Cordkillers 141 - Do I Take a Raincoat Today?

Netflix raises subscribers and kills revenue forecasts while cable networks lose subscribers. And YouTube brings The Rock to its originals.

CordKillers: Ep. 141 - Do I Take a Raincoat Today?
Recorded: October 17 2016
Guest: None

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  • The networks getting hardest-hit by Cord-Cutting
    - Data from Deutsche Bank comparing subscription rates for US cable networks 2011-2015
    - Biggest drop, The Weather Channel, down 12 million (Verizon FIOS stopped carrying it)
    - Spike TV number 2, ESPN number 3 MTV number 4, ESPN2 number 5. (Many Viacom)

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Dispatches from the Front
I was listening to the Chris Plante Show during the whole hurricane Matthew thing was happening and Chris Plante had a friend who was in the hurricane and said the storm had just blown over. Thankfully, there was minimal damage to his home, but what I found interesting was that he didn't lose telephone, he didn't lose internet and he didn't lose electricity. The only this he lost was cable. If he wanted to watch cable shows, he would need to find an alternative and likely visit different sites in order to view each individual cable channel, and probably couldn't watch cable on his TV.

- Amar



Would love to hear your comments on Comcast's data cap of 1 terabyte. I'd like to drop my Dish network for PlayStation Vue, but worried I'd burn through my data.

Any real world experience out there that can help?

- Brian



Hey guys!

I wanted to address the email Bob sent in last week regarding hockey on Playstation Vue. As a cord cutter and huge St. Louis Blues fan, this was something that was very important when I considered dropping cable. PlayStation Vue ... does allow you to log in to the NBC Sports app, so that may be an option for watching Another thing to consider is 60 frames per second streaming, which is very important for hockey. Chromecast is capable of doing 60 FPS for PS Vue, but depending on which generation Fire Stick Bob has, it may not be able to handle it. I personally use both a Fire TV and Roku 2 for PS Vue at home and an iPad for mobile, and all of them work great for hockey.

Anyway, love the show; keep up the great work!

Your boss,

- Tom




David Pick in Wisconsin went back to cable and is logging his experience on his YouTube channel. He has two versions up one in which he literally cuts a coax cable for you!


-Dave. Best of luck with your experiment

The short cut.

The long cut.


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