Cordkillers Ep. 37 - Crozakistan

Netflix comes to everywhere including Linux and Luxembourg. Plus YouTube is losing its stars!

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CordKillers: Ep. 37 - Crozakistan
Recorded: September 23, 2014
Guest: Bill Doran

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Hey guys, know you've been working hard, but it is really out of step of taking a vacation without giving your 1900+ bosses a heads up before doing so. Some sort of note from a doctor's or checking with others in your workgroup so your job responsibilities don't get forgotten while you are away, or something.

and could you check that the TPS reports have the up-to-date covers next time thanks

Your Boss
Sean from Queens


Hi Tom & Brian,

I was listening to your discussion of the OnCue service in episode 36 and I think you guys are reading too much into it. This is still the traditional paradigm of cable television. Consumers will just be trading one set top box for another that uses a different delivery medium. Instead of using the wire to your cable provider, you will be using the wire to your ISP, which may or may not be the same company. The a la carte channel option is the truly exciting news for consumers.

The concept of "Internet TV" seems exciting to cord cutters because we associate "Internet" with expanded options and availability. However, the OnCue service is still just providing TV service tied to a set top box. The networks/providers were slow to come on board because this word "Internet" is scary to them. But once they realized that it's still the same setup just using a different pipe they were more comfortable with the idea and willing to give it a shot. This is not the huge step forward on the part of the content providers that you made it sound like. They are still just as unwilling to turn it all loose online in the way we cord cutters wish they would.

With the exception of a la carte, OnCue is not doing anything new for the "what we want, where we want" mantra that the cable providers haven't already been doing as part of their traditional service. Is this an important step that could eventually lead to more? Maybe. I hope it does. So say we all. But I think Brian's skepticism is prudent.

Love the show guys. Keep up the great work.



Is there going to be a winter movie draft this year?



Just wanted to let Brian know that The Legend of Korra is back on Oct 4th with the final book.

So how weird is it that Book 3 ended on Aug. 22 and 6 weeks later Book 4 starts up? This may just be Nickelodeon getting rid of it as soon as they can, but how often would we see this in the future with other properties? I'm not complaining and can hardly wait for the finale of the show. If Book 4 ends better than book 3 then we're in for a great ending.

Your Boss,
Bill Russell (not the basketball player)

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