Cordkillers 258 - Hey, Real Quikster...

Cobra Kai is coming back, Game of Thrones trailer, and a 10 year retrospective.

It's Spoilerin' Time and Aftertalk will return next week!

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CordKillers: Ep. 258 - Hey, Real Quikster...
Recorded: March 7 2019
Guest: None

Intro Video
Cobra Kai season 2 first-look

Front Lines
Roku Devices Can Now Interact with Amazon Alexa
- Roku devices are now compatible with Amazon's assistant-enabled devices through a new Roku skill. So devices including the Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Plus – can now pause a show, launch a streaming channel and search for entertainment through various commands., Roku TV users can also turn on the TV, change the volume, mute the TV, switch inputs and change channels if there is an OTA antenna connected by saying, “A, turn on Roku” or “A, turn up the volume on Roku.”

Game of Thrones' Final Season Trailer: Be Prepared for Death
AT&T’s new HBO chief criticizes Netflix, says it ‘doesn’t have a brand’
- AT&T's new TV boss, and this new head of HBO, Bob Greenblatt told NBC News. “Netflix doesn’t have a brand. It’s just a place you go to get anything — it’s like Encyclopedia Britannica.” He added that Netflix has a “great business model when you’re trying to reach as many people on the planet as you can.” when asked about the forthcoming streaming service that will add Turner networks to HBO he said “They’re not saying let’s undo HBO.”

Cable and satellite TV sinks again as online streaming soars
- Cable and satellite TV providers in the United States lost more than 3 million video subscribers, a new report from Leichtman Research Group said. By contrast, Leichtman's survey of the US broadband market found that cable companies added 2.9 million Internet subscribers in 2018, achieving a total of 64.3 million.

Frame Rate Era
That's right. June 27 2011 Tom and Brian covered Moviepass.
All You Can Watch MoviePass Brings Nwxflix Model to Theaters
MoviePass gets kicked out of theaters before it can get a ticket

Cable TV denied Netflix was a problem.... maybe it wasn't?
Okay, Okay, Maybe Netflix Is a Problem for Cable After All

Before Qwikster, there was THE BIG SPLIT
Starz videos disappear from Netflix
How The Starz-Network Divorce Will Remake Video

AND then of course - there was Qwikster
There was a rumor that that whole mess was to make it easy for Amazon to buy Netflix
But that probably wasn't true
And Netflix killed Qwikster anyway
Then it was all over as subscriber numbers stagnated and that was all we ever heard from Netflix
It even stopped spending money except on that one original content thing it's doing, a "miniseries" called House of Cards that will run next year but whatever
Yep, Netflix is done for folks
It's only hope is a sale to Verizon
OH wait. Verizon teamed up with Redbox instead.
And Amazon is going to obliterate Netflix anyway
TV being popular on Netflix was news at one time

Remember when Hulu was the free service and Hulu PLus was the one you paid for?
Did you forget there is a Hulu Japan?
Hulu sold their Japanese business to Nippon TV, but is still letting them use the brand and tech!
And Hulu even tried to go to Europe
Yahoo wanted to buy Hulu
But it didn't

HBO To Cord Cutters: You'll Never See Our Shows
-HBO Co-President Eric Kessler told a gathering of industry boffins this morning in New York that there is no chance his company will make shows like True Blood or The Wire available to digital non-subscribers.
Kessler is undaunted, saying HBO regards cord cutting as a temporary phenomenon that will go away once the larger economy improves.
- Eric Kessler left HBO two years later 10/2013
- HBO Now launched 10/15/2014

Did you know Hulu arguably beat Netflix to original programming?
- Battleground 2/14/2012
- Lillyhammer 2/6/2012
- House of Cards 2/1/2013

UltraViolet 'digital locker' opens for business. Lets you buy once, play anywhere... eventually

Blu-Ray has been struggling for a long time

Smart TVs take off

Dish in talks for Internet TV

By the summer of 2012, the majority of the televisions that you see in stores will have Google TV embedded in them

Analyst To Studios: It’s Time To Force Early VOD On Theater Chains
- 7 Years ago analysts were arguing against the 90-day window. “The reality is most people who were planning to go out to the movies would still go,” Greenfield also contends.

First ever super bowl live stream


2019 Summer Movie Draft

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