Cordkillers 211 - Total Opinion Land

Apple's just biding their time, fewer ads are the future, and a Luke Cage release date! All this and more on Cordkillers!

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6CordKillers: Ep. 211 - Total Opinion Land
Recorded: March 12 2018
Guest: None

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • Cable Industry Slowly Realizes More Ads and Higher Prices Aren’t the Solution to Cord Cutting
    -Wall Street research firm MoffettNathanson Research recently noted that the pay TV sector saw a reduction of more than 500,000 traditional pay TV customers during the fourth quarter.
    - Satellite TV providers have been particularly hard hit, with Dish and DirecTV losing a combined 268,000 satellite TV subscribers during the last three months of 2017 alone.
    - 83 million households still subscribe
    - Since 2009, ad time per hour on has gone up from 14:27 to 15:38 minutes per hour on cable, and 13:25 to 14:15 minutes per hour on broadcast.
    - Fox indicated it will reduce ad time by two minutes per hour by 2020
    - NBC says it will reduce ad time by 10%
    - Programming costs are still rising and cable companies like Comcast are raising rates
  • Discovery, HGTV and Food Network Prep for a Skinny TV Bundle as Merger Closes
    - Discovery's acquisition of Scripps Networks has Discovery's CEO saying the combined 19 cable networks including HGTV, Discovery, TLC and Food may start their own streaming service at $6 a month.

How to Watch

  • Netflix’s real advantage is that it’s a tech company first
    - Netflix shoots in 6K and is always working on better compressions algorithms for streaming
    Netflix's app Move helps simplify the prodiuction process
    Netflix's major infrastructure competitor is BAMTech which is majority owned by Disney.
    - HBO Go, WWE Network and
    - Should Netflix pull an Amazon and create a streaming services division?

What to Watch

What We're Watching

Front Lines

  • Eddy Cue explains Apple’s original video content strategy
    - Speaking at SXSW, Apple's Eddy Cue addressed all the original TV content Apple has been acquiring, saying “We’re not after quantity, we’re after quality.” He compared Apple's approach to Pixar's as far as focusing on quality storytelling, and said there would be some “surprises” in store for how the programming is viewed once available. Apple has picked up two seasons of Central Park, a new musical animated comedy from Loren Bouchard, the creator of Bob’s Burgers. It's about a group of the park's caretakers.
  • You can watch Netflix on any screen you want, but you’re probably watching it on a TV
    - Netflix says 70% of its streams are done on TVs. even though 40% of subscribers sign up on a PC, and 30% sign up on a phone. Last autumn, YouTube TV said more than half of its streams were on TV.
  • Netflix test turns kids into binge scouts, rewards TV time with badges
    - Netflix is testing a feature that lets kids collect virtual "patches" for watching certain shows like A Series of Unfortunate Events, Trolls: The Beat Goes On and Fuller House. Netflix said it has not decided for sure to roll out the feature to everyone.
  • YouTube TV will soon include MLB’s streaming service
    - YouTube TV will continue to be a major sponsor of Major League Baseball. The MLB Network is now carried on YouTube TV and MLB.TV which gives fans access to all out of market games for a yearly price will soon be available within YouTube TV as well.
  • Hulu Live TV finally adds game start notifications with launch of new March Madness hub
    - Hulu Live TV added the ability to get game start notifications on Android and iOS for your favorite college basketball teams during the NCAA Tournament. A dedicated March Madness hub will let viwers see all the games available in one place, as well as highlights and recaps.
  • MoviePass Demands Photos of Ticket Stubs From Users, Which Sounds Cool and Fun
    - MoviePass is testing a ticket verification system on a select group of users. The test group will be required to photograph their ticket stub before the card can be activated again. MoviePass says these users are not "in trouble."

Dispatches from the Front

Hi Tom and Brian,

I just wanted to say something to the segment of your audience who are not yet your bosses, who want to support you but don't want to sign up something. I can totally understand that. But I want to encourage them that Patreon is easy. Some have even found it addictive and after signing up, find themselves supporting other creators and discovering new content. If you have a PayPal account, it's especially easy to use Patreon. I encourage you not to reject it too quickly.

Also, about kids watching adult content (or wanting to) - - my kids are in their 20s now, 2 boys, and the lure seemed to be when their peers were watching something. So my youngest saw the boobs on Game of Thrones when he was maybe a bit younger than I was comfortable with because I talked to his friends' parents and they were letting their kids watch it. My solution was to watch it with him.

Hope this is helpful.

Your boss,
- Beelissa




I have a question related to DVR functionality with streaming services,

There's a show I watch on TBS called "The Detour" (Jason Jones/Samantha Bee produced sitcom. .. I know I can get TBS through the base subscription at Hulu Live TV or Sling TV or PlayStation Vue... but how do I know if I can get shows from TBS through the DVR function at any specific one of those services? I don't want to sign up, even for a free trial, just to find out I can only watch TBS live on that service....

Any thoughts on a good reference point to find out this information? I loved the webpage from Recode you linked to, but that only tells what you can watch live on any given service.

- Tim




Hello Gentleman,

Just got off the phone with Rogers after my annual chicken challenge call, Bell (the other player in the Canadian Duopoly) had called me and offered a great deal to leave Rogers. Got a reduction in cost, an extra HD box and decided to stay with them without a commitment even though the Bell deal was better. Why? The rep hinted at a streaming TV service coming in the middle of the year, brought to Rogers Canada in conjunction with Comcast…. Hare you heard?

Have fun your loyal Patron

- The Geeky Brit




I use to watch you guys on my Roku through Diamondtv but you left, lol Where can I find you know?





Hi Tom, Brian, and guest,
In past years, you've had musical introductions for each movie prior to bidding in the summer/winter drafts. They're great, but you didn't have them in this last winter draft. Please please bring the music back! Thanks

- Gus 


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