Cordkillers 52 - Mission Accomplished

Does Dish’s Sling TV service give the Cord-cutter everything they want? And do you want Roku built into your TV?

CordKillers: Ep. 52 - Mission Accomplished
Recorded: January 5, 2015 
Guest: John Anealio

Intro Video 

Primary Target

Signal Intelligence

  • Neflix Isn't Blocking VPNs... Any More Than Usual
  • -TorrentFreak reported VPN users were noticing Netflix combatting VPNS
    - Android app forced to use Google DNS, which makes it harder to use DNS-based location unblockers.
    - Several VPN IP ranges were targeted as well. TorGuard noticed access problems by its users starting in mid-December.
    - Netflix spokesperson on the issue, who said, “Netflix simply uses industry standard methods to prevent illegal VPN use,” and that the company isn’t handling VPNs any differently than before.

Gear Up

Front Lines

Under Surveillance

2014 Winter Movie Draft

  1. Brian: $402,195,292
  2. Scott: $396,077,583
  3. Tom: $352,321,811
  4. Brett: $310,908,211
  5. John: $202,324,010
  6. Justin: $98,614,629

Dispatches from the Front
This was also the first movie I have ever rented on Google Play and that process was smooth as butter. I played it on my phone and then sent it to my 60” TV via Chromecast. The experience that Brain had during his pause happens in real time throughout the entire movie when watching it via Chromecast. All the actors and music info popped up on my phone in real time and as the actors in the scene changed the actor bubbles on my phone changed just as quickly. Even my wife was impressed, and that is a major feat since she generally doesn’t give a hoot about these kinds of bells and whistles. We have typically been a big use of torrents and Netflix for movies, but this newly discovered feature is more than enough motivation for me to get farther away from torrents and go legit. I am sure we will be using this method for many more movies in the future. 



I need help with three things:
1.) Ultra Violet Digital - How does this work and what is the best resource of information as to proper utilization of this product?

2.) Recommendations:
Best HDTV Antenna available
Best TV GUIDE/DVR BOX available

3.) Summer/Winter Movie Draft
I have never been interested in sports past watching the occasion game on TV or going to a live game. I have never done a fantasy sports league or anything like that. I have played and enjoyed the movie drafts vicariously by watching you. I now want to start my own movie draft with my family. Could you direct me to the website that has the guide or the instructions to playing this properly?


Dog House Systems Cordkiller box

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