Cordkillers Ep. 21 - Wet Hot American Crown

Lamarr reports on his personal chicken challenge, Amazon looks desperate about Fire TV, and Netflix has two very different ideas for new series.


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CordKillers: Ep. 21 - Wet Hot American Crown
Recorded: May 26, 2014
Guest: Lamarr Wilson

Intro Video 

Primary Target

  • Lamarr's cord-cutting experience

Secondary Target

Signal Intelligence

Gear Up

Under surveillance

Front Lines

2014 Summer Movie Draft

  1. DTNS: $364,988,000
  2. The Morning Stream: $302,271,600
  3. /Film: $187,100,000
  4. GodsMoneybags: $149,283,914
  5. Amtrekker: $100,686,000
  6. Night Attack: $18,185,000

On Screen

Dispatches from the Front

Hey Brian & Tom,
Love the show. I've been going on two years sans cable. I realized that I was the only person in my 4 member family really watching cable and yet spending in the neighborhood of $170 per month. So I took the plunge and made the break and have enjoyed my experience. However, I have missed a DVR since adding an antenna in the attic. But then this device came to my inbox via my subscription. I would enjoy a review on cordkillers on this device. I have no connection to the company what-so-ever, it just looks enticing and my skeptical nature makes me leery of pulling the trigger. Can you guys check it out and let us know what you think?  

Appreciative in Bryan, TX




I have a random question that is not necessarily show related. So thank you in advance for reading this.

I recently started getting my pod casts via an android mobile app ""Podcatcher"". It works great with all other pod casts I put into it except your show and I don't know why. I tried to subscribe via your website (through my phone) and even put your feed url directly in the the program but it always says ""Failed to retrieve feed"". I was just curious if anyone else had this problem/you ever hear of your feed not loading for mobile pod catching apps? I do at the moment just get your show by downloading it manually but I thought I was ask about this to see if you had any insight. If not that is fine, thought I would give it a try. 

Love you show, keep up the good work.




Tom's point about personnel changes being behind the policy reversals seems spot on to me.  But with regards to discs vs new digital library features, I don't see why Microsoft couldn't have added back old-style discs and still preserve all the new features for your digital library.  It seems like the new features might even encourage people to buy games online instead of as discs.  But when they reverted their disc policy, they completely abandoned their new digital features. This seems like a missed opportunity, since I think it would still have given them a competitive advantage over the PS4. I was also thinking about Brian's idea of internet-delivered ""cable"" TV services with smaller and smaller fig leafs.  I think there is some truth to this, but more importantly, as the fig leaf gets smaller, it increases competition between providers.  Suddenly, there is real competition between internet TV from Dish, DirecTV, and Comcast.  If you're not dealing with the installation of a cable box or satellite dish, switching between internet TV providers is easy.  And maybe that will drive down prices of the internet version of the services.  And it also argues against the Comcast Time-Warner merger since in this world of the future, Comcast and Time Warner compete for internet TV viewers, even though their cable markets don't overlap. And I loved the responses to the ""buffet"" email.  You need to save that for your ""best of"" show, even if you don't have one.




Good Morning Gentlemen,

I've been a fan since 1 BC (Before Cordkillers) Last year I moved to a new home and took my U-verse service with me.  I'd been a loyal U-verse customer for more than 5 years and because i used their ""Take U-verse with you"" promotion, my bill actually went down to $180 month (prior was $185 month) after adding a the ""Red Zone"" channel ($8.00 month).

Quick Side Note: anyone looking to go to U-verse, the install tech at my new home informed me that AT&T has a standard policy that if they have to spend more than 20 minutes running cables to rooms, they will automatically give you their Wireless receives at no charge (they quote you $25.00 per receiver on the phone if you pre-sign up for them during your set-up call) I'm now sporting 2 wireless boxes and love them.So, after the 1st year, my new bill jumped to an astonishing $222.00 month.  I made the call and basically said I either need a better deal, or I'll have to cancel my service.  I was sent to the promotions department; where initially they weren't able to do anything to lower my bill.  Then I was asked how my Internet speed was?  I currently had the 12mbs speed, which was fast enough for me for streaming Amazon & surfing the web.  I was informed that if I increased my speed to 18mbs, they could lower my bill by $65.00 per month.  Long story short, I""m still with AT&T with faster Internet and a lower price than I was paying prior to moving to my new home over a year ago.

Thanks, for pushing me to fight for my money!

Love the show & keep up the good work.


Dog House Systems Cordkiller box

Tom Merritt2 Comments