Cordkillers 275 - Quibi Curious (w/ Merrill Barr)

HBO MAX announced, a Cuphead cartoon coming to Netflix, and what the heck is Quibi?! All this and more on Cordkillers!

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CordKillers: 275 - Quibi Curious
Recorded: July 15 2019
Guest: Merrill Barr

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Another Life

Primary Target
Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Quibi Lures Top Talent Like Antoine Fuqua
‘Varsity Blues’ Revival In Works At Quibi
Thomas Lennon announcement
Merrill's tweet
Quibi Can Succeed Even After It Fails
You can watch Netflix on any screen you want, but you’re probably watching it on a TV
-Variety ran a piece about how Quibi is able to attract top talent to its video streaming service coming 4/6/2020.
- Quibi as listeners to Cordkillers know by now, wants to deliver short video series. So a 2.5 hour long story -- at one point history often referred to as a movie-- would be delivered in 8-10 minute chapters.$4.99 with ads, $7.99 without, scripted unscripted, news, sports.
- Variety reports videos made for Quibi are exclusive to the service for seven years but producers may repackage them as movies after two years.The big draw to creators seems to be founder Jeffrey Katzenberg. Big draw for ad-sales seems to be CEO Meg Whitman.

- The Previous Tries
- Vessel - tried the top talent for the demo lock in model
- Verizon's Go90
- Snapchat (tens of millions of views among the 200 million DAUs)
- Quibi has been consistently announcing new projects from top talent.
- Today's Quibi announcement: a series written, executive produced by and star Reno 911! alum Thomas Lennon about a silicon valley entrepreneur who leaves tech to try to turn around a failing winery.
- Last week announced that Mike Rollin and Rova Laieter, producers of the 1999 movie Varsity Blues are developing a modern age not eh movie for Quibi.

How to Watch
‘Friends’ to Leave Netflix for WarnerMedia’s HBO Max Streaming Service in 2020
- Warner Media announced its new streaming service scheduled to arrive in spring 2020 will be called HBO Max. Along with HBO content the service will also exclusively have all 236 episodes of Friends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Pretty Little Liars. It will also have previous seasons of Warner-produced shows for the CW like Batwoman starting 30-days before the premiere of the next season. It will have other content from Turner networks, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth DC and Looney Tunes.

The seven seasons of Pretty Little Liars is coming off Netflix July 27 and will be unavailable until the launch of HBO Max.
YouTube is back on the Fire TV, and Prime Video launches on Chromecast starting today
-Amazon announced that the YouTube App is available on Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Stick, and Fire TV Cube, as well as Toshiba, Insignia, Element, and Westinghouse smart TVs, though not the Echo Show. YouTbe Kids and YouTube TV apps will also be released later this year. It's a full-fledged app with voice controls. The Prime Video app on iOS and Android now works with Chromecast devices, and the Prime Video app for Android TV is getting a wider rollout as well.

What to Watch
David Fincher's next movie is a Netflix Original
- David Fincher's first film in five years, Mank, will be made for Netflix. It stars Gary Oldman and tells the story of the development of the script of Citizen Kane by Herman Mankiewicz and Orson Welles. The script for Mank was written by Fincher's father Jack who died in 2003.

Netflix picks up heist movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot
-Netflix has acquired the movie Red Notice from Universal. It's a heist film starring Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, directed and written by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Skyscraper, Central Intelligence) Shooting starts in 2020. It's a big budget movie at $130 million. Universal had slated it for a November 2020 release.

‘Star Trek: Picard’: The Grounding Of Patrick Stewart’s Deep-Space Hero
- CBS All Access released art fo the forthcoming Star Trek:: Picard series. It shows Patrick Stewart (as Picard) in civilian clothes, standing by a dog looking at a vineyard and a sunset. Another image showed just the vineyard with some vines int he shape of the federation symbol. The series has a panel at Comic-Con July 20.

Cuphead is getting its own cartoon on Netflix
- Netflix's in-house animation team will adapt the video game Cuphead for a series on Netflix. A tweet promised it will be "inspired by classic animation styles of the 1930s." It will follow the story from the game and aim for an all-audience appeal.

