Cordkillers Ep. 9 - Apple's billion dollar baby toy

If Apple's making billions of dollars on Apple TV, what do they do with it next? Can and should Microsoft buy DailyMotion. Who wants to Q with the TiVo co-founder's new TV streamer.

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CordKillers: Ep. 9 - Apple's billion dollar baby toy
Recorded: March 3 2014
Guest: Andrew Mayne

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  • I watched both of the episodes of hack the system Saturday. I have Charter cable and I recorded it on my Windows Media Center (WMC) Home Theater PC (HTPC). In the spirit of alternative methods of watching television, but yet still existing within the modern system I was wondering if the way I watched your shows was accounted for with the current rating systems? Is my WMC HTPC sending a report to Microsoft or some third party when I watch a recording?

    I didn't do anything nonstandard with your show, but since it is a computer and the recordings are just computer files sometimes I do creative things like trans code the WTV files using MCEBuddy. I doubt ratings are able to account for activities like that.

    Thank You,

    Bill near Athens


  • Let me start by saying, I am someone that cut the cord, before cutting the cord was even a thing (almost 5 years now).

That being said, the complete dismissal of Google TV, really bugs me... It's the one platform that does pretty much everything people want, including integrating with other devices via pass through.

Now i understand, why people may dislike or don't understand GTV, but I was blown away, when It wasn't mentioned once, in the special episode dedicated to streaming devices. not even a snarky jab...

Brian is constantly saying he wants a something, like a guide, that allows access to everything, from a single place... Well, Google TV has had that forever, it's called "prime time" . pick any show/movie, it shows you where you can watch it for free, where you can purchase it, and also when/where it will be airing OTA. all of which is accessed directly with a single click. when you're done, it brings you right back into the Prime time app where you started.. No need to traverse multiple apps, it does the heavy lifting.

If you can't get over the preconceived notions about Google TV, you should really check out it's predecessor "android TV" as Hisense is the first to offer.

Their Smart TV hit the market a few weeks back and is stellar, and the set top box (pulse pro) should be releasing in the next month or so.

I got to play with them at CES, and as a GTV fan, i can honestly say, this is what the market has been waiting for.

Thanks, and keep up the good work 

PS: yes, Iyaz responded to the question about "android mini pc's, in this weeks episode, but it must be noted, that they are not the same as GTV or Android TV.

Clyde @Poodle_Puncher


  • I want to copy my DVD's to a cloud based storage or local based storage.  Want to have a simple easy way to have access to my media on a media center. Is there a single solution that everybody likes?





  • Hi Tom,

Just wanted you to know that you CAN get internet without any cable at all. It’s called HughesNet It’s high speed (high enough for streaming HD) down and up over satellite. It costs about the same as any other ISP. Works with a dish antenna that has
a special LNA horn that can send enough power back up to the bird for decent upload speeds.

Engineer at large,



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