Cordkillers 104 - Selling Dish Soap

Too much TV! Netflix and NBC have a ratings spat. VLC is not just for breaking the law.

CordKillers: 104 - Selling Dish Soap
Recorded: January 18 2016
Guest: None

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  • VLC Arrives On Apple TV With Support For Casting, Playback Of Local And Network Files
    -VLC app is now available for Apple TV
    - Can play Windows Shares, UPnP, FTP, and Plex servers
    - Can cast from a browser page by dragging files into the page
    - Can also paste url for direct streams
    - Also supports chapter navigation, multiple audio and subtitle tracks, and custom playback speed.
    - Integrates w/
    - Can pull lyrics and album art from
    - UPCOMING: Dropbox, Box and OneDrive integration

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Dispatches from the Front

Hello Tom & Brian,

I noticed on my PS3 that the latest Netflix interface will start autoplaying a title when you have selected it and are on the screen that has the options menu for the different things you can do with that title. (Resume, Start Over, Episodes, Rate, etc.) Also, Ridiculous Six was the main featured title that was there when I opened the PS3 app. So it would fairly often auto-start behind the menu.

So when heard that Ridiculous Six was the most viewed original I got very skeptical that it was due to it autoplaying and not due to people actually watching it.

What do you think? Is that possible or do we know they are only counting full views?

Keep killing the cords,
- Keith
Cordkillers Patron

On "Cordkillers 103 - A Lot of Paperwork" you asked how I use Sling TV. Its primary use is to watch HBO shows and The Walking Dead live and on demand. Its secondary use is as a set-it-and-forget-it service where I'll pop on HGTV for a Sunday morning and then zone into other devices or move around the house. When there are games of interest I will watch NCAA football live on ESPN. In my house Hulu is king, with Google Play second, Sling third, and Netflix dead last.

- Roy



Gentlemen, a couple of shows ago, Fraser Cain was on and recommended an English comedy called the "Detectorists". My wife and I watched the 6 episodes and it was great. Please give it a watch, if you enjoy British humor, I don't think you will be disappointed, thanks.

- Steve



I wish there was an app for my Roku, or for inside Plex, or any other damn place, that would keep track of my personal library. I buy movies on Amazon, Google, on DVD to rip for Plex, etc.

And then when I want to watch one I can't find the damn things. Worse, my kids will rent things I already own (perhaps karma at work paying me back for my torrenting days) because there's not an easy way to find it all together. I've checked, Roku's search doesn't turn up the things I already own on these services.

Is there such an app? Or maybe one of your listeners would like to create one?

- Rob from Damascus, MD




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