Cordkillers 198 - Don't Make It Personal

Disney sues Redbox, Apple adds sports to TV app, and Netflix keeps cranking out the hits and Houses.

CordKillers: Ep. 198 - Don't Make It Personal
Recorded: December 4 2017
Guest: None

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  • Disney is suing Redbox to stop it from selling digital download codes
    - Redbox does not have a deal with Disney for rental service of DVDs meaning Redbox has to purchase DVDs at full price at retail
    - Redbox has been selling the codes for digital copies that come in the DVDs it buys
    - This is against the terms of the use for the digital downloads
    - Disney is suing Redbox asking for the profits from the sales and an injunction
    - Redbox told the Wall Street Journal that “we feel very confident in our pro-consumer position.”

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Tom and Brian,

Have either of you used an Nvidia Shield TV? You talk about the Roku and Apple TV a lot but I never hear you talk about the Shield. For me, and my specific requirements, it’s the best set top box I’ve tried. If you live in a country where it’s legal to make DVD/Blu-ray backups, the Shield is one of the few set top boxes that has enough power to play back the files. Kodi + Shield is GREAT!

- Andrew



Hi Tom & Brian,

Just came home from an AMC Theatre hear in Florida. They have changed their terms of service for Stubs members. You no longer get to accumulate points if you use Moviepass. I asked for a manager for clarification. I was given a hard copy of a notice to all theatres dated October 30, 2017. Guests using Moviepass will no longer be able to accrue points unless they use cash or another credit card. I guess that's one way to stop aggressive point accumulation.

- A Scott




Dear Tom and Brian,

These questions are mostly for Tom:

How do you watch the crossover episodes if you buy and binge Supergirl and the Flash? Crisis on Earth X was really good and also had important story arc points for many of the characters. I hope you get to watch all 4 hours of it.

I'm very hesitant about this Movies Anywhere service. I agree it sounds great (though I have a similar service: I ask my son if we own a movie and where; he always knows). My concern is that I can't see any information on who's behind this. Do I really want to trust them with logins for several services that are connected to my payment methods? I think I have 4 different credit cards connected to my Amazon account. Even if Movies Anywhere is not untrustworthy, how do I know they are careful with security? What if they get hacked? I'm interested to know what you think.

- Beelissa



Hey asesinos de cuerdas,

The mythical DVR in DirecTV Now exists. I am one of the lucky “few” that gets to beta test the DirecTV Now Apple TV and iOS apps.

Few interface changes like show info and color logos for the networks. Interface just seems to flow better.

Attached are a few pics. Let me know if there is anything you would like to know.





I just want to second Brian's suggestion of firing all the services and adding things back as you find you want them. I did this when you all suggested it this past spring. It worked great for me. I canceled everything except Netflix and Amazon Prime*. A the end of August I added Hulu Live earlier than I planned - as a back up for my antenna to get the Houston Stations in as many ways as possible due to Harvey. I never lost power or connectivity but my antenna didn't work well in the rain. (All of my family members were lucky to be high and dry. 1 household had to evacuate because they were below a dam but they didn't flood) I've been happy with Hulu plus. Each month I add either a channel from Amazon or Brit Box to binge on series that aren't included in Hulu.

*I use the shipping enough to justify it especially because USPS screwed up multiple times and I have like 11 free months of Prime because of packages that were marked delivered 12 - 24 hours before they actually were delivered.

- Kimberly



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