Cordkillers 282 - Conspiracy Brothers (w/ Merrill Barr)

Should YouTube stop recommendations? New Fire TV Cubes, Roku soundbar, and Mr. Robot comes back soon. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Merrill Barr.

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CordKillers: 282 - Conspiracy Brothers
Recorded: September 09 2019
Guest: Merrill Barr

Intro Video
Between Two Ferns: The Movie

Primary Target
Should YouTube stop using algorithms to recommend videos?
- YouTube should stop making algorithmic video recommendations. When a video finishes playing, YouTube should show the next video in the same channel. Or maybe it could show users a video selected from a list of high-quality videos curated by human YouTube employees. But the current approach—in which an algorithm tries to recommend the most engaging videos without worrying about whether they're any good—has got to go.
- This isn't about taking videos down. It's about recommendations. So it's not censorship or even threatening their platform neutrality.
- It is however picking winners and losers which YouTube has a constant battle with creators about.
- Also not all recommendations can be human curated at the scale YouTube works.

How to Watch
The latest Fire TV devices include a revamped Cube and Anker soundbar
- Amazon announced a revamped Fire TV Cube streaming device, which now has an IR blaster, faster processor, and "local voice control" for some commands the device itself can process without having to send queries to the cloud. The new Fire TV Cube is now in preorder in the United States for $119.99, and also Canada, the U.K. and Germany, with Japan availability in November. Amazon also announced the Nebula Soundbar Fire TV edition made by Anker which can stream video, play music, sync with other Echo speakers, and includes a remote control with a mic. Pre-orders are open in the same regions now and price is $229.99. Amazon will also begin selling Grundig-made OLED TVs with built-in Fire TV software and far-field voice control in Austria and Germany in November, a JVC-made TV with Fire TV software is coming to Currys in the U.K., and Germany's MediaMarkt and Saturn will begin selling house-brand Fire TV sets next year. Back in the US of A, Amazon also announced a new 65-inch Toshiba Fire TV set.

Roku’s new $179 soundbar doubles as a streaming device, works with most TVs
- Roku announced the Smart Soundbar with the 4K Roku Ultra inside. It can connect to any TV using either the HDMI ARC port or optical audio and can connect to device over Bluetooth.. It supports Dolby Audio and advanced signal process to maintain sync. It also has new volume modes like a night mode that raises dialogue volume without raising the volume of explosions. Roku also annocuned the Wireless Subwoofer that connects to the Roku Smart Soundbar by WiFi. Both devices are available for preorder for $179.

What to Watch
Apple cancels TV Plus show about two men who go on a shooting spree
- Hey Brian. I know you're sad to hear that Apple TV+ has canceled it's first show. Bastards, the eight-episode series from Howard Gordon and Warren Leight was about two best friends who go on a shooting rampage 50 years after returning from the Vietnam War. Apparently there were creative differences.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Develop Drama Series at Apple
- Not to worry though, Apple TV+ keeps adding shows to the lineup. Joseph Gordon-Levitt will act, write, and executive produce "Mr. Corman" about a n elementary school teacher in LA dealign with being an adult. And Apple has acquired the documentary Dads from Imagine Documentaries. It's directed by Bryce Dallas Howard and tells the story of modern fatherhood around the world including Dads like Jimmy Fallon, Neil Patrick Harris and Will Smith.

Apple lands 'Dads' documentary from Bryce Dallas Howard
Netflix Sets November 1 Theatrical Bow For Martin Scorsese-Directed ‘The Irishman:’ 27-Day U.S. & UK Rollout Comes Before Pic Streams For Thanksgiving Holiday
- Netflix announced The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert DiNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci will debut in theaters in the US November 1, in the UK November 8, and arrive on Netflix November 27, Thanksgiving Day in the US. That's a 27-day theater exclusive. Major theater chains require a 90-day exclusive so you will not be able to see The Irishman in AMC, Cineplex, Regal or Cinemark theaters.

There Will Be No Wrap-Up Movie for ‘The OA’
- There will be no move to wrap up The OA, which was canceled in August. That's because the shows creators had a plan to run for five seasons and a two-hour movie special didn't seem sufficient to encapsulate those last three seasons.

Richard Linklater Will Shoot ‘Merrily We Roll Along’ Adaptation for 20 Years
- Richard Linklater spent 12 years shooting the movie Boyhood so that he could use the same actors without aging them with makeup or special effects. Now Linklater plans to spend 20 years shooting an adaptation of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s “Merrily We Roll Along.” Beanie Feldstein, Ben Platt and Blake Jenner star. The musical itself is based on a play both of which tell the story of a composer who has abandoned composing to become a producer. The story is told starting at the height of his career with each scene moving backwards in time. Linklater will be 79 when the film is done.

A trailer is out for the last season of Mr. Robot which arrives on USA October 6. The three previous seasons are on prime Video.
Final Trailer for The Joker is out. Movie arrives in theaters October 4.
Netflix Orders Slew Of Korean Originals Including Supernatural Action Drama ‘The School Nurse Files’ & ‘Kingdom’ S2
- Netflix announced a slate of Korean drama originals including season 2 of zombie thriller Kingdom. There's also supernatural action drama The School Nurse Files, sci-fi romance My Holo Love and stand-up series Park Narae: Glamor Warning.

Will Poulter, one of the stars of the Maze Runner movies will have a lead role in the Amazon Prime Video series based on parts of Lord of the Rings.

Margaret Atwood’s ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ Book Sequel ‘The Testaments’ In The Works By MGM TV & Hulu
- Margaret Atwood released a sequel book to The Handmaid's Tale called The Testaments and MGM Television and Hulu are developing a series based on it. The Testaments picks up the story 15 years after the last events in The Handmaid's Tale novel.

