efforts for fan productions.

In the link is a Peters' proposed guidelines:

- Zeke



Hi guys, my family has been cord free for almost 10 years and now we are about to be TV free for 4 years. ...

I am one of those people who find most ads to be intolerable, in fact, on the few occasions we go to the movies, I make note of whatever ads might be shown (besides trailers) so that I will never buy them - why should I buy an overpriced ticket to sit with a bunch of noisy neighbors, and then get a commercial shoved down my throat? If the theater can't make enough from ticket sales, raise the price!

Another thought for you is one that I hear you skirt every once in a while.Sure you can save a lot of money by cutting the cord, I know we have. However once you get away from most of noise in the very low signal to noise ration, you really start to realize just how overpriced almost everything is.I personally will never pay more than $5.00 for an album again, and would never pay more than $10 for a season of a TV show, they are just not worth that much to me anymore. And thanks to you and Spoiierin Time, I have had several great discussions with people about Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, The Shield and a good many movies that I have never seen, but have seen in my mind through your great discussions.

One of your bosses,

- Dave in Waco



Hey guys, I am a relatively new listener (2+ weeks) and I REALLY enjoy your show...

I think that providers like Netflix and Amazon are losing their vision, Netflix primarily. Since day one Netflix was supposed to be a way to get shows and movies, and now it’s like they’re trying to be a network. Now, mind you, making a few original shows is fine, but having 40+ Netflix Originals (not all of which is actually made by Netflix) is a bit much. Even worse, all their drama content is TV-MA, so of course my mom will not let me watch it. I wanted to watch ABC’s Agent Carter, but if that get turned into a Netflix Original there is NO WAY I am going to watch it. Of course, there’s nothing quite wrong with making shows most people don’t like because some people might and it’s a little something for everybody. But I am also afraid that the overall quality of shows made by Netflix may go down because they are trying to do too many shows. What do you think about this? Should Netflix make a hundred shows?

- Amar


2016 Summer Movie Draft

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