Cordkillers Ep. 12 - In hate with our DVRs

Would an Apple and Comcast partnership kill the Internet? Should Netflix go P2P? Cable TV lost subscribers, but is it good news? Also trailers!

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CordKillers: Ep. 12 - In hate with our DVRs
Recorded: March 24, 2014
GuestAllison Sheridan

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  • Brian and Tom,

    I could not disagree with you more about Game of Thrones (especially Brian). I have read the books, most of them multiple times. I tried to watch the series. And failed.
    It wasn't that I decided to stop, so much as once I'd watched the first four or so episodes the next time I sat down to watch something I'd recorded, I felt no pull to watch more Game of Thrones and instead watched something else.

    If the television show starts getting ahead of the books I will be furious. I'll have to choose between watching all the episodes of a show that didn't grab me in order to catch up and see the new material, or simply reading recaps on line. (Maybe A Wiki of Ice and Fire will save me).

    I'm sure I can't be the only one who feels this way, but from the Game of Thrones hype you'd never know it.

    Keep cutting them cords,



  • Many times I think of a show that I would like to watch, but when I search for it on Fan TV, it is not available anywhere. Two examples recently have been ""The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr."" and ""Battleplan.""Is there anything that I can do to encourage creators to make things available. I have become more and more frustrated."




  • Hey Killers and Esteemed guests, what are your thoughts about the NCAA tourney (March Madness) being available almost entirely (a few cable games here and there) over the air or online? Using the NCAA March Madness Live to stream games on the go, by the way, nice app. Brian I know how you feel about the Sports ball but, would like everyone's thoughts on a very popular event with a lot of freedom to watch for all. Take it away fellas, thanks love the show.


  • Cosmos on FOX over the air is 720p you were talking about how good it looks 1080p but its not. FYI Still looks good, no compression.




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