Hulu's gonna make money (promise!), Netflix gets chatty, and Twitter's going local. 

CordKillers: Ep. 208 - Red is the New YouTube
Recorded:  February 19 2018
Guest: None

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  • Hulu is going to be big and profitable, according to Disney’s chief strategy officer
    - Hulu loses close to $1 billion a year
    - Disney’s chief strategy officer, Kevin Mayer said “It takes an investment for sure, and we’re happy to undertake that. There’s going to be a big, profitable service.”
    - Lots of pundits seem to think Comcast will yank licensing rights from Hulu if Disney takes over Fox's share of the service.
    - But Mayer talked about selling shows directly to consumers.

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Hey guys,

I don't have a TV, and watch broadcasts via Youtube TV. The interface is great for me, and I love watching on various other devices (i.e. cell phone).

My girlfriend cut the DISH cord and was trying PS Vue with a Roku. She found the interface/experience frustrating. So when Roku added Youtube TV, I convinced her to try it out... and we have a winner!

Two thumbs up for Youtube TV.

Thanks, your 1/2000 boss,

- Steve




Hi Tom/Bryan - With T-Mobile's impending launch of yet another streaming service with their purchase of Layer 3, here is one way they can differentiate themselves. Provide a box that runs on their LTE and is not data capped. The one main reason I haven't been able to move to streaming only is because we regularly hit our Comcast 1TB limit even with Cable. So if there is way I can stream and not hit my data limit I will be extremely swayed.

Looking for your thoughts on this.

- Josh




Tom and Brian,

Day one supporter love the show. Thought I would share a funny story, that shows just how far we still have to go.

I got engaged two years ago, and my fiance could not get on board with just having internet. She needed cable.

So the Cox bill was $250 a month, 3 tvs, DVR, internet, HBO, Showtime, Starz.

We also have a 1TB cap, and $50 of my bill was to add an additional 500GB. (3 teenage boys will blow through a cap pretty quickly.)

After living with me for the past two years, she finally realized that, in fact, she never used the cable box anymore, and agreed that we could cut the cord. Success!!!

So I called COX and told them I just wanted an unlimited internet plan. NO GO. The best they could do was $180 a month for JUST Internet, which included me paying the extra $50 to get a 1.5 TB cap.

And that was all they could do. Sorry, take it or leave it. So, $180 + about another $80 for Hulu with Live TV, and Premium Channels and I would be back where I started.

So I called AT&T.

And here is where it gets nuts.

Internet alone is $70. I can live with that, but it has a 1TB cap, and their price for overages are nuts.

BUT, if I added Direct TV, they had a bundle that gave me UNLIMITED Internet and DirectTV for $72 a month for the first year. Going to $112 the second year. I could live with this. And I wouldn't need the Hulu Live TV option.

I said great, but we can skip the dish install, and I would just like to get DirectTV NOW.


I had to get the dish and cable box.

So, they sent a guy out who spent 8 hours installing the dish, wiring the house, etc. INSANE.

End of the day, I am all in is $72 for unlimited Internet and DirectTV, and about $40 for all the premium channels (I decided to get them through AMAZON, as you can now tell Alexa to pretty much do everything on a FireTV and it now has deep integration into channels. "Alexa, play This Is Us" "Getting This is Us on Hulu", but that integration is an entirely different email.)

So I'm all in at $112 for the first year and $162 for the second. Total savings of $2712 over the next two years.

Keep up the good work.

Your Boss,

- BrettFM




I am hoping the Game of Thrones creators will take the Star Wars universe in a different direction in the same way Deadpool took the Marvel movies in a different direction. What are the chances that they will bring the nudity, sex and graphic violence of Game of Thrones to a rated R Star Wars movie?

- Ken




Re: Ep. 207 - ViaCon
In episode 207 your guest mentioned how the kids in Disney show give no respect to their parents. This really struck a cord with me. I noticed this 10 years ago with my daughter. That was the catalyst to get me to finally cut the cord and we have not looked back since.

- George


AuthorBryce Castillo

Brian's got words about Altered Carbon, Counterpart gets a heart, and we round out the back-half of the new Black Mirror season.

00:58 - Altered Carbon (101-102, Brian's take)
03:49 - Black Mirror (404 - Hang the DJ)
07:19 - Black Mirror (405 - Metalhead)
09:16 - Black Mirror (406 - Black Museum)
12:41 - Countertpart (104)
21:29 - Deadwood (108)

AuthorBryce Castillo

Viacom's big buy, ESPN's big play, and Extinction saved from the brink. With special guest Andrew Zarian.

