Cordkillers 268 - My Streaming Binky (w/ Jennie Josephson)

Disney taking over Hulu and CW breaking up with Netflix. Plus, new Rick & Morty, Black Mirror, and Westworld. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Jennie Josephson.

Cordkillers will be off next week due to Memorial Day!

In two weeks on Spoilerin' Time: We might wrap up Barry season 2, plus the last regular episode of The Office (UK).

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CordKillers: 268 - My Streaming Binky
Recorded: May 20 2019
Guest: Jennie Josephson

Intro Video
When are we cooking again

Primary Target
Comcast Disney Hulu agreement
- Comcast and Disney reached a deal on Hulu. Disney already owned 2/3 of the service but the operating agreement gave Comcast a say in some major decisions. The new deal gives Disney full control over Hulu's future as of now. Comcast remains an owner of 1/3 of the service until 2024 when it can opt to sell its 33% at fixed price.
- NBC content will not disappear from Hulu. Disney will pay Comcast for its content for 3-5 years and NBC channels carried on Hulu Live get a rise in carriage fees.
- NBC content on Hulu may also run on NBC's streaming service when it launches next year.
- The deal for Fox Corp. (the part of Fox not owned by Disney) is not expiring anytime soon.
- The price of Disney + ($6.99 a month) has prompted NBC to probably lower the price of its NBC streaming service to around $10 a month from an expected $12 when it launches in 2020)
- NBC streaming service will not have live channels or current season episodes.
- FX is producing content for Hulu.

Hulu Insiders Upbeat as Disney Takes the Reins
Bob Iger On Disney’s Hulu Roll-Up And Streaming Mission: “We’re Prepared To Pivot In A New Direction”
FX’s Simpsons World Online Site To Close Down Once ‘The Simpsons’ Launches On Disney+

How to Watch
The CW Boss On End Of Network’s Output Deal With Netflix
The CW-Netflix Deal Not Being Renewed, With Network’s New Shows To Be Shopped Individually
-New series from CW in 2019-2020 will not automatically go to Netflix.
- Existing deals (Riverdale, Supergirl, etc.) will continue
- Batwoman, Nancy Drew and Riverdale spinoff Katy Keene — are being shopped for streaming deals individually by their respective studios. That means they COULD go to Netflix but Netflix will have to outbid competitors.
- Sources tell Deadline Batwoman is headed for the Warner Media streaming service.

What to Watch
Rick and Morty coming in November
Wednesday May 22 - Live All in the Family and The Jeffersons.
David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ will return to Netflix with 6 new episodes May 31.
Three episodes from Black Mirror will arrive on Netflix June 5.
Netflix’s animated fantasy series Disenchantment will return on September 20th
Batwoman trailer (starring Ruby Rose from Orange is the New Black) coming to CW this autumn.
HBO’s ‘Westworld’ Season 3 Trailer Featuring Aaron Paul. Coming to HBO in 2020.
The Snowpiercer TV show will now air on TBS not TNT when it debuts next year and it will get a second season.
Fox announced neXt about an evil voice assistant speaker that wants to take over the world. It's called Iliza and has a blue ring. Sound familiar? Coming soon.
Netflix Orders Mark Millar’s ‘The Magic Order’ To Series With James Wan & Lindsey Beer Executive Producing
- Netflix ordered a series based on Mark Millar's "The Magic Order," with James Wan (Aquaman) and Lindsey Beer (Chaos Walking, Sierra Burgess is a Loser) attached as executive producers. Wan also will direct the debut episode and Beer will serve as writer/showrunner.
- The Magic Order was based on designs created by a team at Netflix the highest-selling new comic-book launch in almost 20 years.
- Also from Millar coming to Netflix series based on Jupiter’s Legacy and American Jesus, and three films, Empress, Huck and Sharkey The Bounty Hunter, which were greenlighted last year.

‘The Tick’ Canceled By Amazon After Two Seasons
-Ben Edlund tweeted “I’m sorry to say Amazon has chosen not to proceed with [‘The Tick’]. I’m not sorry to say I love this show, its cast, its story, and its message. Destiny demands that my compatriots and I now seek a new home for this series.”

Eyes On
Game of Thrones and Office UK and I finally watched Jaws,
Tom: Rocket Man
Jennie: Game of Thrones, The West Wing
On the Lookout: Raising Kratos

Front Lines
It's Official: The First Star Wars Film After Rise of Skywalker Will Be From Game of Thrones' Showrunners
-Last week we told you Disney will bring out its next Star wars film December 16, 2022. After we recorded Bob Iger revelaed that movie will be one from David Benioff and DB Weiss. Iger didn't say anythign else about anything else including trilogies or Rian Johnson.

Amazon Fire TV tops 34 million users, potentially widening its lead over Roku
- Amazon said its Fire TV active users have grown from more than 30 million to 34 million. Roku just announced it's active users have grown 2 million to 29.1 million. Amazon says Fire TV is the number 1 streaming media player platform in the UK, Germany, India, Japan and the US.

