Cordkillers 259 - Disney Jumped The Gunn

Apple's streaming service is coming soon, American Gods is coming back with more personnel changes, and Sony's developing Spider-Man TV projects. All this and more on Cordkillers! With special guest Patrick Delahanty.

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CordKillers: Ep. 259 - Disney Jumped The Gunn
Recorded: March 18 2019
Guest: Patrick Delahanty

Intro Video
Amazon Prime Video's "Good Omens"

Primary Target
Apple Courts HBO and Showtime for Service to Challenge Netflix
- Bloomberg reports that Apple is still trying to finalize deals with movie and TV companies to become part of its streaming video service, expected to be announced March 25. Apple is supposedly talking with AT&T, CBS and Lionsgate about adding services like HBO, Showtime and Starz to the service alongside Apple's own originals. The deals reportedly need to be reached by Friday, and while most are expected to be signed, they still need to agree on marketing, promotion and user experience. Netflix and Hulu are not expected to be available through the new service, but will still have iOS and tvOS apps.

Apple fears how its TV shows might use its products
- The New York Times reports more on the alleged culture clash between TV and movie producers and Apple. Once new complaint being reported is that Apple is too controlling in how its products are shown. There's also a reprise of the complaints that Apple is uncommunicative about release dates and marketing plans. Previously, the Wall Street Journal reported Apple was resistant to mature content in the programming it's commissioning. In one week on March 25, we will likely found out a little directly from Apple about its two dozen series and handful of movies.

How to Watch
Disney Sets March 20 Closing Date for 21st Century Fox Acquisition
- Disney announced Tuesday that its acquisition of most of 21st Century Fox will happen at 12:02 AM Eastern time, March 20. At that time the Fox broadcast network, Fox News cable channels, and the national sports channels will be spun out as a new company called Fox Corporation on March 19. Disney is in the midst of selling the Fox Regional Sports channels as part of its agreement for regulatory approval in the US. 21st Century Fox president Peter Rice will become chairman of Walt Disney Television and co-chair of Disney’s Media Networks unit.

Disney to close “vault” for good as it moves film library to streaming service
- Disney CEO Bob Iger told investors that sometimes shortly after it launches, the Disney + streaming service will house the entire Disney motion picture library. That means no more vault.

Disney rehires James Gunn for Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after firing him over old tweets
- Disney has rehired James Gunn as director of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Deadline says the decision was made months ago. Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is in development, but was pushed back from its original 2020 release date. There is no new release date at this time. And Gunn is still directing Suicide Squad for DC and producer of Aquaman, Shaziam and Suicide Squad, Peter Safran says Suicide Squad is still Gunn's first priority, with Guardians 3 Gunn's next film after that. Safran also called Suicide Squad a "total reboot." Idris Elba is taking over Deadshot from Wil Smith for instance. Suicide Squad is scheduled for August 6, 2021.

What to Watch
A Whole New Aladdin Trailer. Aladdin comes out May 24.
New Avengers: Endgame Trailer coming to theaters April 26.

HBO’s Elizabeth Holmes documentary tells a bloody good story of a bad con job
- HBO screened its documentary The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, about Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes from Alex Gibney. Gibney doesn't do a normal takedown like he did with Scientology and Enron but apparently tries to explore how Holmes got so far.

American Gods got renewed for a third season already. Charles “Chic” Eglee, who’s previously worked on shows like Hemlock Grove, The Walking Dead, and Dexter will take over from Jesse Alexander as show runner.
Netflix is canceling its One Day at a Time reboot after three seasons due to a lack of viewers. Show creator Mike Royce says he's looking at other platforms to host more seasons.

Marvel is reportedly developing an animated What If series for Disney+
- SlashFilm says Disney + is working on an animated series based on the What If comics. The What If comics are one offs outside of canon about things like "What If Loki found Thor's hammer?"

Netflix's Anime Plans Expand Even Further With Adaptation of Cult Capcom RPG Dragon's Dogma
- Netflix is partnering with Japanese animation studios—Anima, Sublimation, and David Production for new shows. Netflix already has deals with Production IG and Bones. Bones will produce the 2012 Mark Millar/Leinil Francis Yu comic book series Supercrooks, about superpowered criminals re-uniting for one last heist. David Production will adapt the Hiroshi Takashige and Ryōji Minagawa supernatural sci-fi manga SPRIGGAN, about a shadow war. Powerhouse, the studio behind Castlevania will produce a greek mythology based series called Gods & Heroes. And Sublimation will adapt Capcom RPG Dragon’s Dogma.

Marvel's Shang-Chi Movie Has Found Its Director and Writer
- The Hollywood Reporter says Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12, The Glass Castle) has been tapped to direct Marvels Shang-Chi movie with Dave Callaham (Wonder Woman 1984, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2) attached to write the script

Inside Mike Hopkins’ Fiercely Independent Strategy for Sony Pictures Television
- Sony Pictures Television chairman Mike Hopkins told Variety that they have several Spider-Man and Spider-Man adjacent TV projects in the works. He says, "I think we aspire to have several shows in a universe that we create that can pollinate between each other."

