Cordkillers 277 - HBOMG I'm Confused (w/ Jason Howell)

What is HBO Max? More TV channels are going dark than ever before. The Hitchhiker's Guide coming to Hulu! All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Jason Howell.

This week on It's Spoilerin' Time: The Boys (Season 1), Once Upon a Hollywood, Extras (106). Next week: Extras (201).

CordKillers: 277 - HBOMG I'm Confused
Recorded: July 29 2019
Guest: Jason Howell

Intro Video
Jawline, The Documentary

Primary Target
WarnerMedia Drives AT&T Q2 Growth, HBO and DirecTV Lose Subscribers
- DirecTV & U-Verse(-778,000) and DirecTV Now (-168,000)
- Over the past year down 2 million pay TV customers and 469,000 OTT
- AT&T will test a new streaming service in the autumn that sounds like a DirecTV-based service with an optional Android-TV set-top box.
- WarnerMedia was AT&T's fastest-growing division in Q2 with revenue gains from Warner Bros. (Home entertainment), Turner and HBO.
- HBO lost US subscribers but gained in licensing revenue (HBO has been off Dish since November - but the subscriber losses are attributed to Cinemax which is reported with HBO)
- HBO Max launching in Spring - Announcement set for October 29 (two weeks before the launch of Disney+)

WarnerMedia HBO Max Reveal Date Set; Live Sports, News Confirmed As Elements
HBO Max Orders Comedy Pilot ‘Delilah’ Starring Jessica Rothe
Cristin Milioti to Star in HBO Max Series ‘Made for Love’
HBO’s Casey Bloys On Future Of Cinemax Amid Subscriber Loss: ‘Anything Is On the Table’
HBO To Increase Original Programming By 10% In 2020
AT&T is launching yet another streaming TV service this fall
- Variety reports HBO Max will have an original comedy called "Delilah" starring and Ep'ed by Jessica Rothe and Cristin Milioti will star in an HBO Max series called "Made for Love" based on the novel which tells the story of a woman who flees her marriage to a billionaire who implanted a chip in her head.
- Also announced is a new Gossip Girl series, a second season of Doom Patrol, Dune: The Sisterhood, an animated Gremlins prequel, Kaley Cuoco’s thriller The Flight Attendant and Anna Kendrick’s rom-com Love Life.
- Casey Bloys (president of HBO programming) told the Deadline that Cinemax will have originals through 2020 but the doesn't know what its future looks like.
- Bloys told TCA that HBO will increase original programing from 150 hours to 160-165 hours, which is already up from 100 hours two years ago.
- Bloys said of HBO Max "It’s not going to change anything that HBO decides to program or how we’re going to program.”

Dish Loses 31,000 TV Subscribers in Q2 as It Gears Up to Enter Mobile Phone Business
- For comparison Dish Pay TV subscribers declined 31,000 after a loss of 79,000 satellite subscribers and a gain of 48,000 Sling TV customers.

How to Watch
TV blackouts hit record high as customers get screwed by industry squabbles
- A record number of 230 channel blackouts have happened on cable and satellite systems in 2019, already beating last year's record 213.
- broadcasters collected $10.1 billion in retransmission fees in 2018, up from $9.3 billion in 2017.
- NAB points out AT&T and Dish have been involved in 85 percent of disruptions in the last few years
- Satellite providers can't offer internet in all of their territory.

CBS Reports “Dramatic Spike” In CBS All Access Signups Due To AT&T Impasse
- CBS claimed a "dramatic spike" in CBS All Access signups due to DirecTV carriage dispute. CBS stations in 14 markets, including New York and LA, went dark last weekend.

What to Watch
Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' team includes 'Breaking Bad' and HBO alumni
- Amazon announced some of the team making its Middle Earth series. Bruce Richmond, Gene Kelly and Jason Cahill (Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos respectively) as well as consulting producer Bryan Cogman (also Game of Thrones). Producer Gennifer Hutchison hails from Breaking Bad, while Stranger Things' Justin Doble is also executive producing.

Amazon's 'Transparent' ends with a musical finale on September 27th
- Amazon will release a two-hour musical September 27 to end the series Transparent. Jeffrey Tambor's character Maura will have suddenly died and the movie will show how the family deals with their grief.