HBO Pay-TV Customers Will Have Access to WarnerMedia SVOD Service, AT&T Chief Says
- ATT CEO Randall Stephenson says customers of pay TV operators like Comcast who pay for HBO will get access to the new Warner Media streaming service. A beta of the services is expected in Q4 with a full launch in Q1 2020. The Warner Media service is expected to include some advertising even with subscription fees. In addition, Sources told The Information that WarnerMedia may premiere some episodes on the streaming service before they hit cable.

WarnerMedia may stream show debuts before they reach TV
Sony Crackle Had Q1 Revenue of $11 Million, Operating Profit of $3.5 Million
- CSS Entertainment announced that Crackle, which it just assumed full control over from Sony, took in $11 million in revenue in Q1and $3.4 million in adjusted earnings. In other words, Crackle is profitable. However it is possible that some of the costs fo Crackle don't show up on this balance sheet. CSS Entertainment believes Crackle revenue will double.

What CBS’ Pursuit of Starz Means for CBS, Lionsgate
- CBS is allegedly looking to buy Starz from Lionsgate. CBS has long touted having only two must-have services, CBS and Showtime, as an advantage in negotiations. Lionsgate has said it sees Starz as a way to diversify and help launch new programs. Variety's best guess its the the CBS board wants more than just a potential merger with Viacom as a way to grow large enough to compete with Netflix, Amazon, Disney and the rest. Lionsgate supposedly could use money from a sale to boost content production to sell to multiple outlets.

Apple TV App and AirPlay 2 rolling out to all 2019 Samsung Smart TVs
- The new Apple TV app and AirplAy 2 rolled out to 2019 Samsung Smart TVs. That means Samsung TV owners can buy or rent movies and TV shows from iTunes as well as subscribe to channels like HBO and Showtime that are offered through the Apple TV app. When Apple TV+ shows launch later this year they will appear here as well.

Dispatches from the Front

I'm less annoyed by these adverts than perhaps the usual watcher. But still, the point is, having grown up (putatively) in a world where TV was free with ads, and pay TV was a looming threat to my "freedom" (irony abounds), I am keenly interested in your discussion, where your generation is far less patient with adverts than I am. I'd rather amass more content from a wide array of services than have less capital paying to avoid ads.
There's a qualifier. I don't watch dreck I don't like just because it is free. I speak only of things I WANT to watch, when given that choice. So I'd never, never ever, choose a free thing I liked less than a paid one.
But when the same property is free with ads or paid without, I go free.


Hey, Cordkillers

To add my (mostly anecdotal) take on ad supported services, I hate them. Before YouTube Red came along I rarely watched most things, no matter how amusing I found them, past one or two videos in a row on YouTube. The commercials were overpowering and annoying and I would get frustrated and just leave YouTube for a few days.

Since the ad-free version came along, however, I have watched YouTube more than any other streaming service. Usuaslly at least a couple hours a day. I’ve now watched entire serieses, often binged, that I never watched before because of my annoyance with the constant, intrusive, and often repetative commercials.

If a service has an ad-free option, I almost always will pay the extra for it and if they don’t offer one, I will often skip the service all-together. My friends seem to be split on this, however. About half happily pay to get rid of commericals (also hating them) and the other half love having cheaper options and have no problem dealing with commercials.

- Dragavan

Hey team Cordkillers,

On episode 267, you talked about the new AppleTV update, but you missed the big change with channels: they play within the TV app. So, when you play “Game of Thrones”, it doesn’t launch HBO Now, it just plays the show.

This is a big improvement over launching the external apps, and it means much improved play and resume, frame rate consistency, etc. The trick is you have to subscribe within the TV app - it doesn’t (seem to) use existing subscriptions. So I had to cancel HBO Now, and resubscribe to HBO within the TV app to get this to work. Also means I can’t use HBO Now anymore, but so what as, should I leave iOS, I can just unsubscribe and resubscribe again.

Anyway, I think you really missed the key update here, and it’s a big change and a big improvement.

- Mark

Hey Brian, Tom, Bryce (and guest?)

I wanted to chime in again and just say how much of a fan I am of Spoilerin' Time. Going back to the old debate of spoilers vs no spoilers...I am big fan for spoilers for shows I have not seen. Case in point Barry.
After hearing you guys talk about the show the last couple of weeks I finally decided to take the plunge and actually managed to convince my wife to actually watch a new show (dragging her away from her usual repeat viewings of the Office, Parks and Rec and Psych) Thanks to your commentary, I was able to accurately express what to expect in tone, for both the comedic and darker elements. So again thanks! Might take the plunge into Deadwood now as well (solo on this one)

- Byron

Hello Employees! One of your bosses here.
You had a conversation on your last show about TV series that you would like to see rebooted. How about Buck Rogers in the 25th Century? I have spent way more hours than I would care to admit thinking about this over the years. Who would you pick for Buck and Wilma? Cain or Dr. Theopolis? They have already done Battlestar Galactica, I think they should give Buck a chance!
Thanks for all you do! Your loyal Patron, Kory

- Kory

Talking Feds
2019 Summer Movie Draft

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