CordKillers: Ep. 207 - ViaCon
Recorded: February 12 2018
Guest: Andrew Zarian

Intro Video

Primary Target

  • Viacom acquires VidCon, a gathering of YouTube stars and fans
    - Viacom is acquiring web video conference VidCon. In 2017 Vidcon draw more than 30,000 attendees, many of them online video personalities. Last month Viacom acquired WhoSay, a marketing firm that targets a younger demographic online with branded content.
  • Viacom to launch its own streaming service this year
    - AND Viacom plans to launch its own streaming service in the US by September with content from across the Viacom library.
    - Viacom CFO Wade Davis said this is why Viacom has been pulling content from 3rd party services (though not all) nd understands they've missed out on some revenue because of the strategy.
    - “You should assume that we are really putting all of Viacom’s assets against this,” Davis added.
    - Viacom says it sees it as an “MVPD [multichannel video programming distributor, like a cable TV provider] complement product.”

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  • MoviePass Continues Aggressive Growth Push With Limited-Time Theater-Plus-Streaming Bundle
    - MoviePass lowered its rate again if you buy a year of service in advance to a price that works out to be $9.61 a month.l It also will bundle in the Fandor streaming movie service which has indie and art films. MoviePass added 500,000 subscriber in the past month for a total of 2 million.
  • NBC’s Jennifer Salke Named Head of Amazon Studios
    - Amazon has hired away NBC's head of entertainment, Jennifer Salke, to run Amazon Studios. Roy Price resigned in October due to allegations of sexual harassment. Salke spent nine years in development at Fox where she oversaw the launch of “Modern Family,” “Glee,” “Prison Break,” and “Bones.” She then moved to NBC for six years where she has overseen the launch of “This Is Us” and Dick Wolf’s “Chicago” series of procedural dramas.
  • Apple rolls out live news in TV app for iOS and Apple TV
    - Apple added news to the TV app though unlike sports or shows, it just adds news sources to a strip in the app that you can click on to eatch live news. Sourcves include the usual plus Bloomberg and Cheddar in the US.
  • Hulu's Cloud DVR adds more control over what episodes to record
    - Hulu added 60 frames per second support for its live TV service which is good news for sports fans. Hulu also added more options for its DVR service so you can choose to record reruns, not just new episodes, bookmark a show without recording episodes.

Dispatches from the Front

Hi Tom, Brian, and guests,

Is there anything you can't, won't, or refuse to watch based on content? For some it might be language or sexual content, for others it may just be certain genres. But is there anything that will make you stop watching a movie or series immediately and never go back?
This question came to mind after watching Arkangel and Crocodile from Black Mirror. In Arkangel, the suspenseful opening SPOILER SPOILER had me thinking "what terrible thing is Black Mirror going to do to her?" Then SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER. I expect Black Mirror to be dark, but that one-two punch was just too much. Do any of you have similar experiences?

Your boss from Kansas,
- Tom 




Hi, guys,

In Episode 206, Tom said that he thought TiVo could make a comeback if they market themselves as "the box." As a TiVo user, I have to say that that strategy will only work if they can convince their partners to code better apps: the Hulu app is especially prone to crashing and hanging up the whole box, forcing a reboot to clear; and the Amazon video app has no preview in fast-forward and rewind, making you guess where to resume play. In addition, some services, like CBS All Access, don't even *have* apps. TiVo will never become "the box" if they don't have rock-solid apps for all the services.

Oh, and flipping Commercial Skip into Content Skip for the Super Bowl? ReplayTV did that over 15 years ago!

Keep up the good work!

Your boss,

- Mike




I'm using the following:
Netflix 12$
Amazon at 90$ a year or (8$ a month)
Patreon at 3$ a month(for 1$ per channel).
I used to pay 60$ roughly for TV and when it was going to over 100$, I canceled.

So a total of 23$ a month. We don't have a simple playstationVue or other option in Canada so I'm sticking to these for now.





Hey killers,

My video services are Amazon Prime, Netflix, GiantBomb and MoviePass. They total about $35 a month.

I also set aside about $25 a month for current shows as they appear on Amazon, HBO Now, or Starz. I put whatever's left toward merch from my favorite podcast creators.

That comes out to about $60 a month, which is my upper limit for video a month.

Just another data point from your friendly neighborhood

- Bill


AuthorBryce Castillo