Cordkillers Ep. 25 - Dongle fatigue

Netflix is getting into late night talk shows. On demand at all times. Also who wants another dongle even if it is from Firefox?

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CordKillers: Ep. 25 - Dongle fatigue
Recorded: June 23, 2014
Guest: Lamarr Wilson

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Primary Target

Secondary Target

Signal Intelligence

Gear Up

Under surveillance

Front Lines

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  1. TMS: $483,530,850
  2. DTNS: $474,226,931
  3. Amtrekker: $445,795,839
  4. GodsMoneybags: $265,200,897
  5. /Film: $199,596,734
  6. Night Attack: $149,398,297

On Screen

Dispatches from the Front

Hey Brian and Tom, I have taken your chicken challenge and I contacted my cable company. I have Imon Cable in my area and when I contacted them to cut the cord. The best they could give me was 20 off my bill. So I told them to shut it off. Now I'm stuck with a dilemma of what over the air antenna to get. Do you have any suggestions?"




So I recently finished The Shield, the latest season of Game of Thrones, and season 2 of Orange is the New Black. I was wondering if you guys let season finale's ruin a season or a show for you? I didn't like the way Shield ended and Orange was down right horrible. I know a few people who refuse to call The Wire the best show ever because of season 5 but a bad finale doesn't stop people from recommending The Soprano's does it? Where do you guys draw the line at how much one final episode's impact of a series?




You did it!! When you read my email about the Spoilerin' Time time codes, you kinda just mixed it in with the other guy's chapter request. But you added the time codes, I'm stoked!  I just remembered I'm only a patron of DTNS, not Cordkillers. WHAT IS MY PROBLEM?! (Fixing that now…) It's funny, I always thought my wife was crazy for reading GoT recaps, but now I realize that I love it too, but in audio format. Keep it up guys, love everything. 




Time codes in the Spoilerin' Time show notes is the best.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!




Hey guys -- really enjoy the show. Just wanted to add a couple thoughts regarding this week's podcast. 1 - Netflix does not actually own the syndication rights for any of their originals, the studios behind them do. MRC owns House of Cards and Hemlock Grove, Lionsgate owns Orange is the New Black, and 20th Fox owns Arrested Development. When they show up on linear cable in international markets and in the future domestically, it's these studios selling the rights, not Netflix. 2 - Worth noting that before Playstation TV, Powers was previously in development at FX. They even shot a pilot back in 2011 ( So in essence, an upstart ""network"" -- Playstation TV -- will be trying to succeed where one of the very best networks -- FX -- couldn't. That's a tough task. Anyways, just trying to be helpful!



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