Cordkillers Ep. 33 - I remember Coax!

Xbox helps out over-the-air users in Europe, but do we care? Also broadband outpaces cable TV for the first time. And why Brian is so excited about Vimeo?

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CordKillers: Ep. 33 - I remember Coax!
Recorded: August 17, 2014
Guest:  Ewen Rankin 

Intro Video 

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • Netflix latest weapon to take on HBO: Cosby 
  • Netflix has 4 new comedy specials coming this year
    - Bill Cosby 77 Nov. 28
    - Jim Jeffries BARE August 29 (Aussie)
    - Bill Burr “I’m sorry you feel that way” Dec. 5
    - Chelsea Peretti “One of the Greats” (Brooklyn 99) Nov. 14

Gear Up

Under surveillance

  • Vote for which new shows Amazon should give the green light to
  • - Amazon’s third pilot season is uncerway
    - The pilots arrive August 28 in US and UK
    -The Cosmopolitans - White Americans in Paris looking for love and friendship ( Adam Brody and Chloë Sevigny )
    -Hand of God - Hard-drinking judge seeks venegance and believes he has messages from God (directed by Mark Forster Quantum of Solace)(Ron Perlman)
    -Hysteria - Austin neurologist tries to stop a diseases spread through friendship. (created by Shaun Cassidy, starring Mena Suvari)
    -Really - Comedy. Chicagoans in their thirties deal with being in their thirties.
    -Red Oaks - coming-of-age in the 1980s. 

Front Lines

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  1. Amtrekker: $725,945,894
  2. TMS: $652,206,224
  3. DTNS: $613,133,262
  4. Night Attack: $572,123,262
  5. /Film: $563,735,995
  6. GodsMoneybags: $462,690,570

On Our Radar

On Screen

Dispatches from the Front

Hello Cord Killers

So the WWE Network launched outside the US this week and I tried it out as it's the first major cord cutting service here in Australia. While I haven't been a fan of the content since the early 2000's I thought it would be fun to try.

I was so impressed with the quality of the WWE's offering I decided to use to sign up for Netflix which is still in limbo here. I was left scratching my head at one thing tho. Netflix is often touted as having a massive library of content but I found lots of content I'd like to watch missing, both new and old content that is available on DVD and Blu-ray. For instance all 4 of the Transformers home released movies are missing (1986 and the 3 modern movies). I was really disappointed to also see the 3 Stargate series are not available.

What is the rule of thumb for what content is and isn't available on Netflix and other services?

Nik your newest boss.



Hey guys,
I'm such a huge fan of the show, please keep doing what you're doing! But as your boss I would like to direct you both to something that you have failed to mention. I am the Producer on a show called Quick Draw on Hulu. We have just started releasing the second season of this very funny show and yet no comment from you both. Since I am your boss, and I make my living producing this show, I feel that your own careers rely on the success of this show. Please watch at your earliest convenience and I'm happy to take any notes.




Hey guys!

Piggybacking on the draft conversation from episode 32… I’d like to setup a small movie draft with a few friends. Is there a set of rules or a summary/description that I can pass around to get them up to speed?
I’m the only Cordkillers listener of the bunch (I’m working on them!) and am therefore the only one who’s ever heard of the draft. While I know the basics from listening to the show, I’ve never actually watched a draft episode …or is that all I need to do and it’s all spelled out there and I’m a dummy for asking?

Love the show(s)!


Okay, had to write in again to address Brian's issue with over the air TV. Does he not realize that over the air has the best picture and sound quality of all the other options available?



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