Cordkillers 49 - Did You Just Quote Frozen?

What would you pay for HBO online? Amazon might soon be award-winning TV, YouTube stops waiting for Apple TV.

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CordKillers: Ep. 49 - Did You Just Quote Frozen?
Recorded: December 15, 2014
Guest: Amber MacArthur

Intro Video 

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • Amazon gets its first major award nominations with Transparent
  • -Amazon gets Golden Globe nomination for best comedy TV series and Best Actor (jeffrey Tambor)
    - House of Cards up for Best Drama, Best Actress (Robin Wright) Best Actor (Kevin Spacey)
    - Orange is the New Black Best Actress (Taylor Schilling)
    - Derek Best Actor (Ricky Gervais)

Gear Up

  • YouTube Updates Apple TV App, Adds Ads
  • - YouTube updated on Apple TV
    - Ads will run, meaning more videos available
    - Does this mean no overhaul of ATV soon?
    -Apple TV also added Conde Nast’s “The Scene”, Fusion, Dailymotion
    - UFC.TV will offer its $10-a-month “Fight Pass” subscription service on its new app.

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Scott: $351,988,390
  2. Tom: $281,672,839
  3. Brett: $102,327,373
  4. Brian: $89,040,494
  5. Justin: $50,479,380
  6. John: $41,807,277

Dispatches from the Front

Hey guys,
I just wanted to tell you about my experience with Disney Movies Anywhere now that the first "major" release came out this week on BluRay - Guardians of the Galaxy. In short- holy crap it works!
Linking the accounts a few weeks back took no time at all since I already had a Disney Rewards account and LastPass autofiled my login information for my AppleID and Google Play accounts. (I even did Google Play from my Nexus tablet.) Then when they added Vudu two weeks later, it was so cool to link that account in and have a dozen or so movies show up all at once in that collection. Before to do something like this, you had to redeem the UltraViolet copy and then hope that whoever was releasing that movie also let you redeem an iTunes copy. Some movie studios made that a piece of cake others would make it more difficult.
When I got my copy of Guardians, delivered from Amazon I thought. "This was going to be the real test." I plugged the code into the Disney website and it added my digital copy to Disney Anywhere then went over to log into Vudu. Was it there? - Yup! Google Play? - Check! iTunes? Yes, Sir! I couldn't believe how smooth that was. So now, I have options when I want to watch any Disney/Marvel movie. I can either play it on my big screen with a BluRay, Chromecast it at my in-laws house with Vudu or Google Play, or have it on my iPad while I travel.

So anyway love the show guys! Keep on kill'n them cords
Sparta, WI




Dearest Brian,

Would you please stop picking on grandmothers?

I am a proud grandmother of 3 beautiful grandchildren, I am also an implementation consultant for a software company with a masters degree in technology. As Veronica Belmont used to put it, I am "tech support for my friends and family'. Whenever you use "grandmothers" as an example of people who need to be coddled into adopting new technology, I really want to smack you.

So, consider yourself smacked. And instead, let's find an appropriate term for those people who are inexperienced with a new technology. We all know what "early adopter" means. Could we call the people on the other side of the adoption spectrum "reluctant adopters"? Or "New users"? Anything but, "grandmothers".

I love the show and was an early adopter of the Patreon model for supporting you both. There is "Scam Stuff" and Tom Merritt books under the tree this year as gifts for my family.

-Lisa B.



Hi Tom,

Thought I'd drop you a line and let you know my thoughts on episode 2/Season 1 of Black Mirror. First let me preface this by saying I think this is an excellent show, but I find it way too disturbing to be able to enjoy watching it.

I was shocked when I heard Brian refer to episode 2 as a jaunty refreshing respite from episode 1 (I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of what he said). I also found it interesting that neither you nor Brian mentioned what happened to the woman. That is the real horror of this story. While she isn't the protagonist, it is her story that I found so scary. [Spoiler redacted]

So as much as episode 1 horrified Brian so much (because he empathized with the main character); episode 2 scared the crap out of me because I empathized with the woman. Honestly, I found all 3 episodes of the first season very disturbing. I watched them within 2 nights back to back. And ended up with vivid nightmares. I don't plan on watching the second season. I can appreciate that it is a well-written, produced, and acted show; but I can't take it.

- Lisa



Hey Brian and Tom!

Brian mentioned The Wire being 4x3 and now available in 16x9. I've worked and am Facebook friends with David Insley, one of the DPs and Camera Operators on The Wire. He says "As a camera operator and DP on The Wire, we were told to frame 4:3, and protect 16:9. We shot Super 35, and future proofed the framing on the negative. Not an unusual request at the time. I'm happy Mr Simon oversaw the remastering." And later adding "Headroom is constant in common top. Sides get wider when you cut the 4x3 out of the 16/9. And I think we shot 3 perf, the last two seasons. Always a compromise somewhere."

FYI 3 perf means the height of each frame is 3 perforations tall (instead of the normal 4). It's used as a cost saving measure to use less film while shooting a widescreen image.

Signed One of Your Bosses
James H.


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