Cordkillers 121 - Bucker-eye-bonzu (w/ Rob Krekel)

The perfect Internet TV service will save you money, Amazon lets anybody add videos to Prime, and the hottest shows coming this fall.

CordKillers: Ep. 121 - Bucker-eye-bonzu
Recorded: May 16 2016
Guest: Rob Krekel

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • The Skinny bundle will be neither skinny nor bundled
    - Mike Hoefflinger is an Executive-in-Residence at XSeed Capital and was previously at Facebook and Intel.
    - Describes the layout for people who keep cable and STILL watch Netflix Amazon, etc.
    - BTW THIS is why Hulu’s numbers are so much smaller than Netflix, Amazon (TM)
    - Describes the “I don’t care who made it “ mentality Brian’s been championing.
    - In-Home entertainment $381 billion by 2019 (McKinsey)
    - Bigger than video games, audio, books and magazines combined
    - Current Situation - $120-$140 spread cross ~5 apps
    - Cable $60-$75
    - Netflix $10
    - HBO $12-$20
    - Showtime $10-$15
    - Amazon Prime “free”
    Proposes a tech company make a $99 a month competitor. Plies some services with bigger subscribership to get discounts
    - Bundle $36 - 50 channels triple per subscriber fee
    - ESPN $24
    - Netflix $10
    - HBO $13 (discount)
    - Showtime $7 (discount)
    - Cost company $90 so $9 per sub margin (actually less for overhead)
    -Hoefllinger believes MVPDs and Hulu plus other smaller VOD players get frozen out.
    - Fringe channels from big nets get pruned
    - Amazon, may or may not play along
    - Margins best for Apple or Google where strategic control is more important than profit (sell hardware)

Signal Intelligence

  • Amazon takes on YouTube with launch of Amazon Video Direct
    - Amazon Video Direct
    - Prime video subscribers (pay by hour 15 cents US 6 cents $75K cap)
    - Add-on subscription (streaming Partners Program)
    - Rental or purchase (50% retail price share)
    - Free with ads (55% rev share.)
    - Monthly bonus of $1 million divided among top 100 videos.
    - metrics, such as number of minutes a title was streamed, projected revenue, payment history and number of subscribers
    - U.S., the U.K., Germany, Austria and Japan.
    - Launch partners include: Conde Nast Entertainment, HowStuffWorks, Samuel Goldwyn Films, the Guardian, Mashable,  Mattel, StyleHaul, Kin Community, Jash, Business Insider, Machinima, TYT Network, Baby Einstein, CJ Entertainment - America, Xive TV, Synergetic Distribution, Kino Nation, Journeyman Pictures and Pro Guitar Lessons.
    -Signup process is significantly more detailed than YouTube
    - Bank account
    - W9
    - Videos require artwork, captioning

Gear Up

  • HDHomeRun is ready to make your Android TV a DVR
  • HD HomeRun
    - SiliconDust testing out HDHomeRun Record for Android TV
    - Tuner device needs Android 6.0, Ethernet and USB 3.0
    - Won’t work with Android TV or Fire TV but WILL work with NVIDIA Shield Pro which has 500GB internal storage
    - Can watch on device or anything that can use the HDHomeRun View app
    -HD HomeRun Kickstarter was for a system that hooked a tuner up to network and allowed viewing and recording on other devices connected to the network

Front Lines

  • EU member states agree roaming for Netflix
    - EU member states endorsed a proposal requiring subscription services like Netflix to allow access outside of a user’s home nation while traveling within the EU. It must be approved by ministers at a meeting on May 26. 
  • Netflix Saves Its Subscribers From 160 Hours Of Commercials Per Year
    - did some math based on Netflix’s reported 75 million subscribers and 125 million hours of content streamed every day. That ends up to be 1 and 2/3 hours per subscriber per day. Using Nielsen’s reported average of 15 minutes 38 seconds of commercials per hour and each Netflix subscriber has theoretically saved themselves from watching 158.5 hours of commercials per year. Unless they used DVRs before.
  • Why Soccer Fans Have the Most Options When It Comes to Cord Cutting
    - Motherboard has an article exploring why cord-cutters have more options for watching soccer than fans of other sports in the US. The reason is that the majority of matches are not aired on cable TV. FuboTV has 50K subscribers and deals with major leaguers. They have a deal with BeIN sports which also is on six streaming services.
  • BBC set to launch Britflix rival to Netflix after John Whittingdale approves subscription streaming
    - The Telegraph reports the BBC is planning to partner with ITV on a streaming service to be called Britflix. The BBC did mention developing an additional subscription service in its latest 10 year plan, though it did not give any more details. 
  • Verizon and ESPN Reach Settlement in FiOS Pay-TV Lawsuit
    - Verizon and ESPN reached a settlement on Verizon’s new slimmed down pay TV offerings. Verizon originally offered a base package that had no ESPN. In February, Verizon redesigned its offering to have ESPN in one of two that are offered. 
  • All of this TV season's cancellations and renewals
    - In advance of the Upfront sales presentations, networks announced some cancellations. Among the fallen are Agent Carter, Castle, and the Muppets. And Supergirl is getting moved from CBS to CW.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

