Cordkillers 72 - Mario Coke Money

Is it crazy for Apple to hold out for local TV? Has a perfect solution for Netflix in hotels been found?

CordKillers: Ep. Mario Coke Money
Recorded: May 25, 2015
Guest: Derrick Chen

Intro Video 

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • Using Netflix on your hotel TV sounds pretty painless
    CordCuttersNews has a writeup on Hotel Streaming at Marriotts
    - Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crackle, and YouTube
    - 10,000 hotel rooms
    - Most recent app versions, stream well
    - Promise to clear login credentials
    - Controlled from remote (painful for login)

Gear Up

  • Xbox One tuner available
    - Hauppage TV tuner for XBox One went on sale from MS in US and Canada along with wide support for OTA in Xbox One
    - Bundle with Mohu Leaf 50 costs $100
    - Works with snap feature, OneGuide and voice control
    - Can stream to Xbox SmartGlass app (Windows Windows Phone, iOS and Android)
    - Can pause up to 30 mins. Rewind and fast forward

Front Lines

  • YouTube now supports 60 fps live streaming
    YouTube has added 60fps support to their LIVE streams now. YouTube partnered with Elgato and Xsplit to integrate the options, You can view streams at that frame rate in HTML5-compatible browsers. Those same HTML5 browsers can rewind live streams and play back at 2x to catch up. So what? Everyone makes money on Twitch right?
  • DirecTV launches a kid-friendly video app
    DirecTV has an app for Kids called DirecTV Kids for iOS targeted at 5-10 year olds. You can watch on up to three devices at a time per account. Is the better curation worth the ~$90 a month for DirecTV?
  • Sling TV Expands To Android TV, Strikes Deal With Google To Offer Discounted Nexus Players
    SlingTV added Android TV, including the Nexus Player, to its lineup of supported devices. Like Roku and Amazon before it Google is offering 50% off Nexus PLayer when you buy 3 months of Sling TV service. Sling also added ESPN Deportes to its Deportes pack. 
  • 'Vidity' 4K movies you can download are coming later this year
    The 4K/HDR movie download service from Fox, Warner Bros. Western Digital and SanDisk has been named Vidity. M-Go, Vudu, Kaleidescape, LG, Universal, Comcast and Sprint are all on board.expect products to roll out later this year. The big deal is you don’t have to have an Internet connection if you’re moving the files across drives from a participating storage provider. Because what the world was asking for was a new DRM scheme for 4K movies! 

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

My only qualm about cutting my satellite service is losing TCM, by far my favorite channel, but it's cable subscription only. Once I cut the cord I don't want to hook up with any more "bundles," contracts, or "packages." I anticipate saving about $1300/year when I make the jump to "watching what I want, when I want or whatever device I want."




Hey Brian and Tom:

I’ve been listening to Cordkillers for a few months and enjoying the news, your discussions, and the spoilers too.

I’ve been a Dish customer for a long time. I’m not unhappy with the service, but I find myself watching less live television and more streaming video (Netflix, Amazon Prime, and HBO NOW) these days. Do I really need to be paying as much as I do for satellite service? Today I called Dish and said the "C" word, willing to let go of 100+ channels and a DVR, but wondering what they would say. The service rep complimented my payment record--fourteen years of never missing an payment (I use autopayment so I guess that was nice of him to say)--then he offered me a 50% discount for five months if I would cool my cancel jets. When I groused that I'd be back to paying what I'm paying now in a few months, he countered with the opinion that maintaining a good payment record would probably mean I could get *Another Great Deal* at the end of my self-imposed five month waiting period.

Baby steps. I decided to take the 50%-off deal this time around. I wonder if it's really possible to hang on to this more reasonable monthly service fee by calling in five months and firing up the cancel jets again. I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, I decided to celebrate by signing up to be a Cordkillers patron. Thank you both for keeping us informed and entertained.

Best wishes,



Hi Brian and Tom,

I love your show. I've been cord cutter for about five years and use a TiVo to get over the air network TV. I also have an Apple TV and a Slingbox. You guys always talk about Hulu and Netflix, I just wanted to give a little love to the Acorn TV app. It cost $4.99 a month and has a lot of great PBS mystery shows on it and also has all kind of shows made in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Ireland. I have enjoyed discovering new shows from different parts of the world. One of the best parts about this app is there are no commercials. I just wanted to give the viewers of Cordkillers another great alternative for getting great cord cutting content. Keep up the good work.




First of all, thank you for making what can be extremely dry, boring news entertaining as well as informative!

Secondly, I've finally listened to this week's show. I feel the need to be pedantic with Tom because well, it's rare that I can! Anyway, during the conversation about Tivo, Tom was listing some of the companies AT&T has purchased. Among them Cingular was mentioned. My friends, this is incorrect, you have it backwards. Cingular bought AT&T and because of how long AT&T has been inbusiness they kept the AT&T name and their logos for brand recognition. I'm of the opinion, this explains some of the schizophrenic like corporate cultures in their various divisions.

Still love the show! Also, thank you for letting me inform Tom for once! #Huzzah



Hello Guys and Possible Guest,

Here's my question CBS all access + Showtime $15.00 a month, would you get it.

I personally couldn't justify both HBO and Showtime, so HBO wins. CBS all access seems to be over charged compared to the market. Yet if combined for a decent price, I would do it.




 I think syndication is key to the renewal of "The Mindy Project" and the politics of studio vs broadcaster. Since Fox was the broadcast rather than studio behind the show they could not care about the syndication of the show. While NBC being the studio who gains syndication fee’s cares about the show. Currently “The Mindy Project” only has 67 shows which is too few for syndication but a 26 season order will boost that to 93 episodes. Which is easily enough for syndication. So basically it worth it to NBC to sell the show at a low cost per episode to Hulu since they can then sell the show for syndication. Hulu was just a medium to produce the required number of shows.

-Mark D.



Hi Brian and Tom,

Do you see movie rentals ever coming back in fashion? I've been really frustrated to see that over the past few years, studios appear to have abandoned rentals in favor of only allowing viewers to purchase films, often for almost $20 for HD versions. My wife and I frequently have a hard time picking a movie to watch because we never know whether the one we're clicking on will be a rental or a purchase (conclusion: it's a rental 1 out of 10 times). It adds an unwelcome level of stress to the movie streaming experience, when all we want to do is sit down and watch something that we're probably never going to watch again.

I know Brian has argued that it beats the price of going to the movies with a family, but I don't think that's a 1:1 comparison. Besides, there are several movies (like most of the Marvel films) that my wife doesn't want to watch, so then I'm stuck spending $20 for Thor: The Dark World, which I'll watch once and then have sitting in my library. This essentially means I'm paying a premium because I didn't go see it in the theaters.

Sorry for the long email, but this is something that's really been bothering me.



2015 Winter Movie Draft

  1. GFQ: $414,045,000
  2. Amtrekker: $410,978,000
  3. Frogpants: $270,755,000
  4. Night Attack: $71,766,000
  5. Cordkillers: $36,514,025
  6. DTNS: $0

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