Amazon Shifts Release Date & Cuts Theatrical Window For Potential Awards Pic ‘The Aeronauts’ With Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones
- Amazon has moved its movie The Aeronauts, starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, from October 25 to December 6. It's theatrical window has also been shortened to arrive on Prime video after two weeks on December 20. The original start date included a one-week IMAX commitment, which may or may not still be on.

‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ TV Series In Works At Hulu From Carlton Cuse & Jason Fuchs
Producers confirm three-season run for HIS DARK MATERIALS
-His Dark Materials will adapt the trilogy of Philip Pullman books across three seasons. Previously BBC said it was thinking it would take five. The reason given was the age of the children actors. BBC and HBO have not yet green lighted all three season.

Hulu will launch add all seven seasons of Designing Women on August 26. A new Designing Women series is in development for ABC.
‘Carnival Row’ Renewed for Season 2 at Amazon
- Amazon renewed Carnival Row for a second season. The show starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne has not yet premiered. It's a victorian fantasy about mythological immigrant creatures. It debuts August 30.

Hulu series Wu-Tang: An American Saga comes to Hulu with the first three of ten episodes September 4.
Netflix's production of The Irishman from Martin Scorsese will open the New York Film Festival September 27.
Amazon has renewed the Expanse for a fifth season. Season 4 comes to Prime Video December 12.
Starz announced Outlander season 5 will not return until early 2020 due to programming schedule.
Hulu renewed The Handmaid's Tale for a fourth season.

‘When The Street Lights Go On’ From Paramount TV & Anonymous Content Lands Quibi Series Order
- When The Lights Go On a series piloted at Hulu in 2016 has been ordered to series by Quibi. It's the story of high school students dealign with the murder of a female student in their community. It's produced by Paramount TV and Anonymous Content.

Epix is developing a TV show called Rocket Men about the Apollo 8 mission, the first to send men to orbit the Moon in 1968.
Netflix canceled the animated series Tuca and Bernie after one season. It starred Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong

Eyes On
The Boys, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Tom: The Boys
Jason: Spider Man - Into the Spider-Verse, Friends from College
On the Lookout: Summer Camp Island

Front Lines
CBS All Access is coming to Apple TV Channels next week
- CBS All Access is now available as an Apple TV Channel at $9.99 a month, the ad-free price. Apple TV channels let you watch from within the TV app and also provide downloadable versions for offline viewing.

Twitter teams up with NBC for live 2020 Olympics coverage
- NBC will provide a 20-minute Olympics show to Twitter along with limited live coverage and other highlights during the 2020 Tokyo games. Twitter users will be asked to vote on which athlete or event they would like to see live on Twitter. NBC worked with Snapchat for the 2018 winter games.

Amazon Executives On Why They Aren’t Following Netflix In Sharing Viewership Data
- Amazon Studios' Jennifer Salke told the TCA "we’ll talk about the success of our shows and single out shows that are overperforming, but we have yet to embrace a strategy across the company where we get out with actual numbers.” Salke added “We’re not in the volume business, we’re in the curating business of bringing individual shows.” Amazon's Albert Cheng said the company takes creators through metrics about show performance. Salke claimed the most successful shows in Amazon's history have been released over the past year. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, Good Omens, Hanna, Season 2 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Homecoming.

Comcast Brass Update NBCUniversal Streaming Service Launch Timing, Address ‘Office’ Deal
- Comcast announced that NBC's streaming service will launch in April 2020. It will be free and ad-supported for Comcast and Sky subscribers and for a monthly fee to others. The office will come to the service in 2021.

‘Good Omens’ Could Continue At Amazon: “It’s In Neil Gaiman’s Hands Now”
- Amazon TV co-head Vernon Sanders would like to make a second season of Good Omens if Neil Gaiman agrees, and told the TCA "We’re finding that it just takes a little time, perhaps, in the case of Neil. But whatever he wants to do, we’re interested in.” Gaiman and Terry Pratchett plotted a sequel to the book that was never finished.

