Cordkillers Ep. 16 - And we get five bucks

Why Netflix price rise is good news this time and odds on an Aereo victory.

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CordKillers: Ep.  16 - And we get five bucks
Recorded: April 21 2014
Guest: None

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Primary Target

Secondary Target

Signal Intellegence

Gear Up

Under surveillance

Front Lines

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  1. DTNS: $200,501,510
  2. GodsMoneybags: $85,931,508
  3. The Morning Stream: $19,360,863
  4. Night Attack: $0
  5. /Film: $0
  6. Amtrekker: $0

On Screen

Dispatches from the Front

  • Hey Brian and Tom,
    Here’s an article from MarketWatch about live-streaming content and cable cutters. It suggests that the cost of subscribing to live-streaming services could end up costing more than cable, especially when streaming sports are involved. What I found interesting though is the cord cutting calculator web app mentioned in the article. It recommends the best options and monthly savings based on your viewing choices, might be interesting to the cordkillers audience.



  • Is there any way you can get rid of the scrolling chatroom on the video podcast? It is really distracting.



  • Hi Tom and Brian,
    I really like the show. I've noticed that you talk about TV and movies a lot, but not that much about live sports. Of course there are the big subscription options from MLB, NBA etc, but there are a lot of other free options that I notice not many people know about. In fact, I started a website to help people like me easily see what sports are streaming every day: Please take a look and tell me what you think and keep up the good work on the show!
    Take care,



  • Just wanted to say, great job interviewing the Aereo C.E.O. I know you've talked about how if Fox or Cbs pulled their over the air and did it themselves that you'd be fine with that but some of us are in a fairly unique situation where we live close enough to the American border that we can easily pick up all the stations meant for Detroit with an ota antenna. If they went off the airwaves I'm sure you'd be forced to authenticate or at least some kind of region lock where us border living Canadians would be forced to deal with Global TV and CBC... *shudders*



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