Cordkillers 155 - Millennials are Not a Fixed Species (w/ Andrew Mayne)

What millennials watch, the state of Apple TV’s single sign-on, and Comcast is doing well. With special guest Andrew Mayne. (

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CordKillers: Ep. 155 - Millennials are Not a Fixed Species
Recorded: January 30 2017
Guest: Andrew Mayne

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • What millenials who cut the cord watch instead
  • GfK: Millennials Make Up Nearly Half of U.S. 'Cordless' Population
    - Gfk market research survey
    - 30% millenials cut cord vs. 16% baby boomers
    - Millenials are almost half (43%) of US cord cutters
    - Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, YouTube
    - BUT ALSO:
    - Crunchy Roll
    - Twitch
    - Adult Swim App - Yes this is app that requires a cable subscription in the top 10 most popular TV apps for millennial cord cutters….
    - Most likely to define “TV” as anything they can watch on any device—a TV, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. And when they sit down to watch TV or video, they are most likely to go to a specific show on a streaming service
    - “These viewers are huge fans of quality programming and content, but they are not fond of being told where, when and how they should watch it. They view streaming services as well worth the money and producers of the best shows ‘on TV”

How to Watch

  • Apple's 'single sign-on' feature now works with HBO Go
  • Use Single sign-on with your iOS device or Apple TV (4th generation)
    - Apple’s Single sign-on check-in
    - What it’s supposed to do: Sign in once, and it will automatically sign in to participating services.
    - Requires both sides of the relationship to support it.
    -Your video provider (cable/sat/OTT) must allow support single sign-on AND support authenticating through the network apps
    - The network app must allow single sign-on
    - Disney
    - A&E
    - Bravo
    - NBC
    - SyFY
    - USA
    - Cable ONE
    - CenturyLink Prism
    - Dish
    - GTA
    - GVTC Communications
    - Hawaiian Telcom
    - Hotwire
    - MetroCast
    - Service Electric Cablevision
    - Sling TV

What to Watch

What We're Watching

Front Lines

  • Cable, Theme Parks and NBC Boost Comcast to Top Q4 Earnings Expectations
    - Comcast’s quarterly profit and revenue beat estimates with net income rising 16.5% and revenue up 9.2%. Revenue came from NBCUNiversal which rose 10.5% on the strength of the show This is Us, Thursday Night Football, and the Universal theme parks. NBCU acknowledged that subscriber levels for its cable networks dropped even as distribution revenue increased. Comcast's cable revenue rose 7% adding net 80,000 TV subscribers while Internet subscribers increased by 385,000.
  • Netflix shows get top TV nods at 2017 SAG Awards
    - Claire Foy and John Lithgow took home SAG awards for their work in Netflix's The Crown and Stranger Things took the Best Ensemble Cast for a drama award.
  • Netflix now lets Android users download movies and shows onto SD storage
    - Netflix has added support for microSD cards to its Android app for storing downloaded movies. Support for the feature varies by model even if it has an SD card slot. 
  • FCC Chairman Pai takes Wheeler’s set-top box plan off the table
    - Remember that whole FCC plan for set-top boxes we kept trying to explain to you? Well you can forget about it for the time being. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has removed the proposal from the list of items that could be voted on. The proceeding is still technically open, so an alternative proposal could be put into circulation again. 
  • Existing Nvidia Shield TV owners can now update to get 4K HDR streaming
    - Nvidia released a software update for existing Shield TVs that adds 4K HDR support. That of course applies to games but also Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Google Play content among others.  
  • Sky TV to go satellite dish-free in 2018
    - SKY TV announced that starting in 2018, Europeans will be able to subscribe to the service without needing a satellite dish installed. Service will be delivered over the Internet. Details were not released on how the service will differ from its satellite service and its more limited Now TV streaming service.

Dispatches from the Front
Hi All,

In a few months I'll be moving to England. While sorting through my belongings and figuring out what I'm taking I came to my television and all it's streaming boxes and realized I have no idea what my cordcutting options will be. Is there a British equivalent to Cordkillers or do you have a source I can go to?

I know I'm going to be buying a new television (Hello 4K) and I will (legally) have access to the BBC iPlayer online, but other than that I have no idea. Will I have to give up all my streaming services? Currently I have HBO Now, Hulu, PlayStation Vue, Netflix and Amazon Prime. What will happen to my iTunes account and my season passes? I am using an AppleTV and Roku Stick, will I have to download all new apps?

So many questions, I know you can't answer. But hopefully you or one of your listeners can point me in the right direction.

Thank in advance,
- Jennifer in Massachusetts


Hello from a statistical oddity: my house uses Amazon Video but not Netflix.

Between Amazon Video and YouTube, we have more than enough content to fill our video watching time. I add Netflix every once in a while for brief chunks of time when there's some specific show that I want to watch, but that's it. So lack of Netflix isn't a problem with lack of money, our technical abilities, or our age... we just don't need it. Amazon Video isn’t nearly as bad as it was made out to be in the previous user feedback email.

Your boss
- Ben in Woodinville, WA



Two weeks ago I called up and cancelled my cable TV, and I love it. I find most of my shows on Hulu (commercial free), but I had a problem getting Pardon the Interruption from ESPN. It seemed to be available no where, but then I discovered that the audio was available as a podcast. Since it is mostly a discussion, I wouldn't miss the visuals.

I thought this might be useful for some others who are looking to cut the cord. Maybe their shows are available as podcasts also.

Thanks for the great show!

- John


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