PBS will bring as many local live channels as possible, along with PBS Kids to YouTube TV. This is PBS's first digital TV partnership.
UltraViolet to Shut Down This Wednesday
- Ultraviolet shuts down Wednesday July 31, so make sure you keep your account hooked up to at least one provider (FandangoNow and Vudu in the US) until after that date to keep your movies

Dispatches from the Front
Hey Brian, Tom and Bryce,

Overdrive is a Library service that my Public Library has Subscribed to which has Ebooks audiobooks and streaming video, like Kanopy and Hoopla, but for Libraries who can't afford Hoopla or Kanopy services, Libby is the Ebook and Audiobook app version for Overdrive that is much faster than the Overdrive app, sadly Overdrive has apps for iphones and Android phones and Tablets and iPads but doesn't have streaming video apps for TV's and Game consoles and streaming devices like Hoopla and Kanopy has so my Library is out of luck to that feature, I have suggested they get Kanopy but the library system in Hennepin County Minnesota has limited budget and could only afford Overdrive.
It is a partnership of Rakuten with Public Libraries that can't afford Kanopy or Hoopla.

- Tim

Brent Spiner appearance in the Star Trek: Picard trailer could be B-4. Perhaps part of the plot of Star Trek: Picard is going to be the growth and development of B-4 or Data's mind coming to the surface and living on in B-4.

The following is paraphrased from

In the last Star Trek TNG movie, Nemesis, the disassembled pieces of B-4 are discovered. B-4 was not equipped with a positronic brain as sophisticated as those of his brothers, Data and Lore. As a result, he had difficulty understanding simple concepts and processing information

Data wished to give his brother the opportunity to expand his capabilities, so Data willingly copied all of his memories to B-4, hoping that the added experiences would help B-4 to expand beyond his original programming. However, he was unable to immediately assimilate Data's memories and could not remember things Data could.

- Bill

Hey Cord-killers,

I just wanted to weigh in on the Netflix decision to cut a scene from 13 reasons why. I spent 4 years working with Teenagers who were at a high risk for harming themselves. On top of that I am a survivor of two suicide attempts. So I have some thoughts on Suicide that might be valuable to some. I am actually fine with the decision that Netflix made but hope it didn't send the wrong message. This is a sensitive topic so I think I'll boil it down to two thoughts

1. Talking about suicide = fine, and more often than not good. 2, Depicting it = Bad

Here's a slightly more thought out version of the above

1. Talking about suicide doesn't make people commit suicide. There's a pervasive myth that even bringing it up could push someone over the edge. This isn't true. From the perspective of saving lives, If you suspect a loved one is thinking about it, it's almost always better to talk about it than let things go unsaid. I'm not saying bringing it up is going to be a pleasant thing. It's a mental illness, and you can't predict how people will respond, but if you're in it to save lives... its worth the pain of an awkward or even hurtful conversation.

2. The decision to kill yourself shouldn't ever be made easier. Seeing someone do it, "successfully" absolutely does that. A lot of articles talk about how someone will make the decision to commit suicide and act on it within 10 minutes. Those stories tracks with both my with helping keep people safe and also my own experience, but only show half the story. Personally I was having suicidal thoughts nearly every free moment I had for years. Any time my mind wandered it would go immediately to wanting to die, but in two very distinct moments in my life those thoughts hit at a time where I couldn't fight anymore and I made impulsive choices. I'm glad I survived both times. I'm truly happy today and I have been living suicide thought free for nearly two years. I honestly believe seeing "successful" suicide attempts in the media would have made those dark impulsive moments easier to direct into more permanent and not survivable decisions. For me I see it as an extra stick of dynamite added to the pile of fighting such a difficult mental illness. It's really hard to boil down the thought process and all the contributing factors behind suicide, but I hope at least some of what I mean is coming through here.

Hope that's interesting or helpful.

I should mention again that I am happy and healthy and have been suicide thought free for two years now. consistent freedom from such a terrible thing has s already allowed me to do amazing things and I'm so glad I have the rest of my life to keep up that growth. I know that this isn't something that a cord-cutting and entertainment discussion podcast can easily talk about, but want to say that if anyone reading this has a format where it is appropriate I am happy to discuss this topic at length. I'm pretty invested in giving people out there hope. Just let me know.

- Dan


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