Cordkillers Ep. 27 - Why do you hate ceiling fans?

YouTube names, but do they shame? Also what’s Twitch going to do with the studio they’re building in San Francisco?

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CordKillers: Ep. 27 - Why do you hate ceiling fans?
Recorded: July 7, 2014
Guest: None

Intro Video

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • TWitch opens studio in San Francisco
  • - TWitch building a studio in San Francisco to host videogame broadcasts
    - "We want to test ways to help our everyday streamer produce more and more premium content," chief operating officer Kevin Lin said in a recent interview. "We don’t want to move in to (making) our owned-and-operated content."
    - Its new studio, which will be opened up to select livecasters later this year and be fully operational next year,

Gear Up

Under surveillance

  • Amazon orders TV pilot about a sickness spreading over social media
  • - New hour long pilot coming in Amazon next pilot season “Hysteria”
    - A town where a strange "psycho-physiological illness" causing violent fits and spasms appears to be spreading through social media.
    - Hand of God (about a judge on a "vigilante quest" to track down a rapist),
    - Half-hour long dramatic comedies The Cosmopolitans (about young American expats in Paris) and Really (about life in Chicago).

Front Lines

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  1. TMS: $534,053,639
  2. DTNS: $518,261,979
  3. Amtrekker: $491,066,781
  4. Night Attack: $367,636,491
  5. GodsMoneybags: $314,168,007
  6. /Film: $200,938,015

On Screen

Dispatches from the Front

I came across this vintage BETAMAX print ad and was struck by how similar it is to the Cordkillers mantra of "what you want, when you want, where you want". They don't have the "where you want" part in the headline, but if you read the text it talks about how you can hook it up to any tv set (because where else would you ever want to watch video than besides your TV). I think its interesting that even back in the late 70s the idea of "what you want, when you want, where you want" was alive and all these years later we still are clamoring for it. It also kind of gives some perspective into how far we've come in our ability to satisfy our thirst for instant gratification media consumption.

Thanks for the show!
Jason in ME



Hi Tom and Brian,

I came across a website tonight ( while trying to figure out what to do with my Terabytes of MKV files that weren't doing that well on my Roku - I'm running Plex on my Synology and though it's a very nice system, Transcoding is not the Atom processor's strong suit. is meant for people (like us!) who are a bit a befuddled by all the options in Handbrake. I have been ripping my DVDs raw to MKVs and this site simply provides a list of Handbrake settings for various source quality video to a given target - making it easier for your set-top box to digest and show to you. MKV is not a native format for the Roku nor the Apple TV - This site was exactly the kind of thing that people have been asking for in forums for years.

Thanks, as always for a great show

Your Boss,
- Aaron

P.S. I need those 3rd-quarter projection analysis spreadsheets on my desk no later than Tuesday morning.



After listening to last week's Spoilerin Time it became apparent that Brian had watched the season finale of Silicon Valley rather than the pilot. I expected this week's to open with that correction, but to my surprise, apparently no one has pointed that put yet. It is not a non linear show, the entire pilot deals with whether or not to sell for ten million dollars or take $200,000 in seed funding.

Love the show.




Hey guys. love the show. I think everyone is over-thinking this Aereo thing. Of course it is illegal and I'll tell you why. I am currently using my office iMac to record all my OTA shows using Elgato's EyeTV, two HD Homeruns, iTunes, and numerous Apple TVs. What if I let my next door neighbor use my wifi so he can enjoy the shows I have recorded. And just for good measure, I charge him 8 dollars per month for the privilege. Illegal, right? Of course it is. I am selling OTA broadcasts that I do not own and am not licensed to re-sell. Case closed. Aereo had to lose.




Dog House Systems Cordkiller box

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