Cordkillers 243 - I Can't Believe it's Not Pixar! (w/ Andrew Zarian)

The Walking Dead movies, more info on the Game of Thrones prequel, and a PG-13 Deadpool 2? All this and more on Cordkillers! No show next week due to Veteran's Day! With special guest Andrew Zarian.

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CordKillers: Ep. 243 - I Can't Believe it's Not Pixar!
Recorded: November 5 2018
Guest: Andrew Zarian

Intro Video
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Primary Target
Netflix will debut three Oscar hopefuls in theaters
- Netflix is softening on its hard line against anything but day and date release on Netflix
Roma from Alfonso Cuarón will have a limited release in LA, New York and Mexico November 21st and come to Netflix December 14.
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs from the Coen brothers comes to theaters November 8 with a Netflix arrival of November 16
Bird Box starring Sandra Bullock comes to theaters Dec. 13 and streams Dec. 21
Variety believes it is a concession to the directors who want to see movies shown in theaters and get stronger awards consideration from voters.

How to Watch
CBS launches a streaming entertainment network, ET Live
- CBS is launching a streaming entertainment network targeted at younger viewers. While called ET Live (after entertainment tonight) it will not have talent from ET show up except to promote ET the show. It will run 24/7 and through an ET Live app on iOS, Android, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Like all CBS properties it will also be available in the CBS All Access app and also within the CBSN app. CBS networks now FREE without CBS All Access
- CBS Sports HQ
- CBS Local
- ET live

What to Watch
Six episode documentary series Dogs coming to Netflix November 16
True Detective seems ready to return to top form in new S3 trailer
- True Detective has a trailer out for season 3 which will be set in the Ozarks over three different time periods. Mahershala Ali plays Detective Wayne Hays is haunted by a 1980s case of two missing children. True Detective returns January 13.

HBO released a page called "Everything You Need to Know About the Deadwood Movie (So Far)" It confirms the movie is coming in 2019.
Netflix confirms final cast list for THE WITCHER
- Netflix released video of Henry Cavill as Geralt from The Witcher as well as a full cast list.Production is underway in Budapest. The series will air on Netflix in late 2019.

Naomi Watts will play “a charismatic socialite hiding a dark secret, in the Game of Thrones Prequel.
Rick Grimes' Walking Dead Adventures Will Continue In Movies
BBC America has given the green light to a series called The Watch , based on Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. It's described as a punk rock thriller based on the City Watch subset of Discworld novels.

Eyes On
Always Sunny, Dirk Gently, A Good Place, (didn't finish Bodyguard)
Tom: Wreck-It Ralph
Andrew: Youtube
On the Lookout: Homecoming

Front Lines
HBO goes dark on Dish Network in carriage dispute
- HBO usually doesn't get caught up in carriage disputes but now that it has a new owner, AT&T, which owns its own service, DirecTV, suddenly HBO and Cinemax are off of Dish and Sling TV as the two companies could not agree on a new distribution agreement. Among the many barbs being traded by representatives of the two companies, one that sounded at least plausible was that Dish said AT&T wants a guaranteed minimum subscriber payment.

Sounds Like the PG-13 Version of Deadpool 2 Is More Than Just a Cleaned-Up Re-Release
- The PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 coming to theaters will have new material according to writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who were talking to /Film. Ryan Reynolds recently suited up and shot a bunch of new footage for the movie. A still released showed Deadpool reading a story to a grown up Fred Savage in an homage to Princess Bride. More marketing for the film should answer what else we might see.

Feature erosion watch: Xbox One loses broadcast TV streaming
- Microsoft has been sending messages to users of TV streaming from the Xbox to the Xbox App for Android and iOS announcing the feature will be ended in 30 days. Customers who use a tuner stick will still be able to watch TV on the Xbox One and the Windows 10 App. But! ESPN Plus which delivers extra sports games to folks willing to pay an extra $5 a month is now available on PS4 and Xbox One.

Hulu Live TV launches Spanish-language and lifestyle add-ons
- Hulu is launching an entertainment add-on for its Live service that adds networks like CNBC World, DIY Network and the Cooking Channel into an $8 a month separate add-on. Networks like FYI and Lifetime Movies are being moved from the main service into the add-on. Current Hulu Live subscribers get the add-on free for a month. Hulu is also offering a spanish-language news and sports add-on for $5 a month.

Could YouTube finally be coming to the Nintendo Switch?
- ResetEra and Nintendeal report some users seeing a YouTube app in the "You might also like" section of Nintendo's website with a release date of November 8. It does not return a product page but many see it as a sign that Nintendo will add a YouTube app soon.

Dispatches from the Front
Hey Tom, Brian and Bryce,

We've been cord cutters for 10+ years. We've never had Sling or any of the other OTT services. In fact, we've only ever had Netflix DVD by mail which we still have today (that's how you get Smokey and the Bandit!) and Plex.

Last month after talking to my wife and our 2 teenagers we signed up for Sling. The kids have never watched linear TV. They were excited to get access to TV and day 1 watched it for 8+ hours. By day 3 they were complaining about the amount of commercials and that most of the time channels were playing reruns. Day 6 I was informed linear TV was dumb and I could cancel Sling.

I expected to pay for at least a month or two but they got bored with traditional TV before the free trial ended. Both the kids and my wife went immediately back to Twitch or YouTube as their content of choice.

At least in my home it looks like my "cord-never" kids won't be clamoring for cable or similar services any time soon.

Keep up the great work!

- Dominic

So why does the $16 Philo service have the best user interface of all of the services I've tried!!! I've tried Sling, Hulu, PSVue and YouTube TV. I haven't seen Sling since they added a grid, but the others are pretty bad.

I dropped Sling and Hulu fairly quickly and settled on PSVue for quite some time. Their Vertical Grid was always a pain - Especially on the Roku. You could see show titles but very little show info without
clicking at least once.

I recently dropped PSVue and replaced it with the combination of YouTubeTV and Philo. The Grid on YouTubeTV is a real puzzle. The time scale is all over the place, different for each "network." If you
want to see more than a few hours ahead, you need to go to each channel's individual page.

Then here comes little Philo - A traditional grid with show titles and descriptions, icons that show other features right there on the same screen. Wow - you would think they looked at TV listing grid designs
that have been honed over a few decades of of use. Astounding!

All of this, of course, is my tunnel vision through a Roku - the others may be better on other devices.

- George

Long time Patron here from Orlando. My brother in law is looking into internet TV for his vacation home. I recommended Hulu TV or Youtube TV for what he wants. My question is how hard is it it cancel or put "on hold" either of these services?

- Rick


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