Cordkillers 126 - Vlogumentray Now! (w/ Jeff Cannata)

Is Sling TV or PlayStation Vue winning and will either survive? Do you need to download Netflix? And a Plex server you can put in your pocket. With special guest Jeff Cannata.

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CordKillers: Ep. 126 - Vlogumentray Now!
Recorded: June 27 2016
Guest: Jeff Cannata

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • PlayStation Vue live TV service now available on Roku, hits Android phones next week
    - Sony announced that their Playstation Vue live streaming service is now available on Roku devices. According to David Katzmaier at Cnet, the Roku Vue app offers a quick and simplified interface compared to other platforms, but advised the best experience of the service is still had on the FireTV, Playstation 3 or 4. Sony also announced that a Vue Android app is coming next week.

Signal Intelligence

  • Netflix May Soon Let You Download Its Videos
    - Dan Taitz is chief operating officer at Penthera, a company that makes software allowing streaming video providers to let viewers download content for offline viewing. Tattoo told Fortune, “From industry sources, I know that Netflix is out in the market negotiating to get download rights in addition to streaming rights.” He says he’s been told by content providers, cable operators, and other streaming service providers. Amazon enabled an option to download in September. During its last earnings call, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said the company must keep an open mind about downloads.

Gear Up

  • Plex in your pocket
    - Western Digital’s My Passport Wireless Pro hardware comes with a Plex server.
    - WiFi network (sync mobile devices, and stream media to Plex apps)
    - 10 hour battery life
    - 2TB $230, 3 TB $250.

Front Lines

  • CBS names an exec to develop shows for its streaming service
    - CBS moved Julie McNamara from drama development at CBS TV to become Executive Vice President, Original Content at CBS All Access. She was already overseeing the new Star Trek and the Good Wife spinoff headed to All Access next year.

  • Viacom launches BET Play streaming app for $3.99 a month
    - Viacom launched BET Play for $3.99 a month. It will offer current episodes from 16 shows and a live stream of BET Soul. It’s available for iOS and Android in 100 countries, though not in the US.

  • BitTorrent Is Looking to Launch a TV News Network
    - Variety reports that BitTorrent may launch BitTorrent News, a TV news network for BitTorrent Live, their P2P live video service. The company listed an opening for a news director to build out a team of journalists, with the hope of being ready to cover the US Presidential election this fall. The network will focus on breaking news, including “political campaigns, sporting events, tech and cultural events”, but no plans to do 24/7 coverage.

  • Amazon has doubled its performance in a hot market over the last year, and is pulling away from Apple
    - Sandvine released their report on prime-time internet usage in North America. Not surprisingly, Netflix and YouTube retain the top two spots for downstream activity, but Amazon Video more than doubled their percentage of traffic, up to 4.26%, surpassing both iTunes, Hulu, and Facebook to take the #3 spot. AND Nielsen’s latest numbers estimate subscription video on demand services, aka Netflix and friends, are now in half US households up from 42% last year. DVRs have held steady at 49-50%. It’s the first time the two categories have been equal.

  • Amazon Video now offers Dolby Vision HDR content
    - Amazon has caught up with Netflix and Vudu by adding support for Dolby Vision HDR content. Dolby Vision and HDR10 are the two main standards for HDR.

  • Google connects Netflix to Android TV's universal search
    - Android TV's universal search gains more...universality. In a Twitter post, the Android team announced that Netflix would be included in search results, although no update has been rolled out to devices yet. This brings Android TV up to parity with rivals Roku and Apple TV, who already have Netflix in their search.

  • Roku puts your laptop in control of movie night
    - Roku released a Windows 10 version of its remote app with Cortana support aimed at laptops and tablets. No word on an upgrade to the phone app.

Under Surveillance

Dispatches From the Front

Your boss here.

Here are the parameters of my conundrum:

I'm a patron

I listen to all episodes of cord killers without exception

I skip some episodes of spoilerin time when it reminds me too much of how many shows you talk about we DON'T have in Belgium 😉

I watch TV exclusively on demand, through my apple tv, mainly Netflix and YouTube

Here is the rub: I actually have a cable subscription! And it is because it costs me less to have the bundled triple play than just the same speed Internet alone!!!

My cable box is not on, there is no HDMI linking it to the TV.

My question to you Tom & Brian: do you officially grant me the right to call myself a cord killer?

I am going to try to sleep now, waiting anxiously for your verdict!

Love the show, obviously! Please keep them coming.


- Yassine


I'm an Amazon Prime member & occasionally use the Amazon Instant Video app on my Roku 3. However, the app UI experience is terrible. Is it worth buy the Fire TV Stick if I just want a better Instant Video experience?




- Zach


Hi-Dee Ho Bosses


Excuse me if this is old news, but I've discovered an easy way to search specific genres on Netflix by using Netflix genre codes. Simply sign into Netflix and change the URL to code number here)


Here's a site that lists all genre codes:


And I've created a for my fellow cordkillers:


- Jackie



Hello gentlemen. As a cord-never in the 40-50 age group, I would like to provide some initial feedback on my Tablo 4-Tuner experience. IT RUNS HOT!! So hot in fact that it locks up and requires the unit to be un-plugged for cool down. As for my setup, I use the ATV 4 for the interface. The ATV app is what I consider "still in beta". The app does provide a nice guide but changing channels is excruciating slow. My previous setup was a Silicon Dust HD HomeRun Connect and the Channels ATV 4 app. While the HomeRun Connect via the Channels app didn't provide the DVR experience I was looking for and it lacked a traditional guide - it does not have cooling and channel changing issues I am experiencing with the Tablo. I am going to go back to HDHomeRun/Channels app for live viewing and use the Hotplate Tablo for burritos and watching recorded OTA TV. Hope this helps other viewers.


- Your boss, Sean



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