Cordkillers 174 - Cordkidders (w/ Nicole Lee)

Millennials only know shows come from Netflix and elsewhere. Xbox brings the 4K but should you care? Apple does a TV show. With special guest Nicole Lee.

CordKillers: Ep. 174 Cordkidders

Recorded: June 12 2017

Guest: Nicole Lee

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Dispatches from the Front


On your iPhone.

Click the When Timer Ends

Scroll all the way to the bottom. Select "Stop Playing"

Set your time and start the timer. Then start netflix.

Boom 💥- Netflix shuts off when timer is done.


PS. Remember to reset timer sound option. Otherwise it just stops stuff no sounds

Have a better than good day!

- Blair




Hey there, long time off and on listener since the TWiT days and current boss/Patreon contributor for the last year. I am currently in a fairly good deal with Comcast for the next year and a half and I'm not interested in completely cutting the cord yet, but I don't feel like paying monthly device fees for cable boxes throughout the house. I have several TVs in my house with Amazon FireStick devices, and I would like to load as many apps with live TV and On Demand streaming content as possible. I'm currently using HBO Go, Disney Channel, CBS, etc., but I'm curious if a) there's a central Xfinity app I can sign into and access all TV channels I'm currently paying for in each room, or b) a website listing all streaming apps that an Xfinity login can be used for.


Otherwise keep doing what you're doing and I appreciate your time!









RE: Tablo

Hey, guys... I bought the first Tablo. I use It with a ROKU 3. Tablo was very, very buggy at first, but now I love it. I used to have problems every time they would update, but now I believe they've gotten most the kinks out. was kind of annoying about having to get a USB hard drive, but the nice thing about that is...if one hard drive fails, it's easy to just swap out another. I've done this recently...was able to get a 1TB hard drive for around $50. I can also stream my Tablo away from home by streaming it over the internet using their mobile app or logging in with a web browser. It's gotten way better. I haven't checked out the new one yet, but I'm sure it's definitely worth a look.


Love the show!

- Belinda





Were you guys kidding about David Thewlis, because he is Varga, Lupin and ajax from Wonder Woman. He was also great as a medieval priest in Kingdom of Heaven.







A few weeks ago I decided it was time to cut the cord. I disconnected my cable box and took it to my local Xfinity store. My thought was that if I did it in person and took my box with me I would avoid any retention attempts. The gentlemen offered to knock some money off, but I explained it would need to be free for me to stay. I did still want internet though, and to my surprise he knocked twenty dollars off my internet bill. A week later I got a call from a retention agent, and she knocked another twenty dollars off my internet bill. Now I have no cable but, Netflix and Amazon provide me with more than enough content and I'm saving over a hundred dollars a month.


Thank you I never would have done this without your show. If only there was a way to show my thank you other than an email. OH! I know I'll support you on patreon.






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