Eyes On
Apollo 11, Love/Death/Robots, True Detective to s3e7, The Office s1e2, Captain Marvel, Leaving Neverland
Tom: Star Trek: Discovery
On the Lookout: Love, Death,and Robots
Patrick: Mister Rogers' Neighborhood and The Legend of Vox Machina

Front Lines
Netflix ‘Doubling Down’ on Interactive Series After ‘Bandersnatch’ Success
- Netflix VP of product, Todd Yellin told a conference in India that the success of Bandersnatch worldwide meant Netflix has a bunch of decision-making data and plans to double down on the interactive format. It won't necessarily be more science fiction stories either. Yellin said "It could be a wacky comedy. It could be a romance, where the audience gets to choose – should she go out with him or him.”

Netflix’s next interactive show is called You vs. Wild, launches April 10th
- To wit, Netflix announced their next interactive series "You vs. Wild" coming April 10. Viewers will join survivalman Bear Grylls on 8 different adventures and make decisions on how to handle various obstacles in the wild. Asked jokingly whether viewers could make choices that would kill Bear Grylls, Netflix Vice President of Original Series Cindy Holland laughed and said she doesn’t expect You Vs. Wild to be as “dark” as Netflix’s previous interactive project, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

PlayStation Vue's multi-picture mode comes to Apple TV
- Sony is adding its multi-picture mode to the PlayStation Vue app for Apple TV. It will support 4 channels at once, one more than the Vue app on the PlayStation itself supports. However, PS4 owners are getting the ability to add new programs to multi-view without having to start over as well as dedicated news and sports tabs.

AT&T confirms drastic changes to DirecTV Now and raises cheapest plan to $50
- AT&T is changing its channel bundles and the cheapest one will now be $50. Existing customers will see a $10 a month price rise on their existing plans and HBO will go from $5 a month to $15. However under the new $50 a month plan, you can get HBO at no extra charge. A new $70 a month plan includes Cinemax and a wider selection of sports channels.

NBC’s free news-streaming service, NBC News Now, will launch in May
- NBC will launch its own free streaming news service in the US called NBC News Now in early May. It will have 8 hours of daily programming with hourly live updates. CBS and ABC both offer similar free news services.

PBS Launching Streaming Service on Amazon Prime
- PBS is launching an add-on channel for Amazon's Prime Video for $2.99 a month. It will focus on new and library content across the food and cooking, home, culture and travel genres.

Dispatches from the Front
Hey guys, I had a question regarding your discussion about Blu-ray sales declining. Does this include 4K Blu-ray as well?

I’m someone who still prefers to own physical copies of movies, and I have started to buy 4K when available. However, I am hesitant to access 4K versions of movies digitally because of the amount of data it requires. We recently hit our Xfinity 1 terabyte cap for the first time in 2 years while my wife and were on paternal leave, and I’m nervous that 4K content may cause this to happen again. A 1 terabyte cap is feeling like less and less as time goes on.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

- Nathan

Why I Netflix Dvd still.

I watched 17 movies last month from Netflix Dvd costing me $20

If I did that with on demand it would have cost $73 for 14 and $42 to purchase 3 unable to rent or $95 to Redbox the movies that were available to do so and still purchase the other 3. Also with Netflix Dvd I was able to lend half those films to my parents to watch also.

Love the show keep up the good work"

- Kevin

I normally hate clip shows but I have to admit this one was brilliant. As someone who has been listening to frame rate and Court killer for many years, I really appreciate it the walk down memory lane."

- Rob

Hey guys,

I just wanted to thank Tom for recommending Viki and W. Absolutely fantastic. I have heard Tom mention the Viki app before but it was the oddity of W that compelled me to check it out. I would appreciate it if Tom could, from time to time continue to mention other programs we should be watching on Viki. There seems to be so much choice and I don't know where to go next!!. Also I'm interested to know how they fund Viki as on my AppleTV I hardly see any ads and I see no reason to buy a subscription as everything seems to be a made available to me. Thanks Tom for broadening my TV viewing!


- G.

Nirvana in Fire

Memories of Alhambra

Hey guys,

Usually I consider myself to be a ""pro disruptor, pro democratic, screw protectionism kinda guy"" and I am. But I am also a big fan of watching movies the proper way (IE in cinemas) and as a result, I'm hoping Spielberg wins.

I have always considered the cinema to be a mark of quality and the Oscars a cinema category competition. Again like what was mentioned in the podcast, what if a TV Movie worked really well? It wouldn't get into the Oscars by virtue of its format and thats totally okay. The difference then is that it just so happened that the good movies happened to be in cinemas. Now with ""TV"" stepping up their game, we have the potential to have two very good awards with different criteria.

If anything this is a good move because it means that a lot of good movies will be able to make it into the Emmy's, therefore elevating the Emmy's as an award. Once you combine it with what is considered to be the ""Golden Age of Television"", I think this can work.

I watched Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale the anime movie 25 times in the cinema (not joking or exaggerating), so yeah you can say I'm passionate about the format. And yes I'm bias and hypocritucal but their academy, their rules. Go protectionism! (this time)

- Yaru


The key to fully appreciating Umbrella Academy is simply this. Imagine it with the title ‘Wes Anderson’s The X-Men’.

- Anonymous


2019 Summer Movie Draft

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