Cordkillers Ep. 10 - Jerko Contendo

Dish strikes a deal for an Internet-only TV service and suddenly everybody says they're about to do it. Plus things look bad for Aereo and Twitch gets the partnership for E3.

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CordKillers: Ep. 10 Jerko Contendo
Recorded:  March 10 2014
Guest: Eklund

Intro Video: 

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Primary Target

  • DirecTV in talks with Disney on deal for Internet rights

  • With a Whopper of a Disney Deal, Charlie Ergen Gets a Head Start on the Web TV Race

  • Verizon CEO is in talks to sign content deals for internet TV service

  • Dish now has the right to use some of Disney’s most valuable networks in a Web TV service, if it launches one. In exchange Dish limits the AutoHop DVR feature for Disney networks. DirecTV is in talks with Walt Disney Co to license the rights to offer Disney's broadcast and cable channels as part of an Internet-based product, DirecTV said on Wednesday. CEO Lowell McAdam said Verizon "I have personally had discussions with the CEOs of the large content companies.” 

  • The extensive and expanded distribution agreement grants DISH rights to stream cleared linear and video-on-demand content from the ABC-owned broadcast stations, ABC Family, Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2, as part of an Internet delivered, IP-based multichannel offering. DirecTV Chief Executive Mike White has previously said the company is working on an "over-the-top" video package to suit niche audiences featuring Hispanic or kids programming, but has not yet given details on that offering.

Secondary Target

  • Aereo denied temporary overturn of injunction
  • Justice Department Backs Broadcasters in Aereo Dispute
  • Justice Department lawyers argued that Aereo’s broadcast television streaming service infringes on broadcasters’ copyrights and asked the court to reverse a lower court’s decision that found in favor of the startup. A panel of judges on the federal denied Aereo’s emergency motion to stay the injunction. - “Aereo has not made a strong showing that it is likely to succeed on the merits of its appeal,”said two of the judges in the 2-page order

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  • Holy smokes! I love your podcast! I was wondering if you guys had considered creating a Diamond Club channel for the Roku. MayBe???



  • Hey guys - after the 1,000th recent article about how great it would be, I've just recently installed XBMC on my ATV. 
    Now what?? It's not obvious how best to utilize ... any pointers?? 


    Jeff Howe


  • Hey guys,
    It seems like most of the cord cutting solutions all involve using the HDMI jack. However, most of my TV's are old-school and do not have HDMI. So I think the Roku boxes are the best options here but thought I'd check with the experts.

    And it was great chatting with you Saturday.

    Take care,

    Norm from Austin


  • Amazon's "cut the cord 101



  • Brian, Can you go over in detail your vidblaster setup please?



  • European Frustration. Having enjoyed this week's episode I tried to find out if I could watch Hacking the System, or Don't Trust Andrew Mayne by any legal method in the UK. After many minutes of googling I concluded neither show has any form of UK release. I tried really hard. 

    Then, 10 seconds after logging on to the Pirate Bay I found 720p versions easily available from bit torrent. I really do not want to do this illegally. I really want you and Andrew Mayne to get the credit for my enjoyment of your shows. What should I do. Torrent or miss them?"



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