CBS renewed Big Brother for a 22nd season coming summer 2020.
'Mr. Mom' is the first Walmart Vudu original
- Vudu released a trailer for its free original series based on the movie Mr. Mom. MGM TV is producing that one too. Comes to Vudu September 12 with each episode 12-15 minutes long.

‘Grace And Frankie’ To End With Season 7; Will Have Most Episodes Of Any Netflix Original
- Netflix's Grace and Frankie which stars Jane Fonda, Lilly Tomlin, Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston will end after its seventh season. That will give it 94 episodes, the most of any Netflix original. Season 6 premieres in January.

Netflix releases trailer for its first music competition series, starring Cardi B, TI, and Chance the Rapper
- A trailer is out for Netflix's music competition show Rhythm + Flow with Cardi B, Chance the Rapper, and TI as judges. 10 episodes will run over the course of three weeks starting October 9th.

Eyes On
Tom: Hotel Del Luna, Wu Assassins
Merrill: Undone
On the Lookout: Line of Separation

Front Lines
Inside Plex’s Quest to Become a One-Stop Shop for Digital Media
- Plex announced that later this year, it will add an on-demand library of movies and TV series from Warner Brothers available to US Plex users for free with ads. The content will be available whether you pay for Plex Premium or not. Plex plans to add content form other partners as well.

Netflix officially launches a ‘Latest’ section with built-in reminders
- Netflix is launching a new tab in its app called "Latest" which gives a personalized list of content due to be released over the following two weeks. The recommendations will be organized into three sections New this Week, Coming this Week and Coming Next Week. If you like something, you can click remind me to get a notification when it's ready to watch.

Janice Min Exits Quibi, Marks Second Departure in Less Than a Month
- Quibi content executive Janice Min is no longer an executive at Quibi. The former top editor at Hollywood reporter is leaving. This follows the departure fo the head of partnerships and advertising, Tom Connoly. Quibi is set to launch April 6.

Sony Pictures Chief on Spider-Man Split: ‘For the Moment the Door is Closed’
- Speaking at Variety‘s Entertainment & Technology summit last week, Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra there is "no ill will" between Sony and Disney but as to Spider-Man returning to the MCU, “for the moment the door is closed.” Sony plans to launch its own universe using the Spider-man characters

Find the best flicks and favorite new shows this fall
- Google has added a feature to help you find a TV show to watch. On mobile, type in certain search phrases like "What to watch" or "horror movies from the 80s" and you get guided into a service that asks what shows you like and what subscription services you use. You swipe right if you like a show, left if you don't. The system them makes recommendations and tells you where you can watch or rent them.

Twitch launches public beta test of new app for Apple TV
- Twitch launched a beta of its Apple TV app through Apple's TestFlight app. Users will be able to view livestreams, engage with onscreen chat, and browse through channels sorted by popular games. It's unclear when Twitch plans to make the app available in the App Store.

Dispatches from the Front

As a St Louis sports fan, do you know if the NHL package online would give me all blues games on FSMW? After the Fox Disney deal, I don't know if sling will continue to have FSMW. I typically sign up for sling for just the hockey season to get FSMW. If I sign up for the NHL package I get blacked out of home games. I could have a friend in another city sign up for me unless they geo-block.

How does MLB do it? With the MLB package can you see all Dodgers games or are they blacked out?

Any experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi, Tom, Brian, and Bryce,

You may recall I know a bit about comics, and was even in several positions in the biz in the eighties. Lots of friends from those times in the industry, and that sort of nonsense. I would not gainsay one bit
that Moon Knight was, in many ways, and incarnations, yet another Batman clone. Howsoever, there was a cadre of us in the old days who liked the first appearances of the character. Especially the arc done by Doug
Moench (a wonderful guy) and Bill Sienkiewicz (I tried that from memory, so forgive me if the spelling is bollixed?). We did not miss the fact that this was Batman for Marvel. But we thought, my crowd, it was an
especially good "version" of the Batman. Quick qualifier: I am not a fan of Darknight incarnations which came later (I've told Frank this, I know him slightly, or knew him, lost touch long ago). I was particularly a
fan of two versions of Batman. The Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers run in Detective Comics, and the Dennis O'Neill and Neal Adams run in Batman (I spent some time with Denny, and we corresponded infrequently
but marvelously over the years, he's just a wonderful human being). So we all thought actually, that the Moench/Sienkeiwicz Moon Knight was in some ways--in SOME ways, mark me closely--almost our third favourite
version of "The Batman". Though some wags in our group called it what if Batman was The Badger (the multiple personalities or identities angle).

Nothing of note here, loved your show (always do, but that's GOOD!). S.

- Steven

One of your feedback writer-iners struck a nerve with me. Why don’t companies understand reasonable family sharing for their services?

We pretty much manage the household for my in-laws. They are an our family cell phone plan, which works great. They’re on our iCloud family sharing plan. That works great too. But it starts to fall apart after that.
The closest thing I’ve seen, Google has reasonable family sharing for various things, including YouTube/YouTube TV... you can add up to 6 accounts, and I think it has 3 streams (which is a bit low for 6 accounts).

Unfortunately, YouTube TV is missing some key channels my wife and her family want to watch.
The most puzzling one for me. AT&T Watch TV is something they bundle into their unlimited cell phone plans... however, it only offers one stream! Why on earth would they bundle it like that when all the people on the plan can’t use it?

Thanks for doing the good work!

- Rob


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