Cordkillers 252 - Spider-Man: Eurotrip

Netflix price increase, Hulu cancels space, and a new Spider-Man trailer. All this and more on Cordkillers!

CordKillers: Ep. 252 - Spider-Man: Eurotrip
Recorded: January 21 2019
Guest: None

Intro Video Trailer for the final episodes of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Primary Target
Millions of customers will now pay more for Netflix—here’s how much
- Netflix is raising its prices in the US by 13 percent to 18 percent, which is its biggest increase ever. Netflix's most popular plan will now be $13 per month, up from $11. The company's cheapest plan is going up to $9 per month, and a premium HD plan will raise to $16 per month from $14. This is the fourth time that Netflix has raised its U.S. prices, and the first time that higher prices will hit all 58 million U.S. subscribers.

Netflix beats on subscriber growth, but misses slightly on revenue — stock falls after hours
- Netflix beat estimates for earnings-per-share but fell below revenue expectations. The company also forecast lower-than-expected numbers for Q1 2019. Netflix beat expectations, adding 1.53 million subscribers in the US and 7.31 million subscribers outside the US. Netflix added 29 million subscribers for the year up 33% over 2017. Netflix estimates it accounts for 10 percent of US TV screen time and said in a shareholder letter “We compete with (and lose to) ‘Fortnite more than HBO.” It noted when YouTube went down briefly in October, Netflix viewing and signups spiked. Netflix also released some rare numbers, reporting 80 million people watched Bird Box in its first four weeks, 20 million watched Elite and 10 million watched Bodyguard, The Protector and Baby,. Netflix also predicted that 40 million people will watch the series You and Sex Education in its first four weeks.

How to Watch
Nielsen: 16M U.S. homes now get TV over-the-air, a 48% increase over past 8 years
- Number of US households without cable or satellite but instead using OTA rose 50% in the past 8 year to 16 million homes.
- 14% of US households watch TV over the air.
- 1. Median age 55 - majority exclusive OTA, no streaming services, 6.6 million (generally smaller median income) (avg more than 6 hours per day)
- 2. Median age 36, at least one streaming service, 9.4 million (avg less than 4 hours per day)
- 1.3 million use cable replacement service (PSVue , Sling TV etc)
- Both watch majority on TV

What to Watch
Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has been thoroughly examined. Comes out July 5.
Hulu canceled "The First" the series about a family preparing to travel to Mars, starring Sean Penn.
Deadline says Netflix will bring back Unsolved Mysteries for 12 episodes. Stranger Things producer Shawn Levy overseeing.
Steve Carell starring in Netflix series about President Trump’s Space Force
- Steve Carell will star in a Netflix comedy called Space Force about “people tasked with creating a sixth branch of the armed services.” Carell is also producing the series with Office producer creator Greg Daniels.

Variety says Apple has a first look deal with Ron Howard and Brian Grazer's Imagine Documentaries.
Jason Reitman (Up in the Air, Juno) will direct a new Ghostbusters movie set in the same universe as the first three. Jason's Dad Ivan directed the first Ghostbusters. Coming summer 2020.
Variety says Christopher McQuarrie has been hired to write and direct the next two Mission: Impossible movies. They'll shoot back to back for release in summer 2021 and 2022.
Sixty Percent Of Us Chose the Frosties and More Black Mirror: Bandersnatch Stats
- Bandersnatch stats: 60% of people gave him Frosties. People in Britain were slightly less likely to throw tea. 73% chose to Accept the job at Tuckersoft. An ending where Stefan goes on the train with his mother was the path least traveled.

Eyes On
- Brian: Dirk Gently, Counterpart, Fyre, Fyre Fraud, Good Place, started Bandersnatch.
- Tom: True Detective, W
- On the Lookout: Carmen Sandiego Official Trailer

Front Lines
Amazon upgrades its Fire TV Stick with the new Alexa Voice Remote
- Amazon will ship the Fire TV Stick with a new version of the Voice Remote it launched last autumn. The remote can control more than just the Fire TV. Previously it was only available with the Fire TV Stick 4K.

Sling TV adds personalized recommendations, launching first on Apple TV
- Sling TV will make personalized suggestions for what to watch on its Apple TV app. It will eventually roll out to other platforms. A "Recommended for you" section will show up in the My TV section.

Streaming TV service Philo to launch a co-viewing feature for watching with friends
- Philo is rolling out a feature to let people with the service watch shows together from different locations. When it launches users can get a link to text to a friend inviting them to watch. The firend opens the link on their phone and casts the show to their TV.

ESPN+ now makes personalized recommendations and offers offline viewing of non-game content like 30 for 30.
Walmart reportedly abandons new streaming service to focus on Vudu
- A source told CNBC that Wal-mart is stopping work on a competitor for Netflix and Hulu and will put all its streaming TV efforts into Vudu. A media executive who was pitching the idea of a conservative alternative to Netflix is now in talks with Costco.

Stanford Researchers Launch Free TV Service To Improve Video Streaming
- A Stanford nonprofit academic research study has launched streaming service called Puffer that uses AI to improve video-streaming algorithms. Six Bay Area TV stations are streamed on the free service to 500 participants. The work is open source and viewable on GitHub.

Dispatches from the Front
Hi what’s the beat way to watch C-SPAN on the Apple TV without cable? Thanks


How to Watch C-SPAN Without Cable

Tom and Brian.

I really enjoy the show and have been a patron since the beginning. Now that the intro is out of the way...

I want to suggest you watch "Spaced" the 1999 series from Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright. It has many of their signature techniques and's kind of a proto "Shaun of the Dead" but in without the zombies. It's only 2 seasons long for a total of 14, 24 minute episodes.

I watched it years ago using less than legal means right after "Shaun of the Dead" came out but now it is available on Prime Video and Hulu. If you all started to watch it, I'd probably revisit to see how the series aged.

Thanks for the show,

- Brian

Tom and Brian

One thing that I really love about this new streaming age is the availability of classic tv shows. I have just recently finished watch all the episodes of Star Trek TNG and now I am working my way through SG1 with my daughter. Not too long ago the only way to watch these shows would was to get the DVD’s, now they are only a few clicks away. I think one of these old shows would be great for a library watch, but I don’t think anyone wants it last for years. I would like to make the suggestions that maybe you pick just a few episodes from one of these shows. Maybe the Top 10 TNG shows as voted by the fans, every Star Trek episode that deals with the mirror universe or the 10 fan favorite episodes of the X-files. These shows are often monster of the week episodes and would work well if you only did a few. This would give us a flavor of the show and not stretch out for years.

Love you guys! Love the show! Keep it up!
- Dave

PS – Pushing Daisies would also be a great show for a library watch, but I think Brian and Tom have both seen it.

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