IMDb Unveils First Scripted Series ‘You’re Not A Monster’; Sets Sneak Peek At Comic-Con
- IMDB announced its first scripted original series, an animated show called "You're Not a Monster" with voices from Kelsey Grammer, Eric Stonestreet, Aparna Nancherla, Ellie Kemper, and Patton Oswalt among others. Each episode will be 4-5 minutes long about a therapist helping movie monsters like Frankenstein, The Invisible Man and Medusa.

‘The King’s Man’ Trailer Showcases Secret Service’s Origins
- A teaser trailer is out for Kingsman prequel The King's Man. The movie is set in the World War I era with Ralph Fiennes as the Duke of Oxford, and Harris Dickson playing his protege. The King's Man comes to theaters February 14.

Eyes On
Crawl, DefunctTV, Common Sense Media
Tom: The Rook (Starz)
Merrill: Point Blank (Netflix Movie)
On the Lookout: I am Mother

Front Lines
Hulu launches new live TV guide and reintroduces 4K streaming
-4K Streaming is now back for Hulu users on the fifth-generation or later Apple TVs and Chromecast Ultra devices. Only Hulu originals are available in 4K though the company says it intends to expand availability int he future. And Hulu launched its Live Guide on Desktop showing a typical grid of what's on the service's live channels if you subscribe as well as the next two weeks of programming.

Disney Shutting Down FX Plus Subscription Service
- In preparation for the expected move of FX content to Hulu, Disney is shutting down FX Plus as of August 20. The service let cable subscribers to FX pay $5.99 a month to get shows int he FXNow app without commercials. No announcement was made about Hulu, though episodes fo the Simpson's are moving to Disney+ in November.

Free 4K TV with an antenna is almost here
- Some US TV stations have started broadcasting in ATSC 3.0 which among other things supports 4K broadcasts with HDR at up to 120 fps. It also collects information on viewing habits from net-connected TVs and can remotely turn on TVs for emergency broadcasts. Antennas will be able to receive it but it is not backwards-compatible with ATSC 1.0 tuners. Stations must continue to broadcast ATSC 1.0 for five years after they start broadcasting ATSC 3.0. Tuners for ATSC 3.0 are not yet available but are coming next year.

‘Stranger Things 3’ Breaks Netflix Four-Day Viewing Record, Streamer Says
- Netflix announced that 40.7 million household accounts watched Stranger Things season 3 in its first four days, setting a record for 4-day viewing by Any Netflix TV show or movie. 18.2 million finished the series.

Sling TV gets a new look on Apple TV and Roku
- Sling TV updates its interface for its Apple TV and Roku apps. In Apple TV an information view on the top half of the screen will give details as you scroll over a show title. A new search bar shows popular searches and sorts searches into "top searches", "shows" and "channels". Roku's information view is now full screen with information about other seasons. Updated player controls let viewers play, pause or record content. You can also add shows to your favorites or turn on closed captioning.

Dish’s AirTV Releases New Android TV Streaming Stick
- Dish’s AirTV subsidiary is releasing AirTV Mini stick which combines over-the-air broadcast TV with Sling TV and 4K programming from YouTube and other services. It sells for $79.99 from the AirTV website. USers will still need Dish's connected TV tuner and an antenna as well

Dispatches from the Front
Hey Tom, Brian, and Bryce,

When was listening to the episode and you mentioned the shuffle mode for Seinfeld and thought that you'd like it if you could feed it genres, it reminded me of something I used to do. Back when I really only had Netflix in 2011-2012 I used to do something like that myself that I called "Netflix Roulette". I would randomly generate a number and go down my list that amount and watch an episode of whatever I landed on. Having a built in way of doing that would have been awesome. But I also used to use the Netflix Max app when I would watch on my PS3, it was a game interface to pull a recommendation. Not all of them were winners, but it would be great to have that now when my wife and I are trying to find something to watch.

First time writing in but a long time fan and one of your bosses,
- Mike

I wanted to weigh in on my travel entertainment tips. I have TiVo and transfer shows to my PC using TiVo desktop and convert. From .tivo to .mp4 using pa tube. For streaming shows PlayOn downloads anything including hbo and showtime. I transfer to my iPad and watch with the iPad VLC player. For hotels I have found Marriott residence inns always let you hook up to a second hdmi port. I use the amazon fire tv which is the only device I have found that lets you connect to hotel WiFi if you have to enter name and room number. I’ll stream using the fire tv or connect to my TiVo using the fire tv slingbox app! It’s all good I never miss any of my shows :)

- Rick


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