Cordkillers 109 - Free the Box!

Is Sling TV a success? Why ESPN is lying to you. The FCC wants to save the past. With special guest Owen JJ Stone.

CordKillers: 109 - Free the Box!
Recorded: February 22 2016
Guest: Owen Stone

Intro Video

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • ESPN exploring streaming deals, but don't expect a standalone video app
    - "ESPN president John Skipper at Code media Conference last week
    - Mentioned that Apple and Amazon have been public about video content
    -“I said a number of people have expressed interest and we are in discussions with a large number of people.""
    - Skipper was also insistent that the network has no plans to offer a streaming app that's unbundled from a cable subscription.
    ""We could sell ESPN, as a standalone product, but we don't believe it right now to be good business. We're in 90 million homes, so no, we do not have a contemplation now that we would launch as a standalone.""
    - Did say SlingTV has been good and numbers have been “incremental” in other words not taken from other packages"

Gear Up

  • FCC Votes to unlock cable box
    "FCC approved a “Notice for Proposed Rulemaking” Thursday
    - Before you get too excited, that means a months-long public comment period
    - Proposed requirements
    Make available to third parties
    - Channel listings, VOD lineups
    - Rights (recording, transfers etc.)
    - Content itself
    - “using any published, transparent format that conforms to specifications set by an independent, open standards body.""
    - Two years given from adoption to comply
    - Critics argue it would require new hardware and more rental boxes
    - Wheeler shot down objection that it would allow third parties to sell ads in content. new rules would prohibit that. "

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

Hey guys. Really enjoy the show. Wanted to let you know about a free web app I have created that other CordKillers might find useful. It's called NetCat and it lets you quickly access the over 200 hidden categories, subcategories, genres, & sub-genres on Netflix. There's also a Random Category generator & a fun Netflix inspired emoji blog. Here's the link:

- Eric



Hi Brian, Tom and Bryce

To Brian's point about watching shows while playing Hearthstone, I found the perfect companion in Geek and Sundry's "Critical Role" show.

It's a group of very talented voice actors playing D&D, with a laughs, drama and tension to rival any scripted TV shows. I don't play D&D, but it's got me totally hooked.

Although it's a continuous story you can jump in at any point. I recommend trying episode 18 which guest stars Felicia Day and Jennifer Hale

BTW, talking about WYWWYWOADDYW, I listen to CordKillers in the pool with my waterproof MP3 player!


- James in the UK



Brian and Tom,

Just to comment on the 800,000 subs for HBO Now... I don't think this is a low number. Anyone who gets HBO from their cable package can get streaming HBO through HBO Go. The only people who would subscribe to HBO Now are those people who want HBO and do not have cable. This gives a much smaller pool of people to draw from than the pool of potential customers for any other service (such as Netflix). As such it is a completely skewed comparison to compare HBO Now's 800K subs to Netflix's 24M(?) subs.

- Lloyd




Hello Tom and Brian,

I just watch the episode and I wanted to responded to Toms comment about The Thunderbirds are go TV show.
To summarize the article that goes into detail:
The Thunderbirds is not completely CG. From what I understand the characters themselves will be CG. The stage sets and vehicles are done as real live models done by Weta Workshops. Yes, the same Weta that worked on King Kong, LotR/Hobbit trilogies and whole lot of movies. 

I am a fan and I will see Thunderbirds when it comes out.

Keep the good work going,

- David from Riverside, CA



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