Playstation Vue is a nightmare. Tried to sign up today for a free week and got an error on my fire TV telling me I'm not at home. Called as it suggested and learned that this is a common error, and there is apparently no fix. I went through all the trouble shooting which included the loss of my free week. I was given $20 toward my first month, had to sign up again, delete the app and download it again, just to get the same error. Then trouble shooting ended, I was told my refund would be reviewed by a special department (yes, I have to wait for my money back) and I could watch their blog for a fix to this problem. If I have to watch their blog it must be an issue affecting alot of people. Plus, I loose my chance at a free week!!! Fail all the war around.

- Steve



Hi Tom & Brian,
I wanted to respond to last week’s discussion regarding the NewFronts. I attended the YouTube Brandcast as well but Susan Wojcicki’s statement (about how YouTube Mobile reached more 18-49 year olds than any network) was a bit misleading, even for me.
They’re comparing a month’s worth of mobile traffic on YouTube (during prime-time hours, of P18-49) versus P18-39 who are watching at last one TV network during prime time hours, both of which in December. Yes, the reach is undoubtedly there, but the experience and quality is very different.
1.       TV, amongst advertisers, talk about it being more of a lean back medium. Typical shows range from 30 min to an hour, but you might be tuned in for hours. It’s a very different experience from YouTube, where one may only be watching clips a few minutes long. Also, much of YouTube is still based on search (users looking for specific videos), which as a lean-in experience, may keep a user in only for a video or two. With cordcutting, we might see that average time on site extend, but YouTube hasn’t quite broken in among the mainstream as the “living room experience” (something Hulu might actually be ahead with).

2.       December is also not the best month to pull against TV, since shows tend to go on break and people tend to be out towards the second half of the month. [IBT]

3.       Mobile YouTube consumption has way surpassed desktop (which is not much of a surprise), but perhaps the word “mobile” still sounds more buzzworthy.

4.       Working on both digital and TV advertising, I’d say that TV still excels at these pop culture moments, usually with the premiere/finales of top shows as well as live programming (e.g. sports, award shows, etc.). Since it’s live and real-time, there is a fair amount of buzz, especially on the social platforms around these big TV moments, which is huge for advertisers. For example, I’ve run ads against The Walking Dead and I’ve found that people are not just tweeting about the show, but that they saw my ad with the show. It’s a bit harder to find that sort of experience on digital video. Netflix probably comes closest whenever the release a new season of a popular show, but it’s not quite there on YouTube.

AdWeek has a write up worth reading on how these digital video companies have misleading statements in comparison to TV and also how it shouldn’t matter. Then again, these NewFronts are talking to advertisers in hopes of wrestling away those big TV dollars away from the networks.
The network upfronts are on starting this week and it seems that a few of them are starting to fire back. At the end of the day, you have to look at both sides with a grain of salt. There’s a lot of focus on catchy quotes and headlines as well as big numbers. Truth is, we’re more in that in-between moment than ever, especially within that coveted 18-34 audience. The experience is not as black and white as each side wants to paint it.
- Derrick

Ninja Steve here. I was on the edge about Comic Con HQ, but ALF put me over. The end.
- Steve N.



A tip for current and possible future Xbox one owners. When Microsoft first announced that you could stream and play your Xbox one games on your PC, laptop or tablet via the Xbox app I did not see the point. But when I went to watch the hockey game last week and found my wife watching Downton on the only TV, I found another use of the stream to feature of the Xbox.
I was able to switch my wife over to the roku without much fuss and streamed the OTA feed of the hockey through my Xbox (via the USB tuner) to my tablet. With this set up I was also able to watch the game as I did the dishes.
With the DVR function coming this summer the Xbox One is becoming a excellent multi media device.


- Finley


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