Cordkillers 57 - Second-hand Spoilering

Will AMC help Sling TV win, Why Cable is suffering from its own retention policy, Would you want a Star Wars channel?

CordKillers: Ep. 57 - Second-hand Spoilering
Recorded: February 9, 2015
Guest: Mulango Akpo-Esambe 

Intro Video 

Primary Target

  • Sling TV launches today with AMC, new sports channels available for $5 more
    - SlingTV opened to all comers in the US over the weekend.
    - AMC joining int he coming weeks. El Rey and Galavision already added.
    - “Sports Extra” package,SEC Network (for Southeastern Conference games), ESPNEWS and ESPNU, Universal Sports (which broadcasts rugby and Olympic sports), Univision Deportes (for soccer games), and beIN Sports (a Quatari-owned sports channel primarily featuring soccer), as well as ESPN Buzzer Beater, ESPN Bases Loaded, and ESPN Goal Line.
    - WatchESPN app now working

Signal Intelligence

  • Cable TV viewing declined by more than 12 percent in January
    - Nomura Research analyzes numbers from Nielsen
    - Total live TV ratings down 12.7% yoy
    - analyst Anthony DiClemente “Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu, continue to siphon viewers away from linear TV.”
    - Viacom declined 23% (MTV Nick)
    - Disney 7.5% (ESPN did well)

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

Dispatches from the Front

Every once in a while you'll read an email where someone is responding to things you've said during spoilern' time and it ends up possibly being a little spoilery in itself. Have you considered adding an official email response section to spoilern' time. Get a little more audience participation.
Just a thought,


Here's a something I don't know if you guys have contemplated. There have been recent AppleTV rumors. HBOgo will be available in April. What do you think about the possibility of Apple introducing their new AppleTV with HBOgo as a free channel you get for a year when you buy it? Isn't April one of the months when Apple potentially introduces new products?



Its simple:

1. Windows Media Center
2. Any T.V. Tuner (Silicon Dust or Ceton). I have a four channel tuner.
3. Record any broadcast T.V. or Movie on PC.
4. Place directory in PLEX
5. There ya go!

I have 3TB of T.V. Shows and Movies on my PC I recorded LEGALLY and use PLEX to manage them and play them on my T.V., IPad, Android Tablet. In other words, I watch what I want, when I want on any device I choose. 




I bet you’re getting lots of email from people saying how they use Plex legally. Well I’m one more but I think my specific setup might be interesting. I built my own DVR (Ceton cable card PCI board + Windows Media Center) and I run Plex on that. It means I can stream my TV anywhere in the world. That box also pulls in my video podcasts both from RSS feeds and downloads them from subscribed YouTube channels (I think that’s legal?) so I can stream those around too.

I’d be a moron to write that last paragraph and not understand that I’m in the minority. J

Your Boss,



Now that The Walking Dead is done with their break, will you guys be including it in the Spoiler Zone?





Please set up separate streams for your 'spoilers' and regular show.

I don't like/listen to your spoiler show. I also don't like the Patreon that charges for that, so I have my donation capped at 4 per month.

If you change it, and Patreon too, then when/if you do 5 cordkillers in a month or more that 48 a year, you'll get more $$ !

Also, Rabbit TV: have you ever mentioned ? It's a decent aggregator of online content for play on a computer or 'cast' to your TV.

Thanks !



Hello Brian & Tom! I love you guys!
Just wanted to quickly share my cordcutting journey (shout out to Chet Paige). I switched from internet and no cable to cable plus internet, the only reason being that my bill is way cheaper now than it ever was without cable. I now pay $75/mo with cable, dvr and internet and used to pay $85/mo for just internet. I don't know about internet speed but I know I can download a whole hd movie from itunes in 5 minutes and before it would take around 15. Also they didn't make me sign a contract so I'm not tied up to them. Is this the new stragey from cable companies to keep costumers? If so, it definitely worked for me.


Dog House Systems Cordkiller box

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